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  1. takalotti

    How to Know You're a GG Devotee

    Tonight, I was handing my spouse the kids’ cups over the breakfast bar behind me for refills. We were joking around about how it was like a diner. “Order up!” and whatnot. Spouse: You know what this makes me think of? Me: In Living Color? S: No, Gilmore Girls. That one where Lorelai- Me: Oh, “Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck ‘em!” S: Yeah, that one. Me: That was Dead Uncles and Vegetables. Jess’ first season, but I don’t remember which episode. S: (Fake disappointed sigh for my incomplete trivia knowledge)
  2. takalotti

    Supernatural Fanfiction

    Though I’m a Destiel(Realist) at my core, there’s been some chatter lately about Dean/Donna fanfic. I’m intrigued, so I was wondering if anyone had any recs. I’m fine with AU or canon (including adjacent or divergent) as long as the characterizations are done well. TIA!
  3. takalotti

    S14.E10: Nihilism

    But there wasn’t that question. That’s my issue. TFW2.0 a: Shouldn’t we take out his grace? TFW2.0 b: Hang on. We don’t know what that would do to Dean. Let’s just take a second while we have it and think.
  4. takalotti

    S14.E10: Nihilism

    Loved the episode for all the reasons stated already. So instead of repeating, I’m gonna go the other way and point out the two things about it that bothered me (besides the ridiculousness of Maggie being the leader that’s already been mentioned). 1) So, they get Michael in angel-cuffs. Why on earth wouldn’t they drain him of his grace to make him less of a threat? Plus they have a depowered nephil who could probably get his powers back and stop risking his soul if he slurped up said archangel grace. They didn’t even try or consider it! 2) The trauma/happiness debate regarding where best to lock up Dean. I disagree with the conclusion the show came to. For me, it’s not about where does Dean thrive or whatever. It’s about what would make Dean suspicious or not. While a messed up dream where Dean or his loved ones are being tortured/killed/endangered would make Dean fight, as Sam indicated, he would at least believe it was reality. He would fight the figments, but not Michael. But a contented dream, where Dean gets to settle down, shoot the shit with a friend, and easily takes out a couple vamps should have made Dean suspicious because he would question getting to have nice things, an easy life. Questioning the dream would cause him to fight the belief that this was reality, which would be fighting against Michael.
  5. takalotti

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    Now I AM going crazy. I don’t remember hearing that in the video.
  6. takalotti

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    They don’t need to. They could even react badly to Cas seeing things that way ("That wasn’t real, Cas! It was just a trick!") and lash out at each other. That would still be a more realistic version of grief to me based on their real dynamic, not the manufactured fatherly relationships. Maybe Jack's death and Cas' points lead them to think they may have been wrong and SHOULD buy into Jack bringing paradise. Or simply seeing Cas broken and believing in Jack so hard has them helping Cas with bringing Jack back for Cas' sake. I think it could still be a thing. No guarantees, but it seems like it had been put in there as a potential "how will this all end" clue. For all I know, Jack could be responsible for bringing paradise the same way Anakin is responsible for bringing balance to the Force.
  7. takalotti

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    Here’s what really bugs me about the Jack-grieving. They focused on the wrong thing. Once the writers decided to have Jack get sick, die, and come back, I'm guessing they saw the situation as "the boys have lost parents, parental figures, a sibling (each other), and peers. Rather than rehash the same grieving, let's go the 'losing a child' route like a bookend." So they focused on how young he was and how they all felt like his fathers. I would have had a much better reaction to a "grieving someone the audience knows will be back soon" episode if they had instead focused on Jack's original role as "bringer of paradise." Cas could have felt lost and confused. "I saw it. With such clarity. He would bring paradise. How can he do that if he's dead?" That could drive why they thought Jack was a special enough case to bring back. Also "I died and was brought back from the Empty. I was so sure I was brought back for a purpose: protecting and helping Jack so he could bring paradise. But apparently that’s not my purpose. So why am I here? What do I do now?" It still would have been our main characters only being framed in reference to Jack, but to me it would have felt more authentic and thus more about their own character development. I also feel like it would have worked better if whatever appropriate loss they felt when Jack died (regrets or whatever, not "I’ve lost a son!" anguish) was what DROVE them to see/treat Jack more like a son when he came back.
  8. takalotti

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    Am I crazy for finding "WEN-dih-go" super distracting?
  9. takalotti

    Pushing Daisies

    Yeah, when McKellen outed Lee Pace, I remember there being comments about Pace being in a glass closet. Basically, he wasn’t out but somehow we all knew.
  10. takalotti

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    This is exactly how I read the scene. But all the other comments related to the soul used in the spell are saying it was Jack's, or will this have dire consequences for Jack. And I’m like "Whuh? But his soul didn’t get used." I don’t see any reason why performing the spell would result in Lily's death unless the last piece of her soul was used. I don’t see why just sharing the spell with the guys even after finding out she was currently destined for hell and there was nothing the guys could do to change that would be a big enough kind act to tip her abacus reading. Anubis said something like "Did you know what that would cost you?" and I swear she replied in the affirmative. What about doing the spell would "cost" Lily anything if her soul wasn’t involved? I was sure his question meant "Did you know that using your soul in the spell instead of Jack's would use up the LAST of your soul, resulting in your death, which you expected would send you to hell? So you gave up your chance to see your daughter or to continue living on your borrowed time for the sake of other people, making a true and pure sacrifice?" I don’t get anything related to the Empty Keeper. Jack woke Cas up. Cas being awake woke up the EK who REALLY likes its sleep. Cas threatened to stay awake and annoy the shit out of it so it could never sleep again, implying if it would just send him to earth with the Winchesters like he asked, then it could go back to sleep. And then Cas was sent back to earth so I assumed the EK went back to sleep. So far, I’m fine with this. The fact that the EK was up and about trying to find Jack could just be that it felt was owed a being and woke up to find it. Okay. But then Cas saying something about "I could live for eons and you like your sleep" made no sense. He made it sound like EK has been up this whole time. Maybe that's what ended up happening, but why would that be the assumption when the whole point of getting booted out of Empty was to let the EK go back to sleep and there was another plausible reason for it being up (Jack)? So nonsensical. Lat thing I don’t need get: Why on earth would Naomi give Michael's possible location over to the people who want to kill him? Last time we saw her, she was all about how there weren’t enough angels to keep heaven running. Many of us thought this meant Gabriel or the AU angels would be a factor. With him gone and no AU angels around, I would at least think Naomi would want to try to convert AU Michael to their cause and save Heaven. Maybe it’s all a ruse and she’s hoping to use TFW to do the dirty work of trapping Michael and then she can swoop in and suggest an alternative. Also, it’s about time the creator of this meme added a few new faces to it...
  11. takalotti

    S14.E04: Mint Condition

    THEN What does it say about the direction the show has taken for a while when they have to remind us about ghosts, salt and iron? And did they even use iron in this one? NOW Did anyone watch Wonderfalls? Panthro's animation reminded me of the chotchkies in that show. Okay, I know no one, including me (and especially not @catrox14), is gonna complain about the guys wearing short sleeves. But outdoors in October in Ohio? 🤨 S: M-I-R-L, meet in real life. D: Why do you know what that means? Me: 🤣 D: Hmm. 'Cause your hospital report said that you had marks on your face (draws circle in air), your legs (gestures with whole hand), your back (gestures with whole hand), and your ... (cupping motion) genitals. Me: 😂😂😂 I’m not gonna say "What was up with Dean's outfit?" But I AM gonna ask what was up with the slow build up of the outfit? First a short sleeved button down, THEN the glasses, THEN the plaid sport coat. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The awkward ducking in Baby had me rolling! Plus the seat creak. And then sitting up being all smooth. Sorry, but with the amount of injuries these guys have seen, why wouldn't Sam immediately administer first aid by applying pressure? It’s like fanning the lit paper all over again. Samantha's deliveries were excellent!... S: Hey, are you okay? Samantha: No! S: You sure? Samantha: I-I was pretty busy screaming, but yeah I’m sure! Samantha: I’ve been taking money out of his checks to make up for it but .. I guess ... a ghost wouldn’t know that. Also, I only just now noticed Samantha/Dirk and Sam/Dean. I nearly laughed to tears when Hatchet Man was just walking around in plain sight. I didn’t even need the trick or treaters to react to him. That was hilarious all on its own. Has the show ever done that before? Had the monster walk around on Halloween or some other acceptable context? D: Unless it’s Godzilla, it’s real. Me: But they saw Godzilla in the Bad Place! Hahaha! I loved Dean prepping to bash the glass for the axe, and then checking the door. Reminds me of that episode where he kicked a bunch of doors open and then Sam held him off and just tried the knob. The hospital chase/security guard scene was pretty silly, but still fun. Sorry, but no. That explosion would not have blown the door off AND left everything on the desk untouched. Also, what door was that? A back door? Liked the VHS tracking effect on the "trailer." What other show would use bedpans in a fight scene? 😂 Pretty cool effect with the flaming ghost leaving Hatchet Man. Haha! Moose and squirrel! Shaggy and Scooby followed by two more duos with a dog in them. Shout out to both the Scooby episode and the one where Dean acted like a dog? But then Thelma and Louise... I hope that’s not foreshadowing! What does that ending mean? Did Michael also amp up ghosts so that regular methods of dispelling them aren’t permanent? Or just going along with the cheesy horror movie theme? It wasn’t until the end credits I realized NO other recurring characters were in this one.
  12. takalotti

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    The only thing for me, though, is that Dean asked Cas if that’s what would happen to him if he said yes to Michael and Cas said he’d be even worse off (I don’t remember the exact dialog). If it was an inherent problem with this particular person, why would Cas have responded so definitively?
  13. takalotti

    S14.E03: The Scar

    D: And as far as my memory goes, I mean everything from the second I said yes to the moment I walked through those doors is blank. So he doesn’t remember fighting/killing Lucifer? Or is this mistake a clue that something is amiss? Or is it just lazy writing? Please tell me they did some sort of offscreen test with holy oil to confirm Dean is Dean before meeting up with Cas again. Please tell me they didn’t just take Dean's word for it. I’m so fucking confused right now. When Jack and Cas greeted Dean, Dean seemed really standoffish. Though he nodded at Cas, he stepped/leaned back at the same time. He seemed like he cut off Jack's hug (not that they’ve had a very huggy relationship, but just the way he jerked away). And after he said "Cas," I really read his expression to be "Don’t touch me." All of this (plus the first person POV scan of Dean's room) really gave me the impression that this must be Michael (or a stowaway Michael) and he doesn’t want Cas to sense he’s still there. And then he’s all, "Read my brain," to Cas so nope, I guess this really is 100% Dean? And his standoffishness was just because he was feeling shitty for not being able to evict Michael and feeling out of place with all the people? Warning: Destiel interpretation ahead 😉 D: Yeah, well speaking of clean up, I need a shower. (Bolts) C: (Scrunchy face) Wait, why didn’t he invite me? Dean removes long sleeved shirt. Dean rolls up t-shirt sleeve. Whoosh! Supernatural! Dean with a new shirt sleeve rolled up. Dean spends the whole rest of the scene with the sleeve up. Me: @catrox14 must be having a conniption right now. Really? Jack is so sulky he doesn’t notice someone being assisted down the stairs he’s walking toward? Doesn’t hear the shouted "A little help here!" request when he only took two steps into the hallway? Oookay. Also, I think the phrase some of us are looking for is "threenager." No Witch-ita puns? Boo. Dean's 'Yeah yeah, lets go without Cas' hastiness once again makes me think there's some Michael-y part of him that wants to keep Cas at a distance to avoid being detected. But I guess it was just his urgency to get something that can take out Michael. The nonverbal exchange over Jody's head about Sam's beard made me chuckle. Heehee re: Sam's serial killer geekitude. I’m no expert at the bunker's layout, but where was Jack going? He bypassed the curved stairs which have an exit at the top, and I thought the exit to the garage was somewhere out the hall system but that’s where Jack came IN from when he paused by the stairs. Jack: Who’s that? Me: The girl you walked directly toward and couldn’t be bothered to notice? I enjoyed the fight scenes with Dark Kaia. I didn’t think anyone was made to look stupid in order for her to best them, so that’s good. C: It’s marked "Gross stuff." Me: 🤣 Lora: Is that your Dad? Jack: One of then, yes. Me: It’s "My Three Dads!" Lora was shot at a really weird angle. It looked like her eyes were closed the whole time. Lora: She gave us nice things (touches necklace) Spouse: Uh, maybe take that off her? Lora: Because I left. I ran away. ... I hated her rules. I was sick of being treated like a kid. I thought I could make it on my own. Me: (hands miming dropping something over and over) Bccchww! Bccchww! Bccchww! Spouse: What was that? Me: All the anvils falling. Jack: Cas is gonna fix this. I promise. Cas' face: Thanks for making empty promises on my behalf. I know this is shitty of me, but if Jack hasn’t learned not to make empty promises by now, then I wish they had fully failed and Lora had stayed dead so he WOULD learn to say something more like, "We’re gonna do everything we can to fix this. We won’t give up on you." That's hope-giving, supportive, AND fair. And that was a lot of awkward just standing around and looking at Lora when she died. I get they couldn’t stop it, but not even handholding or other comforting as she died? Well, Dark Kaia's spear isn’t the ONLY thing they know of that hurts Michael. They just don’t know where an archangel blade or another archangel to wield it are. Side note: Can Jack kill an archangel with an archangel blade? They said a nephil is more powerful than its angel parent, so it stands to reason (did I just say 'reason'? Ha. Ha. Hahahahahaha!) that he could. Holy exposition, Batman. Not the explanation of Jack's theory, but the timing. She’s lying there dead, and I know magic is involved so the normal rules of "if you’re gonna resuscitate someone, better do it quick or they’ll end up braindead" don’t apply, but they don’t know if time is a factor or not! Also... C: Jack, are you sure? Jack: (Firmly) No. ... gave me a good chuckle. Not surprised, but I liked how differently Jensen fights as Michael. I agree it didn’t make sense that he chose to fight her instead of zap her, but I like the theories I read here (perhaps low on grace from making his super monsters, perhaps wanted to test her out a bit). And as far as her being able to best Michael goes, she was only able to stab him because he hit his head on a rock. He didn’t blackout like a human would, but I’m ok with there being a second of recovery while he heals his concussion. Okay, can the actors really talk that clearly with those teeth prosthetics in? They must overdub that, right? Which makes me wonder what the undubbed version sounds like and how many times J2 cracked up. J: (coughs) Me: No one on TV ever coughs unless it means something. J: (coughs up blood) Me: He has consumption! D: And it’s all on me, man. I said yes. It’s my fault. Me: Okay, sure. And it’s also all on you that Lucifer didn’t torch the planet. That’s your fault, too.
  14. takalotti

    S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    I didn’t remember Michael saying that, so thanks! I should have also remembered that YoungJohn seemed fine after, or was that a different timeline? True. I didn’t think about how Lucifer's used vessels weren’t the same. Of course, it seems like Nick is royally fucked up in the head. So maybe Raphael actually understood how hosting an archangel can derange a person (perhaps other vessels he had before Donnie) and chose to mentally incapacitate them to keep them from being harmful.
  15. takalotti

    S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    Wait a second. Remember Raphael's drooling vessel? And the words of warning that Dean would be worse off than that if he let Michael in? What ever happened to that?