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  1. rubyred

    S01.E10: Keep Calm and Harry On

    Oh god all my shows are taking a turn for the worse. The special effects!!! of Tartarus were a joke. Charity and Harry was a disappointing swerve. Macy and Galvin -- ugh, will they never learn about this character? It's not funny that he's okay with Macy being a witch but not if she's a virgin - aka not DTF at all times. That is not the definition of a "joke" or a "funny beat." Parker still doesn't modulate either his voice or his expression. Hunter was more interesting, and played by a better actor. Parker's dialogue is even worse. Maggie the empath deliberately dampening her feelings was so freaking dumb. Almost as dumb as loving Parker after two weeks of dating. Hanging by a thread...
  2. rubyred

    S02.E12: Aftermath

    This show is not turning out to be the show I thought it was. Aside from the lack of focus on Shaun (you know, the Good Doctor), they refuse to cut bait on Lea and Resnick. I don't mind Lim and Melendez - it seems more appropriate- but for a very handsome man Nicholas Gonzalez makes smiling seem so...hard. Park I like; I don't see chemistry with his ex-wife, but she's completely underwritten so who knows. Andrews needs to have his wife in there to bounce things off of, Hill Harper had a do a lot of face acting that didn't seem organic to the character. Tamlyn, where ya been?! I found it strange that Resnick kept calling Claire "St. Claire" when we've seen Claire do sketchy things over and over. For the "right reasons," maybe, but still sketchy. I wish they'd stop trying to make Resnick happen. I still think they waited too long to humanize her and I simply do.not.care. Lea....gah I can't even get into it.
  3. rubyred

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    Andrews helped Melendez figure out the Danny Ocean manoeuver for the transplant, with the laundry chute and the zero-pressure (?) janitor's closets and the blueprints and whatnot. Loved Glassman calling out Lea. Hated that he apologized. Hated it even more when she called him "Glassy" again.
  4. rubyred

    S01.E10: Six or Seven Minutes

    I am...so relieved. I was wondering if my cold, black heart had made me immune to the Greatest Love Montage between Georgia and Max, only to come here and find my people *sniff*. Loveyouguys. The writers tried to throw a Hail Mary to convince us about that relationship and boy howdy, it was as bad as her flashback wig. I actually muted all the flashback scenes. Did all of them have title cards like "Good News Bad News"? Oy. Another thing that irks me about the show is that Dr Adderall is played by someone who appears to be a good actress, but the character SUCKS. The thing that gets me about her is her sense of entitlement. How dare Floyd not want to be with her, she wants to be with him. How dare anyone question her competence when they know she's on Adderall? Big mistake with the Poor Little Rich Girl "reveal" (not this ep), too. Way to make me feel empathy, show. I'm kind of baffled that this show has been such a success, given the mess it is on so many levels. And where do they go from here? Everybody's gonna go all kumbaya and work together, with Eggold in a bald cap supervising from a chemo chair?
  5. rubyred

    S01.E09 Jingle Hell

    Yeah it's weird. Also, I guess the fact that Galvin's mark doesn't give Macy pain (as it does Parker) indicates that she may not be a ...bad... half-demon? Assuming demon = darkness, or darkness = demon. Which would be pretty literal but face it, this show does not specialize in subtle nuance. I think the three of them should ask the Book of Shadows to indicate an impartial, reliable narrator who can tell them what's going on. Both the Elders and the Sarcana have their own agendas and the sisters don't seem to have good critical thinking skills.
  6. rubyred

    S01.E09 Jingle Hell

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but has anyone ever suggested (on the show) that they try to track down that witch Melinda was talking to when pregnant with Macy? She seemed to know what was going on in Melinda's life. Is she a dead member of Sarcana? Or has that character/beat/plot point been dropped? I am hoping that Galvin finding out about the Three puts the kibosh on any potential romance. Oh, and the wrong demon brother got sucked into Hell.
  7. rubyred

    S01.E09 Jingle Hell

    I don't think they did a good enough job showing this, but re: Macy's Struggle-kinesis; I think she couldn't initially do anything about the zip-ties because the amulet had already started sapping her powers.
  8. rubyred

    S02.E10: Quarantine

    This episode threw me a little; I wasn't expecting such a somber tone for a mid-season finale. And that tone and pace continued throughout the episode. There were a few "twists" - the Melendez/Lim hookup, which I didn't see coming but found to be surprisingly intriguing. Melendez and Lim are more on a level playing field than Melendez/Claire, so the pairing made sense. Amazed that Claire made it through the episode without major DRAMA. That EMT was getting way too many lines to live. At least it was the best attempt so far at fleshing out Resnick into actual human being status. Glassman telling Lea she's not as cute as she thinks she is. Was that a wink to the audience? Problem is...Glassman isn't as cute as he thinks he is, either. Overall, it was a downer. Merry Christmas!
  9. rubyred

    S04.E06: Tender Is The Nate

    I understood and expected Charlie's initial reaction to Nate, but I thought she was unnecessarily harsh with him later. It's not his fault that she took Amaya's shape, give the guy a second to adjust. And I never even cared about Nate/Amaya, I always thought they were just an obligatory "hot characters hookup" trope. This show, though. I was just about to dismiss it as a fun but not especially inventive episode, when Hank started warbling "Sweet Baby James." Not gonna lie, I sang along.
  10. rubyred

    S01.E09: As Long As It Takes

    Ryan Eggold is better than this show. I think they are trying to distract from the nonsensical medicine by showcasing his talent. I see you show, tugging at my heartstrings by having Max listen to Luna's heart. I see you! Who's cutting onions? I have zero sympathy for doctor characters who endanger the lives of others by refusing to admit their own issues/pathologies. See Bloom, Glassman (TGD) et al. And who also abuse their position to put underlings in impossible situations to save their ass. What would happen to that nurse if someone noticed he was covering for Bloom's fuckups at work? Liked Helen's interaction with Dr. Panthoki. This new hairstyle for Max's wife ages her, and highlights her resemblance to The Pained Princess Charlene of Monaco. If the show is doubling down on his marriage so they can do a slow burn for him and Helen, fine. But at least work on the wife's character so she seems like an understandable angle to the triangle.
  11. rubyred

    S02.E09: Empathy

    There's a lot of work to level the playing field still to be done, but I think we're still heading for Claire/Melendez. My proof is that Melendez cracked two-and-a-half to three smiles this episode. They're trying to lighten him up.
  12. rubyred

    S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    I have never seen the actress playing Grace before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but IMO it's such a clear case of someone being cast for their pretty, pretty hair. The writing sucks, but a better actress would be able to neutralize it. I wonder if the writers realize how unsympathetic Grace comes across, that it seems obvious that she's been looking for an out so she can hook up with hot, hot Danny again. I don't think they do. And what a thankless role, and waste, of Daniel Sunjata. Generally I'm sympathetic to Ben, but I am not sympathetic to characters who insist on putting themselves in the line of fire, endangering themselves and others, for reasons. The first thing that popped into my head when Ben hallucinated the peacock was "uh oh, polar bear!" Why did they introduce a piece of Autumn's backstory (the "arrests") and then drop it?! I was intrigued, like was her identity stolen or something? Yeah, I'm more interested in a rando passenger day-player than the leads of the show. Uh oh. Maybe it will be Olive who calls Grace on her shit.
  13. The only thing about Gabriel that's tripping me up is why did Frank recognize his name, while Annalise evidently didn't? Why/how does Frank know more about "the adoption" than Annalise? But otherwise there's no there there for me with Gabriel.
  14. rubyred

    S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    I don't know what this means but I don't think I'm going to like it.
  15. rubyred

    S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    I think for me with Galvin, I didn't even realize he was supposed to be a potential love interest until a couple episodes in. I thought he was just a platonic friend, and their lo-chem/no-chem seemed to bear that out. Then all of a sudden he's in his feelings about her not paying him all the attention when Macy 1) found out her mother gave her up 2) found out her mother is dead and 3) found out she has two sisters...it wasn't a good look, IMO. First he's all supportive and encouraging, and then when it takes time away from being with him he blows her off. If he had been such a good friend he would have known that her kissing him was a major step for her, not immediately hooked up with someone and ground her face in it. Ironically I think the actor is doing a much better job now that Galvin is showing these layers. But I still don't like him.