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  1. littlecatsfeet

    After Life

    Catfi9ht, have you ever watched Ricky's Netflix series "Derek"? It is surprisingly tender and heartfelt. The title character (Gervais, of course) works in a nursing home and may or may not be mentally challenged himself; he sees only the good in people and is kind and thoughtful to others. I think it's on a par with After Life as far as being able to move you emotionally. It shows you a sign of Ricky you might not expect. I'm not sure if it's still on Netflix, but here is the IMDB page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2616280/
  2. littlecatsfeet

    After Life

    Thank you! Even though I knew the "incredibly charming English village within a stone's throw of the ocean" setting had to be too good to be true, it (Hemel Hempstead) does indeed look lovely. Their Wikipedia page needs updating, though: There's no mention of After Life, although it has been used as a setting for other TV shows & movies.
  3. littlecatsfeet

    S05.E10: Roadkill

    I love Schitts Creek, but I turned the TV off immediately after they hit & killed the cat. I was kinda surprised to see that scene in such a normally gentle show. I'm sure I'm oversensitive/over-reacting; I don't have to be told they didn't do it intentionally, but still. I stopped watching Stranger Things after the cat died, too. I'm weird about that stuff, I guess.
  4. littlecatsfeet

    After Life

    Oh, I totally agree that giving Julian that money was actually meant as something helpful, as horribly wrong as it was. On a rather superficial note, I keep forgetting to note if the credits mentioned where this is filmed; I'm assuming the exterior shots are an actual village? It's so charming and then to find out there's a beach within walking distance? I want to go live there.
  5. littlecatsfeet

    After Life

    I went searching for reviews and it seems to me the consensus is : Reviews from "professional" critics are mixed but the 'regular' people seem to get it, and enjoy it immensely. To quote a comment from IMDB: "He speaks right to the dark, sad, and angry part in all of us. He also shows us that everyone is beautiful." I got teary-eyed for the first time in only the second episode, when the man who received multiple identical birthday cards referred to his late wife and said something about how nice it was to have somebody to share things with. I also LOL'd (more of a Snorted Out Loud, really) at so many other parts of it. I'm pretty cynical by nature but this series 'gets me in the feels'. I think it's genius. Maybe you have to be a Ricky Gervais fan, IDK. I think it's honest, insightful, and beautifully cast and acted.
  6. littlecatsfeet

    After Life

    I was surprised to see no forum for this Ricky Gervais Netflix show yet, so I'll take the liberty of starting one. I wasn't sure which genre to put it under, but I guess "dark comedy" might describe it best. What's everyone's opinion? I've only seen the first two episodes but I love it.
  7. And of course Bill has to praise Schlapp (and others of his ilk) for coming on the show, like it's some big noble gesture that demonstrates bravery and principles. "Maybe you'll convert one person." "Democrats should go on Fox News." No and no. I have no idea who Green Dress lady was, but I agree she was really trying hard to be cutesy. It was kind of satisfying to see everything she said just land with a thud.
  8. I hardly ever see this guy on TV when his mouth isn't hanging open. I can't see him without thinking "mouthbreather". He's vile. I felt sorry for Natasha Bertrand who didn't get a chance to add much, although I do appreciate Malcolm Nance shutting KIngston down a number of times. I have to give Bill credit for hitting it on the head with New Rules. I've had this argument with friends that no, it is not "both sides".
  9. I didn't understand the point of having the football player on - but I was even less understanding of why Bill was so handsy with him. What gives with that? The funny part was, the football player specifically mentioned that he didn't like taking pictures with men--because men are always trying to get too huggy and handsy with him. And Bill was like whaaat, reallllly? LOL
  10. littlecatsfeet

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    I saw commercial on the Oxygen channel that they will be playing the Dateline episode mid January (I think.) I'll have to pay better attention & get all the details. In looking at the Oxygen channel website, they will be running a Dirty John documentary in mid-January (the 14th, I believe) but I didn't see any mention of the Dateline episode. https://www.oxygen.com/dirty-john-the-dirty-truth
  11. littlecatsfeet

    S01.E01: Approachable Dreams

    I like them, too; although I'm probably a bit biased because I'm a huge fan of Julia Garner. I didn't recognize her at first either! Anyway, yes, it definitely appears that Debra has put them second to the current man in her life on a consistent basis. And John gives off major "creepy lying dirtbag" vibes that Debra either handwaves away, or is in total denial of, so I don't blame them for being fed up and "bitchy". I understand being desperate and single (and I would NEVER EVER want to be in the dating pool again), but if you can't do *some* vetting of the guy you're moving in with/marrying, then I'm sorry, you're just dumb. Especially when you're Debra's age, have been married 4 times, and hello, the internet exists.
  12. littlecatsfeet

    S11.E09: Thanksgiving and Taking

    According to IMDB, Brian Scott McFadden (a voice actor) was the Turkey Hotline guy. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1838159/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t491
  13. He already complained on Sarah Silverman's show this week about the Dems not flipping the Senate "although he gave them a million dollars" (can't let a week go by without mentioning that, apparently), so apparently he thought they owed it to him to do so. I wasn't aware he gave the million specifically to Senate campaigns {{sarcasm}} but maybe that's part of why he had such a bee in his bonnet. He didn't think he got his money's worth.
  14. He (Mooch) was on either CNN or MSNBC this morning too, can't remember which because I shut it off so fast. TPTB *really* need to stop booking him. He's apparently fooled them all into thinking he has these super-intuitive and exclusive insights into Trump; when it's all (as was noted above) sanctimonious homilizing. When he was on before he wouldn't shut up about his father's lunch bucket. That was like his main focus, the bleeping lunch bucket. And still Bill invites him back, why?
  15. I actually like Stormy (her Twitter feed is pretty funny) but I saw no point of that "interview" or her appearance on the show. The definition of "motor boating" and the future of the porn industry are not exactly subjects that begged an in-depth analysis, especially this week of all weeks. Bill came off as the skeevier of the two, I think. Everything I would have to say about Mooch has been said here already, and more articulartly than I could. Oh god, Bill and another one his "political correctness" rants. Hasn't that bug up his butt reached its life expectancy? Will he now have Megan Kelly on, so he can tell her how she's a victim of the PC police?