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  1. Kareem

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    Wow. I don't swear like a sailor here or anywhere else so beast was the word I was going with, meaning contemptible person. And as I was referring to her being judgmental, it had nothing to do with animals. Apologies to those who chose to take it as a race thing.
  2. Kareem

    MAFS: Happily Ever After in the Media

    I thought that Luke had something he wanted kept from the 'experts' and that Kate was in the process of spilling it. The article makes it sound as if she's going to drop some kind a bomb on him. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not much of anything either way but hoping it's just that he moved out on day two or something of being home. Hope the turd keeps walking and comes back to Decision Day in time for her to tell him off.
  3. Kareem

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    Would be great if Will says he was hoping it would go well but realizes that Jas is such a monumental pain in the ass that he can't deal with her. And thanks but no thanks to sex with the judgemental beast.
  4. Kareem

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    AJ using his inside voice without laughing at his own jokes makes listening to him 50 million times more pleasant. Seems the participants certainly have Luke pegged. I hope his mother is watching to see what a tool bag she raised.
  5. Kareem

    S.08 E.09 One Month Down, Forever To Go

    I think Will might be a different animal when he's not spending 24/7 with Tons of Fun. It started with the honeymoon which was like a drill, from the money speech disappointment to the bridge he was required to cross to the zip line disappointment to the off road excursion disappointment, etc. She seemed annoyed with everything. Time at home hasn't been much better, with the mud event and her pushing for sex. MaDam constantly vocalizing her expectations and criticisms is exhausting. She's naming the kids and he's gasping for air. I noticed that when they went to the Aunt's, they both wore pink. On anniversary night, they were sporting orange. I can just imagine Jasmine explaining that requirement to him. smh
  6. Kareem

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    This is where I am with this couple, too. She's smart and sweet and how I wish they had given her a real Dash Riprock kind of nice guy v. meltdown man who probably spits when he gets too excited and screaming about dumb crap, and the 'I'm not taking it out on you, while I'm taking it out on you' idiocy he hands her. I would have killed him in his sleep the first night. He makes my skin crawl. I give her endless credit.
  7. I think mama is a douche, too. These are not warm and fuzzy people. I liked that both Kristine and the Pepper were blunt about this jerk's personality. Grateful that Kate took off the rose colored glasses for a brief moment and saw what he's been doing. I'll be really disappointed if she gets to the end and says she wants to stay married to this ass.
  8. Kareem

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    This is all so disgusting. Makes me hope that Will and Jas hold out longer, too. All that in the same episode would just push me over the edge.
  9. Kareem

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Right?! AJ's first walk down the street as a couple took him to a bakery. She should drag him to the Linc to see the Philly Special statue since he didn't let her finish watching the game. Not getting a lot of scenery this season.
  10. Kareem

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Thinking it's time to take Luke out back and shoot him. j/k
  11. Kareem

    S06.E17: Reunion

    Great info, insight and theory, HunterHunted. Love the plural of Maloof, too...
  12. Kareem

    S06.E17: Reunion

    Agree with all who said Andy was not on his game for this reunion. He lights up like a Christmas tree when the nitwit housewives are around; for this, he seemed bored and half asleep. There was so much to cover and it felt like The Rhylee Show. He acted like he didn't like these people which was strange because usually he fawns all over the Captain. He sometimes seemed to ask questions that he didn't wait for answers to. I wanted to know if the other half of the open relationship kicked him to the curb because of the show. Why did Toronto and Ashton fizzle out? Someone on Twitter said that Ashton is working for Kim Zolciak. Yeesh if true. Was hoping for more.
  13. Kareem

    S.08 E.06 Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    Laughed at this and went back and laughed again. An AJ whisperer. I like her personality and can't figure out what she finds to like about him. He's always loud and laughing at his own jokes and having shower caddy/fridge door/picture removal/taped up drawers meltdowns, so deal with it? He doesn't spend much time at his apartment but he's never been anywhere in the city and no one has sat on his couch. He's beyond thrilled about no longer eating alone over the counter and walking the streets, like a happy little troglodyte who got a wife without the work. Yikes. Thinking forever will be a long time with this guy. And this is one of the good couples!
  14. Not a jumpsuit fan but Stephanie doesn't look hideous. Kate looks like she's sporting something from a 1960s Sears catalog. Jasmine is heading off to Taco Bell's drive-thru and Kristine's dress would be great with something other than bikini underwear under it.
  15. Kareem

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    I really enjoyed the way things ended re the crew, too. Laura's turn around and mellowing out were not only a pleasure to watch but for me, seemed to help erase from the season all memories of Caroline the Flake and the drama she created. The only thing that was a little disappointing was how vile the last charter guests were and how ridiculous I felt Adrian was being regarding his slug and his justifications for playing the pig with Laura. Thought Josiah looked handsome as could be while at the club. His hair looked great not combed straight up. Anyway, was nice to see them all working so well together, and being good at what they do. Looking forward to the reunion!