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  1. If we needed one more example of how untalented, horrible and laughable an actor he was, this should convince all of the doubters. OMG. Thanks for the laughs!
  2. Yeah, it is now although it looked really iffy for a long time. And I had hope for Kyle and Lola but no longer. BTW, how long can she float face down in the pool before she, you know, drowns?
  3. If I had to guess, I’d say that she didn’t have implants. I know from personal experience, my own and other female family members, that some women develop larger breasts as they age. It’s not necessarily weight gain, although some of it might be, just nature taking it’s course. I was a 32B until menopause (surgical from a hysterectomy) then blossomed to a 34D. Ugh. MTS looks to have that same problem.
  4. Now that I ponder on the subject, I can’t think of one couple on this show who really connects, sparks, shines or seems real. None of them are believable to me. If y’all can think of one, enlighten me please. Thanks.
  5. I hated Abby’s hair and her ill fitting dress but mostly I hated her snotty, sneering attitude in a public place. Walk away, miss classy. Have some decorum yourself.
  6. I think all Hope has done is sit and talk to her family members, friends, coworkers, etc. Everyone in her orbit has listened to her talk about her baby, her hopes for her, her dreams for her, her plans for her, etc. They’ve all done that for Hope so maybe it’s time to take at least a few hours a day (at work?) to concentrate on something else?
  7. Of course the Abbotts will have security cameras outside their mansion on their estate but unknown to them, they have malfunctioned! Oh, No! How will they ever figure out who did this to Lola? More importantly, how will they figure out why their pool is in front of their house right by the front door? And why haven’t we seen this pool before?!
  8. Zoie 1, I hope you know how much we all appreciate your recaps!! I love reading them so I’m prepared for the nonsense that’s coming in the US. Thank you!!
  9. Yay!! Perhaps he’ll have a decent story line and get his office back. Hurray!!
  10. Gam2

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Ok, got it. Thanks.
  11. I just really realized what a truly bad actor ReyRey is. He’s at Sharon’s house and he’s just awful!
  12. Gam2

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I know this is the small talk thread but why all of the news/flashbacks to old news here? I thought we were supposed to just chit chat or talk about the show.
  13. I hated everything about today’s show. Y’all have all outlined every disgusting thing we saw today. I do have to say that the blind hairdresser who fixed Abby’s hair needs to be replaced. This is TV after all where the viewers can actually see that disaster.
  14. I agree that Sally’s Body is smoking hot. However. That hair color. I do love the style on her but that color is so fake. I’m married to a red head and have others in our family so I know what red hair is supposed to look like. That bothers me every time I see her. She’d look so much better with a realistic color.
  15. Gam2

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Okay, I vote for no pregnancy but menopause for Carly. They may try to sell us “peri-menopause” but that girl ain’t having no more babies. Please, writers. DO NOT WRITE AN OVARIAN CANCER STORY LINE. It would be so poorly done and won’t help anyone watching. Just let Carly have menopause like all of the rest of us.