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  1. I know most kids think their mommies are the best cooks ever. Mine did even when their grandmothers were much better cooks than I was. It was just that they were used to the way I cooked things. So I loved how much Douglas loved how his mom made Macncheese even tho it came from the Kraft box like we always made for our kids when they were little. That was a small taste of normalcy for this child who thinks his mom is coming back any minute now. Hope was wonderful with that precious boy. This makes me so sad for him and for Hope.
  2. I’m not having any problems on my end.
  3. Just got a glimpse of Dummer’s hair on her wedding day. Who the hell does the hair on this show?!
  4. So Kyle tells Dummer that he’ll be with her every step of the way from the recovery room until she gets home. Um....where exactly is home? She lives with mom and dad- um, I mean just dad since he threw mom out of the house. And he lives with his brother, cousin and grandmother Dina (who?). So where will the honeymooners go to live after leaving the hospital?! Or do we even care anymore?
  5. Gam2

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    I am strangely fascinated with this show. Most of this stuff doesn’t repel me (maybe because my son is a veterinarian and I’ve watched him perform surgery many times) but that toe doctor just turns my stomach. No way can I watch that stuff!
  6. I guess I should explain what I meant when I wrote this. I wasn’t high fiving Steffy. I was high fiving the idea that the subject of Liam and Steffy getting together at Hope’s behest will never be spoken of again. I’m so sick of Hope being the martyr that I could scream and would dearly love if we never again had to hear about this.
  7. If I can google “liver donor” and find out, in 30 seconds, that the hospital stay is about a week and recovery is 6-8 weeks, why can’t these writers? Do Summer and Kyle realize that people (as bone deep stupid as they are in GC) will question where she is and why she looks like hell while going for doctors’ appointments? Just drive a stake through my brain.
  8. Gam2

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Who is Ferret Face?
  9. I’ve never been a fan of Steffy’’s but I was pumping my fist today when she told Hope to stop trying to throw Liam and her together and that this is the last time they were going to talk about it. So, she very nicely said “Shut the hell up, Hope!” Kadooz to Steffy!
  10. Gam2

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    That scene in Julian’s bar today with Michael, Brad and the school teacher (she’s so boring, I can’t even be challenged to remember her name) was just creepy and at the same time, stupid. How many stupid people can be in one room at the same time and still not figure out the obvious? And while I’m on the subject of boring: I have had two children who were in kindergarten and 1st grade and two grandsons who did the same: their teachers were very vibrant, enthusiastic and smiley. This one makes me fall over with boredom so imagine how her students react to her. Please! Do something with this woman or send her on her way! She may not be worse than the actress who plays Sam but boy, is she a close second!
  11. I have just a few thoughts: Why is Flo still staying in that cheesy “flat”? She was paid $50,000. Why isn’t she staying in a nice hotel or moved into her own nice apartment? Or at least changed the damned locks so these grifters don’t keep walking in? As cute as Wyatt and Sally are, do we really have to keep seeing them naked in bed, on the sofa, on the floor? How about they sit on the sofa, having a cup of coffee and, you know, ....talking? Where is everyone else? Brooke, Ridge, Bill, Katie, Will, Eric, Quinn, Pam, Donna, Justin, everyone else in LA? And how the hell does Reese keep flying from London to LA and back to have a 10 minute conversation with his dotter and Flo while they repeat every damned convo they’ve been having for months now? Can we get some new writers for this show before it completely goes down the tubes? As much as I complain about the scripts and the acting, I’d actually miss this load of crap.
  12. Speaking of awkward, that scene with the intern just showing up at Hope and Liam’s cabin on Brooke’s HUGE ESTATE with no prior warning just to drop off a portfolio on her way home (?) was the definition of awkward and embarrassing. What was the purpose of that little tidbit and why is that actress so damned bad? And why is she still on this show?!
  13. Gam2

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    I cannot even imagine being on an airplane four times (to CA, back, to CA and back again) with someone who has this smelly, nasty thing hanging off of his arm. How was he even allowed on a flight? I do think he had a truly good friend in that lady who went with him. However, wearing a mask on his face even though he had that thing hanging off of his arm and the fact that he smoked (!) and had no front teeth, made me skeptical about his fear of the plague. This was a very interesting program for sure.