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  1. sharifa70

    Chopped 2019: Put Down the Chopsticks

    Dammit, now I’m craving circus peanuts. I live in what seems like the tattoo and piercing motherland, so Carolina’s look was just, you know, Tuesday. I actually wished I had been able to see her tattoos better. I don’t have any myself but I like to see them when they’re good. Septum piercings, though: I just can’t get used to those. It always looks to me like the person needs a tissue. I loved that Claude actually managed to tie the whole meal together with a common thread. He seemed so passionate about his cooking. I actually wish I could have tasted everything, even the rice pudding (and I hate rice pudding).
  2. sharifa70

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    I’m going to hell for this, but I really dislike kids who tell me how smart/talented/refined they are. “I have a very refined palate” needs to be a sentence that is never uttered by anyone, ever.
  3. sharifa70

    When Calls The Heart

    We don’t know her story yet, except that she shamelessly shows her stockinged ankles. The trunk was adressed to the saloon owner. I don’t know if she was responding to the addressee or to the fact that it came from San Francisco.
  4. sharifa70

    When Calls The Heart

    I still want to know why, in April 1916 (date helpfully provided thanks to that close-up of the saloon owner’s postmarked trunk) with hundreds of thousands of Canadians currently fighting a war to end all wars, is the town filled with able-bodied men who apparently only worry about what time last call is going to be, and whether the doctor is communicating clearly enough with the nurse regarding his romantic intentions????!! It’s not like a show with an original premise of “most of the men died in a mining accident and their widows are having to carry on” should be afraid of bringing in a bit of real life. Also: yeah, I fast-forward through anything having to do with Bill too.
  5. sharifa70

    S17.E01 : Auditions (1)

    As soon as Katy encouraged the one guy to take his shirt off, I was done. I might tune in for the top 10 performances but I can’t handle the excessive flirting.
  6. sharifa70

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Ventiloquists creep me out. I have to fast-forward every time. I absolutely love Shin Lim, and yes, I’m a sucker for Susan Boyle. I agree that she didn’t seem to be in the best of voices but even not-her-best blows me out of the water.
  7. sharifa70

    Season 15 Discussion

    I finally broke down and deleted my series recording on the dvr. It’s not exactly sour grapes over preferred contestants not making it (though my favorites were Sarah Grace, Kymberli, and Makenzie). It’s more of a sense that the live rounds are anticlimactic. I haven’t downloaded a performance in a loooooong time, and I always seem to enjoy the battles and knockouts a lot more than the live performances that seem to be all style and little substance. I’m also experiencing some fatigue from all the children who compete on this show and I miss performances with some true weight behind them. This current group of finalists? I can’t even make myself care. Meh.
  8. sharifa70

    Chopped 2018

    Exactly! As soon as she said that in her intro, I was ready for her to go. You know, ‘cause my family and I are middle-class cretins who will never have the privilege of sampling her 1% food. There’s confidence (cool) and then there’s Man-Bun Phillip-levels of arrogant out-of-touchery, and she had the latter in spades.
  9. sharifa70

    X Factor 2017

  10. sharifa70

    S09.E05: Spice Week

    I saw the eliminations coming but my heart still broke for Terry even before he mentioned his late wife. What I appreciate about Kim-Joy is that she doesn’t seem to have the style-over-substance problem that so many other bakers have struggled with. I would want to taste just about everything she has made. I want Rahul to see his talent the way everyone else seems to.
  11. sharifa70

    S09.E02: Cake Week

    I’m pretty sure I heard “pond water.”
  12. sharifa70

    Chopped 2018

    I had grilled goat in Al ‘Ain (near Abu Dhabi). The guys had marinated it and just threw it on the coals from a bonfire in the dunes. It was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten (and I don’t like lamb). I wanted to try both of the stews the female chefs made.
  13. sharifa70

    Chopped 2018

    I am so happy for the Grand Champion! Either of the final round participants would have been fine, but I was pulling just a little more for the winner.
  14. sharifa70

    S11.E05: The Tsuranga Conundrum

    I’ve enjoyed this season but this episode did absolutely nothing for me. Between the Twilight Zone episode feel of the Pting and the childbirth storyline (regardless of gender/species, I hate that particular plot device), I fast-forwarded pretty much everything after Astos’s death.
  15. sharifa70

    S03.E05: The Perfect Game

    As a former law enforcement employment background investigator, I can say that if his only record is juvenile, and if it’s sealed, we’re not allowed to ask about it even if the applicant says “I have a juvenile criminal record and it has been expunged.” The background investigator then has to treat it as if it was never mentioned. That said, there’s no way in hell Dex would pass a psych eval. For that matter, just the stories he told about his fake girlfriend Julie would fail his background and he’d never even make it to psych with our agency.