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  1. halkatla

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I hope Lisa V takes a "leave of absence" from the show, because it will force the others to turn on each other like a bunch of hungry banshees who all want to be The Queen. It will all end in tears (and laughs).
  2. halkatla

    S23.E07: Week 7: Denver, Colorado

    English second language here. It´s good to be right and funny at the same time 🙂
  3. halkatla

    S23.E07: Week 7: Denver, Colorado

    Kirpa isn´t smart. She´s just good at looking like she is? I guess. Colton and her had no connection so her reasons for gossiping and lying were weird. And who really believes that Tayishia is so into Colton and wants to marry him at the end of this? She´s a hardcore hippocrate. ETA: Yea, who is Katie?
  4. halkatla

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I felt weird watching this episode. And sad. I absolutely love Lisa and I´ve (almost) always liked Kyle but then in a moment it all changed. Erika looked different somehow. It´s like her nasty personality has started to show up on the outside, she looked so pudgy and fake, and there is nothing glamorous about her now. It was cringy seeing her brown-nosing Denise. If any of these women put Erika over Lisa then they are dead to me. I hope Teddi and Denise don´t turn (I´m not optimistic, almost all of the previous hws have gone crazy with jealousy over Lisa´s awesomeness at some point). Lisa´s only flaw seems to be that she´s a bad judge of character who has a thing of taking in problem people. They´re like dogs who really bite and most of them end up biting her. Speaking of dogs, I don´t care at all who said what to whom or leaked a story or yada yada. It doesn´t matter. PK and Dorit are nasty losers who should never have gotten a dog. This one goes on Lisa´s bad judge of character account. I hope she gives them hell and leaves them in the dust. I don´t think the dog ever bit or scratched anyone, well maybe their sofa. They´re horrible enough to throw him out for doing that. I could go on and on and on. But I wont. Just one more thing, it would be funny if Lisa became friends with Kim now, and turned her against Kyle. I would love that, and it would be so deserved. It´s probably very unlikely but it would be funny to see.
  5. halkatla

    S23.E03: Week 3

    Hanna B gives me psycho vibes... I think it´s obvious what the feud is all about, she was jealous and lost it when the other girl was a runner up and she didn´t place. I think she comes off really badly and is 90% responsible for all the drama we´ve seen. I wouldn´t be surprised if Colton is disgusted with her, she´s done nothing but badmouth her former "friend" seemingly without cause. C-lyn seem genuinely scared.
  6. halkatla

    Return To Amish

    I agree. Why am I still watching? I guess tv is just that bad now, or I´m accidentally a masochist. I did always like Abe and Rebecca, they just seemed so normal and nice compared to everyone else. I think the difference between Mary and Ada (if Ada is still amish, which I think she is) is that Ada never disrespects their culture and religion. Mary took everything so far, went against her husband´s wishes, drank lots of alcohol, acted a fool etc.
  7. halkatla

    S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    For some reason I didn´t want to watch this series, people were mentioning it a lot on facebook and since my taste in tv/movies is often quite different I was sceptical and had decided that "You" was probably just a lame love story sjw-crapfest from netflix. I only finally gave it a chance a few days ago when the fb crowd was discussing how problematic they felt watching a show about a likeable stalker. What? Stalker? I´m in!!! And then I went through 2-3 episodes a day and I haven´t loved a show this much in a long time (not since Twin Peaks S3 and Game of thrones were on). So anyway. I liked Beck from the start and Joe was just the main character, I neither liked him or hated him, I just enjoyed what he was getting up to. Until this last episode. It all turned around. I was totally digging how Joe came together fully as this disturbed anti-hero who I hated to love and loved to love at the same time! I felt bad not feeling that bad for Beck, lol, but... The ending was quite magnificent, so simple yet it had every single thread tightly wrapped up. I´m just in awe. I wish every show could be this good now-a-days. And the books, I loved the setting in the bookstore so much. This was one of my favorite parts in the whole series.
  8. halkatla

    S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    The crazy lady who brought her dog reminds me of a young (evil) Camille Grammar... I adore Camille now but she was pretty heinous on her first housewives season and has the same voice. Now I´m trying to imagine that some day she (I´m just gonna call her Crazy) will win me over like Krystal did, but it´s not working.
  9. halkatla

    S09.E07: Brunch Gone Bad

    Tre is so obnoxiously self-absorbed, I think she´s the worst out of all the housewives everywhere. She´s also really, really stupid, which makes it worse. She´s unable to see other people as people with desires, she understands that she has feelings and wants and needs but I´ve never seen her actually acknowledge those things in others, ever. She can dish everything out but not take a tiny little bit of criticism. Then again it´s useless for anyone to try to explain something to her. One day she decided to say sorry to Danielle´s daughters, so she could be friends with Danielle on camera again, but I don´t think she meant it except as a thing she had to do for her tv-SELF. Too her Joe is her brother so he matters, her parents matter and her best friends kind of matter, but even her brother´s kids and wife don´t matter at all when Tre wants something. It´s disgusting.
  10. halkatla

    S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    I kind of adore her (can´t wait to regret that decision, lol). Exciting story about the almost arranged-marriage. Her husband was gorgeous on their wedding day. When they were at the axe-throwing place (this will sound dumb) - I thought they had invited Jacqueline, and I was in ave of how great she looked, she was like a younger, happier version of herself. Well duh. That´s so typical, I´ve never been able to tell most of these Jersey women apart, the season with twins was the literal worst for me. So glad Siggy is gone because now I instantly recognize Dolores (I hated them both though). I don´t like Teresa, never have, but I´ve never hated her and I thought she looked pretty good tbh. I´m not seeing that much difference, maybe she went from a 7 down to a 6. But when they´re constantly showing flash-backs I noticed that her nose has changed... That´s really weird because her nose now looks a lot fatter than it did. I´ve always "liked" Melissa and I hoped she and Teresa would finally get on, I guess this seasons main storyline is about that all falling apart. Danielle is a scary horrible person, but as a real housewife she is in the top 10 for me. Probably my favorite from New Jersey, so it´s not cool that she´s been demoted to a friend.
  11. halkatla

    S13.E18: Femme Finale

    They must have been faking.
  12. If, say, someone were to ask me: "How come you love The Gang so much?" now thanks to this episode I can simply say "check out s13e05 and you´ll find out". Those twins make my dreams come true, with their dark but beautiful charm. And Frank in the woods by the tree-stump, with the hidden porn... I´m swooning. Mac and Charlie beating up those awful kids, please stop, don´t be so perfect. Happy ending, with Dennis feeling his 80´s music, say no more.
  13. halkatla

    Season 8 Discussion

    Here are a few of my observations about the show from the last 2 seasons up to the latest episodes: I absolutely hate so much about Dawn, especially when she was cruel to Tanya and calling her "dickhead" over and over again. That was so cringy and off, made me want to turn the whole thing off honestly, and yet, she is often okay too and she has a beautiful family, home and her husband is one of the hottest on all the franchises. I don´t like muscles but he is just a good looking man and he and Dawn seem good together, even if she is a huge bitch and he is so nice. Now on to the thing that sparked my need to write: Rachel´s husband. He is a very strange mixture of "creepy and cute". I don´t think I´ve ever seen anything like it. Every time he is on screen I get chills from his creepiness and yet something about him is so relaxing and cute (not in a "hot" way, more like he´s a gentleman from another era, or a ghost). Rachel definitely married the right man for her looks because when she stands next to her husband she looks like a stunning, glamorous and bubbly woman, but when she´s with the other women she just looks okay. But she is better looking imo than Perla. I´m defnintely not getting the femme fatale about her. Give me Ester for that role any day. Speaking of, Ester is my favorite, she is a cartoon but she´s so big and stunning. I love her over the top silliness. It´s like she never knows what is going on but the other women are always angry with her over something (on and off screen) and talk about her like she´s some diabolical social media enthralling mastermind. I hope she´ll be bringing something more to the table soon. No wait, Tanya is my favorite. She´s a genuine Cheshire rose. I´m kind of waiting for the whole crew to mesh, I´m not sure they will. I´m really glad that they got rid of Stacy and the other one though, but maybe they don´t need to be so many.
  14. halkatla

    S11. E04. No Wrist, No Reward

    I think the judges have lost it. Wtf. I mean how could that seahorse turn out so crappy? The dragon looked good, only an extremely tiny fragment of the population would notice some anatomical inconsistencies with it (due to it being an obscure fantasy animal on a wrist) while most over the age of 6 could actually do a better tattoo than the lady who made the sea-horse.
  15. halkatla

    S13.E10: Italian Night Fight

    I am a saved christian but I was completely 100% team Gina when she told the beasts that she doesn´t believe in "the" God, just "a god" and they started pearl clutching. Frankly I was disgusted by their act. I like Kelly okay but jeez, she should not be displaying herself as a believer, it´s embarrassing for us. Vicky is worse. I believe that Tamra is saved, I don´t think she´s lying about her faith, but making faces and acting superior and upset when someone says they are not a christian is idiotic and I place that scene in the "my top 10 angriest moments on the O.C" list. I hope Gina gets saved someday, and I hope Vicky gets lost, she´s going to hell that´s for sure. The Bible says (romans 2) that pagans (or atheists) can have good morals, it´s something (not all) people feel inside a.k.a a moral compass, and while some so-called believers routinely act stupid and wrong, a pagan can at the same time do what God wants much better because of their natural morals. Vicky has no idea what the Bible actually says about anything. And she has NO morals. I´m not counting Emily among the beasts, she acted like a nice person. I just hated the discussion about Gina´s divorce, it was cringy, this divorce is so strange and I don´t want to try to understand it. Tamra was the only one to say that it´s not their business, but it was a little too late, since poor Gina had already fled from the table. They were all judging her for what they did themselves, i.e not trying to make their marriages work and wanting something better (I excuse Shannon from that, she´s the only one). Gina´s husband has effectively left her already, and they try to claim that she´s just getting divorced for fun? I just cant.