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  1. link417

    Clawing Your Way Up In the Media

    They did pretty well . . . . . . the shots showing Virgina full-on are recycled from last season.
  2. link417

    S09.E15: The Fresh Princ-ipal

    I was rewatching this episode and noticed that during the end credits, when Bob is dancing in Jimmy Pesto’s underwear while at the grill, you can see the partial tattoo he got in the Equestranauts episode from S04E17. Ace continuity, show! (Confession: I only remember the season/episode number because it’s one of my favorites and it’s the same as my username, LOL.)
  3. link417

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I was looking for someone to point out Doridtho’s atrocious pronunciation of burrito as “burridtho,” so shout-out to [I didn’t think to quote them so now I don’t remember who it was] from Page 2! Maybe she was thinking of aburrido, as in, “boring”? 🧐 I would like to give another shout-out to Erika’s “There’s Something About Mary” bangs in the preview for the next episode. I liked the photo shoot with Rinna in her garden, and I liked that all of Kyle’s older girls said “please” when they gave their orders at the restaurant. (Kyle did not.) Since it looks like “the thing” will drag on and on this season instead of being wrapped up in a couple episodes as I believe it should be, I’m not going to mention it as a form of silent (read: pointless) protest. 😤
  4. link417

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    See, I could watch this all day. Erika, warts and all, can be pretty damn entertaining. Champagne glass aloft, looking like a chic cartoon villain: “What’d ya do . . . ? What’d ya say . . . ? What were ya almost gonna do . . . ?”
  5. link417

    RHoBH in the Media

    From the article: “The husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne is trying to keep private the details of a lawsuit accusing him of refusing to pay up on a mega loan, and is also accusing the lender of not playing by their agreement.” OH, now AWWLLL of a sudden you’re about playing by agreements? HOW ABOUT YOUR AGREEMENT TO PAY BACK $15 MIL, TOM?!
  6. Re: your first paragraph, I had actually seen AOC with the ash cross on her forehead while watching “The Circus” and wondered what was going on, but didn’t care enough to google it (or to film myself laughing at her and share it with the world, apparently). I can understand re: the bolded, everyone’s got their boundaries and I can understand that no matter whether she was making fun of it or laughing out of surprise, it was rude and insensitive. Not trying to argue your opinion, just wanted to clarify — I didn’t think she was surprised at the tradition, just that several people on national television were wearing the ash. Rinna has no filter, that’s for sure — as a fan, it can be aggravating at times. She’s not the kind of person who should be posting every thought on social media, which ironically makes her exactly the type of person who would want to post every thought on social media.
  7. To be fair, the fact that you get them every year does not mean it has always been as prominent as this year. FWIW, I genuinely asked that question because if it has, I’m left wondering what the hell I’ve been doing every year around this time to completely miss it the past few decades? Clearly, my mileage varies greatly from everyone else’s because I didn’t hear her laughing derisively; to me, she was laughing out of surprise, maybe even bewilderment? It was impolite, to be sure, but I would never accuse Rinna of having any great social grace. At any rate, just my $.02 on the matter.
  8. Same - I love Rinna and I don’t care to explain why. Re: the Lent thing — has the tradition of ash on the forehead always enjoyed such prominence? I’ve been alive 32 years and this is the first I’m seeing it, period, and apparently Rinna in her advanced age is surprised to see it on public figures on national television.
  9. link417

    Good Girls

    I’ve listened to it twice and can’t make it out — what did Rio say at the end?
  10. I’m glad Tanya and Eva showed that they thought Shamari’s drunken antics had been funny and not predatory. I don’t know that I would agree with Marlo’s assessment that she has a drinking problem, but she may want to pump the brakes on the alcohol a bit. And I didn’t like how she was going on about Marlo not understanding because she’s not a mother, WTF? As if mothers are the only ones who understand the need to unwind every once in a while? I, too, want to know what’s going on with “the belt.” A Nene-less episode? More of that, please!
  11. link417

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    E is for Everlast, such a titillating nickname for a boxer! 😉
  12. link417

    Black Monday

    Thank you, I came here to say just that! I think the show was smart to play on the fact that when most people think of Black Monday, they envision traders jumping out of windows. However, a huge twist could be that it was homicide, not suicide. Remember, when they’re giving Blair a tour of the Jammer offices, they tell him, “That’s the window we push stuff out of.” I love this show! Was not a fan of Don Cheadle AT ALL, and not really a fan of Andrew Rannells either, but I love Regina Hall so I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did. The cast is so good. Between all the dark humor and 80s music/references and Dawn’s awesome 80s hair/fashion, I am freaking in. I’m sad that we’re getting closer and closer to the titular event, but I hope this show figures out an interesting way to continue for several seasons.
  13. LOL, there’s a $camatology gag in the latest episode of Black Monday: Tiffany is distraught over the potential end of her high-profile engagement and says she “tried to talk to [her] pastor but she’s only an Operating Thetan IV and it would be another $100 grand.” (paraphrasing)
  14. link417

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    It’s been a while since I watched the ep but Eva was the one I got that vibe from, not Tanya. Obviously, mileage varies.
  15. link417

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    X is for the silent ‘x’ in Deveraux (unless it’s in a limerick). . . . Damn it, ‘X’ gets harder every round!