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  1. No, there wasn't from what Kyle and others who watched have said. But it was still their mother they can be angry that Kyle used her persona. TheyThey all seem to worship Big Kathy. They may be extra sensitive to any portrayal be it real, inspirational, or fictional since the House of Hilton book came out. For being a public family there are aparently lines you don't cross, Kyle new how her sisters felt, the sisters obviously felt Kyle cross that line and broke rank.
  2. I half watched the first episode and never went back. It was boring and awful. The reason the sisters were at odds with Kyle is that family is known for closing ranks when one of them goes off the rails such as Paris or Baron Hilton. They don't say a word other than offering support of a loved one. You don't speak bad of a family member. Kyle was ostracized when she outed Kim's addiction and for using her mother's persona in a show. If the show was strictly about Kyle that would gave been supported.
  3. The reason she can't win for losing is because she chose the wrong way to approach an issue in several situations. With the grifters she should have been honest, direct, straight up, and not telling them it's ok and then still punishing Dorit publicly. The wife of her husband's supposed friend. If Lisa wants to be honest, direct and call out someone on TV about not providing an appropriate condolence response acceptable to the recipient, well to me that is catty & petty and trying to make the other person look bad. This is the second time she has poo-pooed Erica's condolence response on camera. Her dog died "you only texted me", her brother died "you sent a card with a couple of lines". That is flat out wrong for anybody to do publicly grieving or not. In private you might chose to have that conversation but not in front of cameras and certainly not in front of others. I believe after her brothers death everybody was quite supportive and sympathetic to Lisa and they are still in that matter. But Lisa was the one that was began being catty on camera about Kyle not attending the party playing her off of Teddy, She's seen by the others being rude & catty to Dorit in the plane and they have no idea why, she's criticizing (and that's what it was) Erica for not sending a Lisa approved response in front of everybody. She's now been caught in a lie. She gets to be called on that because she's hurt other people. It's happened before her brothers suicide, it's continuing and it's happening after her brother's suicide. Their response is because Lisa has a history of poking at people until she gets a response, or she chastises them in front of others, or she goes at them & punishes them until she feels sated. She has a habit of "extended payback." She has done it one too many times, to many people and even though she's going through something tragic she's still doing it. They have had endured being her punching bag long enough. If you keep hitting someone after they have turned the other cheek multiple times don't be angry when they decide they've had enough at a time that happens to hard for you. You also don't get to decide what their reaction will be. On a side note. Having been in those situations when I also thought someone might have given more in a condolence or they hadn't sent any acknowledgement when each of my parents died, I certainly never criticized any level of condolence or lack of, most of all I kept it to myself. They never knew. I give someone the room to grieve, allow for a range of emotions and actions, help them in anyway I am able. But there comes a time when enough is enough or it is extremely uncalled for, the person has to be checked. There has been one occasion where I told the person. "I know you're hurt & grieving but so and so didn't deserve that, you need to apologize." It needed to be said and it was said gently. Also I didn't lash out and be a bitch or nor did I have a history of being a bitch to people and acted that way after my parents died, but if I did do that and if I had that history I would have expected to be called on it and rightly so. You don't get a pass for hurting someone just because your hurting. We teach our children that.
  4. I'll hit this ball back over the net. Doesn't look too good for LVP to be pulling this shit so soon after her brothers death. When they call her on her shit, she tears up and says "Oh my dead brother." and everybody starts comforting her. She did it with Kyle, she did it with Erica when she pulled her catty and petty shit with them and they were not going to take it. She realized it and then came the tears. Why should they give her a pass this season of acting like and asshole and let her get away with it just because her brother died. They shouldn't have to "save it for next season"? If she started pulling the same crap next season that she always does and they call her out on it and bring up a past hurt the bitch would call them petty for bringing up something that happened a over a year ago. They can feel bad for her and be upset she's being a bitch they have a right to call her on it. They might look bad for doing it but so does Lisa when she's pulling her crap so soon after her brothers death
  5. I think he might be. I think it started with the Chinese dog thing. I really don't know because I don't care about VPD, never have. I usually zip right through anything to do with LVP and her dogs as I'm bored by them. Even if he is a full partner it's LVP's name on the sign, she's the face of the operation, she's the one that's going to get any blow back. He's a nobody to most of the public compared to her. If she truly wanted it handled privately (which I don't believe) he really disrespected her by making this public.
  6. Giselle

    Trader Joe's

    I will say their Lamb Vindaloo frozen entree isn't worth the price. Very little lamb for $3.99 and lacked flavor. I have 3 near me that I can go to. Some are better than others. I do like their selection of dried fruits. My husband loves their chili mango. I like their montmorency cherries and dried orange slices. Mesquite honey, graham crackers, peanut butter pretzels, and toffee are always on my list. Their hotdogs are good. It's the cheapest place around here to get my peony fix in May. I fill the house with them.
  7. Giselle

    What's For Dinner?

    Ginger Chicken stirfry, Jasmine rice, sauteed zucchini in garlic chili sauce. Thai fried bananas for dessert.
  8. And they are both filled with dirty laundry.
  9. LVP doesn't fuck with Ken mentally or physically.
  10. Erica: It's for the exposure of Erica Jayne and not the paycheck. Lisa R. It's for the exposure. The paycheck is nice but she doesn't really need it. Denise: It's something to do. Camille: Definitely it's something to do. Teddi: It's fulfilling that part of her that wanted to be an actress. She has money and her outside business, and after this mess I can see her leaving on her own. Dorit: It's purely for the paycheck and making contacts. LVP: It's marketing. Kyle: It's a job that she really doesn't need but she has always liked being in front of the camera. She more than any of them, and maybe the only one, seems to want sincere friendships and tries to create them with the exception of Brandi and Caralton. Edited to add: We as viewers want a lot. Entertainment, a glimpse of their real lives, wealth and all it brings, controversy, companionship and fun and if it happens it's nice to see friendships.
  11. Agreed. Lisa is too old to change her spots, she does add new ones though they're liver covered. I think Teddi will be just fine if she wants to stay. She can film with the others next season. It's LVP who has to get back in good graces with the ladies if they keep everybody. Nobody will trust anything she does her style of operating is now on everybody's radar with the exception of the newbies who think it won't happen to them. See RHoOC: LVP will have at least one person to film with. She will do an apology tour a'la Vicki & they will all come around if they want to keep their job, they will still question LVP's every move and will again realize Vicki, I mean LVP hasn't changed. Dorit needs to bow out. She and PK are looking worse as time goes on with the grifting in the news and now the dog. It's not going to get any better and whether to they all want to believe it or not the VP-Todd Hemsley friendship has irrevocably changed regardless of what any of them say.
  12. When I did this on the flip side it was called zaprudering.
  13. Yes, I did like them when they first came on. Just as I liked Luann, Bethenny, LVP, Heather, and many housewives. Just like Asa on Shah's. I'm open to most people when meeting them for the first time even on a TV show. I admired that Dorit could speak several languages that she started her own company and worked internationally. She seemed accomplished before PK. And as each one showed me who they are I changed my opinion of them some for the worse but also some for the better. Just like many opinions changed when Bill Cosby's real character was revealed to us and like opinions of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are changing now. When people show you who they are believe them. It's a bit harder when you get an edited television version of them but over time they reveal their nature.