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  1. beowoof


    I'm surprised more people aren't talking about this. I thought the season was great! And I'm already looking forward to the next one. Moving the show to Mexico will be an interesting shift. I hope Pena comes back, but I think he will. I don't think he'll be happy on the family ranch for long.
  2. beowoof

    TDS 3.0: Season Two Talk

    I noticed a weird cut as well. I'm assuming that when they filmed it they featured more tweets but had to cut them out for time.
  3. beowoof

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Richard and Ellis are Maggie's biological parents, that's why she's Meredith's (half) sister. Diane and the man who showed up when Diane died are Maggie's adoptive parents.
  4. beowoof

    TDS 3.0: Season Two Talk

    I really dislike clip shows. I just don't see the point. If you're going to be off, play reruns or something else entirely. Don't make it look like a new show when it isn't.
  5. beowoof

    TDS 3.0: Season Two Talk

    I don't think so, some items of Ivanka's line were recalled because they didn't meet federal flammability standards.
  6. beowoof

    S02.E08: Series 2 Episode 8

    No one has anything to say about this? I thought it was good. I was very happy that Mia, Leo, and Laura are still alive, and I'm glad Hester is dead since her psychopath ways were starting to get tiresome. Now that all synths are conscious, there will be a lot of new issues to cover in the next season.
  7. beowoof

    Season 14 Last Chance Kitchen

    If you don't feel like disabling your ad block, you can watch it on youtube here.
  8. beowoof

    TV Schedule Sites

    So I used to use the Sidereel Calendar (http://www.sidereel.com/calendar) to look at the TV schedule, but they've recently made a change so you're blocked from using the site unless you disable your adblock. I don't mind unobtrusive advertising, but the ads on this site are ridiculous so I need to find a better option. I tried using a TV Guide Watchlist (http://www.tvguide.com/watchlist/) but I'm not totally happy with that either. It doesn't include Netflix/Amazon/Hulu shows, it doesn't tell you if an episode is a premiere or finale, and a lot of times it lists reruns as new episodes. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good site? I'm not really looking for a site that lists all the channels and what they air at each time slot, I'm more looking for a site that lists all the new episodes that aired on a certain day and ignores reruns and things that aren't TV shows like live sports.
  9. beowoof

    Season One Talk: FFwSB

    I know it isn't the most reliable source, but Wikipedia says there are two more episodes in December.
  10. beowoof

    Late Night With Seth Meyers

    If any Late Night fans are interested, there is a storyline about Seth and Frisbee in s04e14 of The Mindy Project. I thought it was pretty funny.
  11. beowoof

    Late Night With Seth Meyers

    I kept wondering if Middleditch was drunk. It was an awkward interview for sure.
  12. beowoof

    Astrid Is Too Cool For Homeland's Crap

    I would watch the crap out of an Astrid spin off! I think her dry sense of humor and her no nonsense competence would make her a really interesting character to see as a lead.
  13. beowoof

    Astrid Is Too Cool For Homeland's Crap

    I love Astrid! I really hope her character continues with the show and doesn't get killed off.
  14. beowoof

    Late Night With Seth Meyers

    Congratulations to Seth and his wife on expecting their first child!
  15. beowoof

    S14.E15: Season 14 Reunion

    Watching this episode was not good for my blood pressure. Going over all the "drama" and highlighting the most obnoxious contestants just reminded me of how little I enjoyed the season as a whole. They only talked about the actual designs for a few minutes at the end of the episode, for crying out loud! I probably will watch next season because a year from now my memory of how annoyed I am at this show will have dulled, but I'm definitely not watching any more reunion specials.