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  1. eliot90000

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    Well, that and the fact that in 2015, he keeps seeing himself surrounded by the people he killed in Vietnam. People who are confused about the timelines are missing the point. This whole story is about a man who spent his entire life avoiding his past having to come to terms with it, and just at the moment when his memory starts to fail him. The case was never solved. Who knows if it will be now?
  2. eliot90000

    S03.E05: If You Have Ghosts

    As for Wayne and Amelia, that sounds like being married to me. Cough. Tyson. Cough.
  3. eliot90000

    S03.E04: The Hour and the Day

    I think Amelia is already planning her book even at this stage of the game.
  4. eliot90000

    S00E156: Resolution (New Year's Day 2019)

    Good for you for engaging. I usually just disregard everything a person who uses that particular acronym says.
  5. eliot90000

    S02.E02: New Eden

    There is actually nothing hypothetical at all about this argument. There are cultures on Earth today that exist outside of our “advanced” influence. A guy was just killed by natives of one of those cultures trying to convert them to Christianity. Well-meaning dogooders usually do more harm than good in those kinds of situations, which the Prime Directive recognizes.
  6. eliot90000

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    It isn’t just about Hays. It’s also about the nature of memory. He wasn’t half wrong.
  7. eliot90000

    S11.E03: Rosa

    This is truly unfortunate for all of us, because we have far less of a sense of where we’ve been and where we’re going than we should have.
  8. eliot90000


    I didn’t understand it, so it’s bad.
  9. eliot90000

    S04.E01: Cake and Pastry Week

    Congratulations on your talented husband and your beautiful family! I’m rooting for him.
  10. eliot90000

    S01.E04: The Twin Thing

    The original novel on which it’s based stays pretty ambiguous about the true nature of the haunting.
  11. eliot90000

    S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    The pacifism of Gandhi and Dr. King might have contributed to their deaths, but it was ANYTHING but mindless, and it did a lot to change the world for the better. Calling it “mindless” is beyond insulting.
  12. eliot90000

    S06 Talk

    Aside from Kendra’s disgusting racism, the two of them have to be among the dumber teams ever to race. Has there ever been a season with this many annoying and unlivable teams?
  13. eliot90000

    S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    I loved it as well.
  14. eliot90000

    S08.E09: Pâtisserie Week

    I know I’m a year too late, but the Les Miserables cake was invented to honor Victor Hugo.
  15. eliot90000

    S11.E08: The Witchfinders

    That “SJW” nonsense is actually about people looking to be excused for their rudeness. I tend to disregard anything anyone who uses that term says.