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  1. Zima

    Good Trouble

    I like the guy, but I find it funny that Callie is dating Brandon's brother-in-law. She just can't seem to give up on getting involved with guys who are semi-related to her, can she? 😂
  2. Zima

    Good Trouble

    Not enough Mariana tonight! It was interesting to get to know the other flatmates a bit more, though. I really wish that Alice would stand up for herself, but I know that it's difficult. Her family dinner reminded me of some conversations I've had with my mother, where she sings the praises of others while putting me down. I truly felt for Malika, but it was foolish of her to go against Callie's suggestion. Callie and Gael are hot together, but they are not good for each other. Bye, Rebecca! I was starting to like her, but I guess she's outtie. I wonder who the new character that replaces her will be. I'm sure some new drama will ensue.
  3. Zima

    Good Trouble

    I love the group that Mariana started with all of the other women in tech. I need to rewatch the scene where they're going over ways to deal with the behavior of men in their office, because I feel like those tips would be super useful in the real world too. I want to take notes, and put them to use in my everyday life!
  4. Zima

    Good Trouble

    Strange, I haven't been able to find the topic for this show until now. I watched the Fosters for several seasons, but the storylines started to get too ridiculous and annoying for me. I am loving Good Trouble, though; Especially all of Mariana's storylines. I can't remember the lawyer guy's name right now, but I like him better than Gael 😛
  5. Zima

    S33.E04: It's Complicated

    Finally, rookies who aren't afraid to call out vets. I like CT, but he definitely needed this wake-up call. I hope he comes back in shape next season. I know you all like "dad-bod" CT, but to me, that shit has got to go. I still like Cara, and appreciate her aesthetic, but I have to agree that she looks greasy and dirty. I like most of the new people, but I'm not too impressed with Mattie's win. The other two girls were 1/3 of her size; of course she was going to beat them in an elimination that favored strength.
  6. Zima


    Currently binge watching. The episode "Posh" has me all messed up, as an Asian- American who was often the butt of jokes. Even until recently, I would tell self-deprecating jokes about myself and my race/culture in order to make my white friends or acquaintances feel more comfortable with my otherness. The tears are flowing, ya'll.
  7. Zima

    S33.E01: Apocalypse Now

    The best part of the episode for me was when Theo(?) called Ashley "Eminem's mom". Apparently, all kinds of people have been spamming her IG, calling her by that name.
  8. Zima

    S02.E07: One Bad Day

    I agree, the assault turning into a romance trope is gross. I had a feeling it would go that way though, with the flash of Krista's self-harm scars from a few episodes back.
  9. Zima

    S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    That blonde woman was supposed to be a teen? I'd put her at late 20's at the youngest.
  10. Zima

    Degrassi in the Media

    I'm rewatching Degrassi TNG, because the first 10 seasons are all available on YouTube. It's still as good as I remember! I also recently got around to seeing Drake's video, and I absolutely love it. I follow Cassie Steele on Instagram. She's absolutely gorgeous. I'm sad that the show isn't coming back anytime soon :(
  11. Zima

    Are You The One?

    Uh, did I miss something, or did we not hear from Cali at all?
  12. Zima

    S32.E19: The Walking Dead

    I don't watch BB, so Idk anything about Paulie except for what we're shown here. He seems Okay to me. He and Natalie have been doing really well, and like someone else said, I liked his "girl power for me too!" when they won the Armageddon. I wouldn't mind if Paulie and Natalie won. I also wouldn't mind if Cara Maria and Marie won. The prospect of Hunter and Ashley winning and him screwing her over is super hilarious, so thanks to the person who mentioned that. I've never thought of it this way. Ordinarily, I don't like it when people blame the "other" man or woman in a cheating scenario, but Cara has consistently shown that she has no respect for other people's relationships. Even this in and of itself wouldn't be the worst thing ever, but the fact that she talks about girl power and girls sticking together all the time is pretty hypocritical.
  13. Zima

    S03.E07: Sometimes

    I hope that Zoe IS pregnant, and that she ends up having an abortion. Imagine how upset Kevin and his siblings will be that she dared to do such a thing to a fetus that had a piece of JACK! Kevin can be all, "Beth was RIGHT ABOUT YOU!" and Zoe can be like, "IDGAF, screw all of you, I'm out." ETA: More than likely though, if Zoe DID initially want an abortion, the Pearsons would each give strongly-worded and long-winded monologues as to why she just HAS to keep the fetus, and she would be swayed into doing so. Ughh.
  14. Zima

    Dracula (2019)

    Haha, I understand the frustration, but I loooove the 1992 movie, so I would totally be fine with them adding that element :p
  15. Zima

    Are You The One?

    Lewis...whyyyyyyyyyy? Asia is the worst.