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  1. Iguessnot

    S09.E10 Omega

    I think the hdr is the important factor for these 4k tv's. I picked up a TCL 55P605 two years ago when Best Buy had them for $500 and I don't have any problem with the dark scenes.
  2. Iguessnot

    S09.E10 Omega

    I noticed them focusing on the hook, but I didn't make the connection that the keys were missing, though I thought the hook was awfully close to Lydia. I thought a fight would ensue and someone's head would be on that hook.
  3. Iguessnot

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Strand from Fear of the Walking Dead and the yacht they were on was named Abigail.
  4. Iguessnot

    S09.E10 Omega

    Isn't this the second time Henry has gotten ahold of prison keys? Do they just hang them at the front door for anybody to take?
  5. Iguessnot

    S20.E15: Brothel

    When the girl ended up dead, I remembered a post awhile back wishing for a dead hooker in an alley type story again, and we finally got one. It was so refreshing to witness a good old fashioned investigative case. There were a few problems; the biggest being a malware popup by Benson at the end, but otherwise satisfying.
  6. Iguessnot

    S20.E14: Part 33

    I was wishing both Benson and Carisi would jump off a bridge. Mariska should win an Emmy for the best impression of Cujo. Benson has been bullying every women to come forward and press charges because it's their only path to sanity, yet she is becoming more stark raving mad with each episode. Why was Mrs. Pearl still acting like a zombie throughout the trial? Only time she woke up was when Benson didn't lie for her. I didn't care one iota about her.
  7. Iguessnot

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    I wondered why you were cooking wings for your owl, but realized the "b" didn't catch up.
  8. I don't see a forum for bug reports, so I'll post here. The Outlander forum no longer designates which episode thread is for no book talk vs. the book talk thread.
  9. Iguessnot

    S11.E12: The Peaches of Tokyo

    Nene should shut up about the caretaker woes. The way she rolled her eyes every single time Gregg opened his mouth last episode showed her real character. She can't even pretend to be selfless. I find her recent rants in social media a little bit too finely tuned to the episodes. It's also strange how she continuously mentions her 20 year marriage, when they actually divorced. If the divorce was just a scam for financial purposes, maybe that's why she doesn't acknowledge it at times.
  10. Iguessnot

    S04.E12: Providence

    Once again we are treated with an Olivia Benson script with Brianna needing to speak to Bonnet for closure and forgiveness. Even Bonnet looked at her wondering what time period her ramblings were from. I don't remember what decade Brianna was living, but I think is was a good 30 or 40 more years before the rape closure lingo was integrated into our everyday dialogue. I've always liked Roger. He said some things that can be considered sexist, though not out of the ordinary for the time and place. Brianna called him a hypocrite, they argued and later reconciled albeit for a short time. I find the relationship interesting although Brianna is a brat. The actress must think that in order to convey seriousness, she must look constipated and/or in pain. It is hard to decipher some of her scenes because unless she's smiling, we get the pained expression throughout her performance.
  11. Iguessnot

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    An expectant widow is not bearing a child out of wedlock and no scandal is attached. Remarriage would ease her situation though. When Brianna arrived, her aunt was given knowledge of her condition. Both Brianna and Roger are strangers to this area, so all they needed to do was throw a ring on her finger and say her husband was missing, feared dead, etc. This storyline makes no sense.
  12. Iguessnot

    S20.E11: Plastic

    Why was Ava allowed to listen to the interrogations of the Doc and his girlfriend?
  13. Iguessnot

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Nope. It's later than those. He emerges covered in clear slime in his birthday suit, but the naughty bits aren't seen.
  14. Iguessnot

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Help, I'm trying to identify an actor. I don't know his name or what I've seen him in. He's a smaller guy, like Rick Moranis. He has kind of fishy lips. The scene I remember is of him sliding out in the fetal position all slimed, like he's just been birthed. I don't know if ithis was a movie or some Adult Swim satire, but I can't remember enough to search. I hope some of you tv and movie buffs can help me out.
  15. Iguessnot

    S09.E10: From Turkey With Love

    Didn't Dolores say something stupid at the end -- that they didn't need any help, they could do it all on their own? I'm sure the woman who lost her business and home, didn't start off as homeless. I don't know what her previous business was, but it might not be easy or even possible to recreate that. At an age when she should be into retirement planning, she has nothing. She may need a little help moving forward. We don't know how the younger women got into their situation, but they may need a little deprogramming in order to avoid some of prior missteps. They may not have had the emotional tools to better their lives. Given Dolores' predicament, I don't think she should be giving advice.