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  1. SilverShadow

    Good Omens

    Trailer's out!
  2. SilverShadow

    Kingdom Hearts

    I really did not like Arendelle for that reason. Sora and co were so peripheral to basically everything. Compare that to the worlds from 1 & 2 where the presence of Sora and co. and/or the heartless change how events play out in big and small ways. I really miss that sense of disruption where you get similar happy endings but the paths to them end up being different.
  3. SilverShadow

    Kingdom Hearts

    Gah just a little over a week until KH3. So excited. Trying to play/replay all the games beforehand. I'm wrapping up Birth By Sleep which took longer because I played it on Proud because it had less requirements to get the endings. If I can finish today or tomorrow that gives me a week or so to do Dream Drop and Fragmentary Passage.
  4. SilverShadow

    Dragon Age: Inquisition (and the Dragon Age Universe)

    Depending how you play I would look up outcomes of the Landsmeet before you do it if you're not opposed to having foreknowledge because some paths preclude others, same for the final fight against the main blight demon. Doing so will give story spoilers, hence the caveats. The game overall is very choices affecting outcomes for the story. So if you like to know what your options are and craft specific paths for how things unfold look up everything. If you want to roleplay as your character blind, do the opposite. I like the mage, human, and city elf protagonists best for DAO for different reasons.
  5. SilverShadow

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Oh yeah. IIRC the "genius, billionaire playboy, philanthropist" in the original Avengers trailer was a much more comedic reading than what ended up in the film. My concern is it wasn't one line that bothered me, it was all the trailer dialogue from Carol/Brie. Hopefully it was just a weird sound-mixing issue or something and the actual movie will be better.
  6. SilverShadow

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Is it just me or is there something weird about Larson's voice/line readings? For some reason, I can't tell if it's the pitch or the cadence or IDK, but something about it just bugs me and takes me right out of the story. Which is a shame because I really want to like Captain Marvel as the first female-led Marvel film and I'm starting to worry I won't.
  7. SilverShadow

    Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018)

    I liked the movie a lot but I think it suffered from being strictly the Ralph and Vanellope show. If not larger roles for Felix and Calhoun I would have liked beefed up roles for Shank and Yasss with more of a sense of their goals and internality. In movie the end up just being kind of Ralph and Vanellope's Fairy Godmothers/mentors without much sense of who they are and what they want.
  8. SilverShadow

    Disney Films

    I am so conflicted about Mermaid 2. I love Melody's (Ariel and Eric's daughter) design and characterization but I agree the plot is terrible and the villain underwhelming.
  9. SilverShadow

    Disney Films

    Aladdin is interesting because it more or less started the Direct To Video sequel trend. Mermaid got a prequel TV series and Aladdin followed suit. What became Return of Jafar started as the then-standard multi-part pilot for the series (Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, and later Gargoyles had 5-partners while others had more modest 2 to 3-parters). You can see where the commercial breaks and possible episode endes would have been if you look for them. Then someone realized they could make a ton of money if they sold it on VHS instead of just doing a TV premiere and history was made. King of Thieves was done by the same team who did ROJ and the series and originally was going to be more of a direct follow-up, but, particularly after they got Robin back as the Genie, they decide to make it more stand-alone. There is an easter egg where you can see some characters from the series at the wedding in the end. (Prince Uncouthma and his family, Mamoud, the boy king who could control the weather, Sadira the sand witch who started off having a crush on Aladdin and then became friends with the gang, and one or two others)
  10. SilverShadow

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    I;m wondering if they'll take their cues from the movie, which cut Contact and some language to get a PG 13 Rating.
  11. SilverShadow

    The Woman In White

    I'm not sure how I feel about this adaptation yet. I like the atmosphere and the casting for Glyde and the Uncle but as with almost every adaption Marian is way too pretty. I'm also not a fan of this version of Laura. In the book she comes off as innocent and even displays traits that feel like they could be consistent with a condition like autism. Here they make a nod to the 'trendy' synaesthesia (Librarians used it a few years ago and Doctor Who recently has as well) and make her a literature expert to add 'depth', Honestly both women are made 'feisty' and 'unconventional' in really blatant non-period accurate ways that kind of rankle, especially with the dialog about men and what they can get away with. It feels way too modern #metoo for the era. The book already did a great job of showing the injustices of how men could treat women without beating the reader/watcher over the head. It takes away from the Gothic atmosphere to have the characters suddenly talk like it's 2018. As does Laura's terrible wig.
  12. SilverShadow

    Disney Films

    I Flove The Little Mermaid so very much. And agreed that Eric had a personality. In fact the brief opening and the party scene on the ship are basically a highlight reel of why he's a good dude. Opening: loves sailing and the sea and he's not afraid to do manual labor. He's respectful and interested in the sailor's story. Party: He's playing the flute and dancing with Max (loves music and animals) is squicked out by a 10 foot statue of himself (not arrogant) but pretends to Grimsby he likes it to spare his friend/possible surrogate parent's feelings. Looking for the "right girl" for him and not willing to settle for any princess just cause. Takes charge during the storm, including saving Grim, and when safe in a lifeboat dives into a stormy sea and climbs back onto a burning ship to save his dog. Like damn. No wonder Ariel fell hard. I am so nervous/excited for the live action version.
  13. SilverShadow


    Great Season 2 opener. I loved the resolution that Louie is the big picture guy. Poor Huey's breakdown was super adorable too. And I enjoyed Gyro attempting to become a God King.
  14. SilverShadow

    Episode Discussion: Some Demented Fairy Tale

    Listening to the soundtrack made me want to do a 're-watch' of sorts. Halfway through Season One and wow is the show better when you fast-forward to just watch the good songs and the occasional Ivy or Tom scene. "Lets Be Bad" remains amazing and possibly the best damn thing Smash ever did. Ivy struggling and bringing her own pain and insecurities to Marilyn's downward spiral and killing it is so fucking good. Chills.
  15. Brent said the poor girl threw herself in front of a train. Just re-watched this and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. It had a great tense atmosphere and I think overall they did a great job peeling back the layers on who all these people were and what they did.