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    Love It Or List It

    I watched a couple of episodes tonight that I'm sure were reruns. First was the house that the wife had bought from her family when her grandmother died. While Hilary did a good job of reconfiguring that house, I get tired of her default solution to every house problem being to replace the kitchen cabinets and tear down walls, generally to open up the kitchen into what was originally a dining room. I did have to laugh at the wife having a fit when she and her husband dropped by to see how renovations were going and discovered that Hilary was removing the fireplace. At that point, the wife insisted that a fireplace was a must-have, and I couldn't help thinking that if Hilary was going to rip out a fireplace, that's a decision that should have been run past the couple before doing it. Presumably Hilary goes over things like color choices and so forth with them before implementing those changes, but at times it sounds as if she just did her own thing without consulting much with the couple. I would give a lot for just once, the couple to come back to the renovated house and announce they hate it. With this house, I thought it was completely unfair to David that the couple decided they wanted a pool, which he told them meant they would have to go over their original budget, but they still wanted the pool. So he found a great house with a pool and then their reason for loving the original house was that the other house was over budget. Morons. I understand to some extent wanting to hang onto a house that has sentimental value, but nothing about that house was really special. The other episode had a house that I thought was more or less perfectly fine in terms of overall layout, but just needed an additional bedroom. This was one where it really seemed to be 75% of why the husband hated it was not the layout per se but just that clutter was spilling over. The kids were doing their homework on the dining table instead of in the play room, because the play room (or whatever they called it) was overflowing with toys and crap. They were using the bed in the master bedroom to fold laundry because there was no folding table in the laundry area. The first issue can be solved with getting rid of the clutter in the playroom and setting up a work table in there. As for where they fold laundry, I would guess the vast majority of people don't have a laundry room big enough for the washer, dryer, and a table for folding, so I don't have a lot of sympathy there. But the biggest WTF moment came when the couple noted that they're tired of the kids having to use the master bathroom, because the plumbing in the kids' bathroom wasn't working. Are you fucking kidding me? You don't need to take part in a renovation TV show to understand that you need to get a plumber over to fix the damn bathroom so it functions. If they have the money to sink $100K or so (I forget the exact reno budget, but I think it was $115K) into renovating the house, why hadn't they already spent a few hundred dollars to fix the plumbing in the kids' bathroom? That was the point at which the couple lost me entirely.
  2. BookWoman56


    I feel for you. It's been a very long time now, but when I was much younger my then-husband and I were moving across town, using a U-Haul. I was in the car, and the husband and one of his friends were in the U-Haul. They stopped at a gas station/convenience store and somehow managed for both of them to go inside the store, leaving the keys in the ignition. And of course during the short time they were inside the store, someone stole the U-Haul, which contained the bulk of all my possessions. I wish it had been Mayflower or another professional moving company, because then I would have felt free to throw a fit with them, instead of having to resist the urge to ask my husband and his friend what kind of fucking idiots they were to leave the keys in the ignition. That incident forced me to let go of being overly attached to physical possessions. What I learned was that the things like furniture, electronics, and so forth can be replaced. I couldn't replace some one-off things, such as my copy of my master's thesis, some photographs, and similar items. Since then, I have been pretty ruthless when it comes time to move, in terms of discarding/donating stuff that I just don't need or want any more.
  3. BookWoman56

    Under the Mask: Clues and Clue Discussion

    These are pretty simple, I think: According to some online sources, Donny Osmond (as part of The Osmonds) sold 80 million records in the space of a year; there's also some references to the Osmonds having lost $80 million early in their careers due to bad financial management. Rumer Willis had an uncredited role in the movie The Whole Nine Yards. T-Pain did vocals on Kanye's song Good Life. Joey Fatone played the Wolf in the musical Red Riding Hood. Finally, per Reddit, Gladys Knight has performed at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.
  4. BookWoman56

    Love It Or List It

    I sometimes imagine the look of horror that would happen if I ever were a client on one of these design shows. I loathe open floor plans with the fire of a thousand suns. I rarely entertain, but when I do, I certainly don't want my guests looking straight into a messy kitchen piled high with dirty pots and pans, etc., and I absolutely do not want guests watching me cook. My downstairs is an open floor plan, but I found it tolerable because at the time I bought this house, my daughter and I were in a 3BR/3BA, 1500 sf apartment when my son, DIL, and grandson relocated here from overseas and lived with us while looking for jobs, and things were extremely crowded. So when I picked out this floor plan, I was happy to have the kitchen plus living room and dining room open to each other as long as they were much larger than the apartment configuration; also, my general dislike of open floor plans was offset by the fact that this house also had a downstairs dedicated office. It's just as well that the main living area is open, because I've had to move my mother into my house, and she's in a wheelchair, so she's able to move freely from her bedroom into the kitchen and so forth because there are no barriers. Whenever I move again (which will most likely not be until after my mother's mobility issues are no longer a factor), I want to find something that has defined spaces rather than an open concept; that is, if the kitchen is open to a family room or something, then there will have to be a separate living room and dining room, and I want a dedicated office and/or library. From watching this show and other design shows, it seems as if wanting anything other than an open concept is blasphemy in the view of the designers.
  5. BookWoman56

    Home Town

    When my parents had their house built in the late 1960s, about 30 miles down the road from Laurel, they had a combo of stove, lower oven, and upper oven. It definitely came in handy at holidays but when the upper oven bit the dust, they replaced it with a microwave. I like to bake so two ovens would be nice, but I solved the holiday problem by getting one of those electric turkey roasters, which I have also used to cook a ham. For the show, I would like to see what Erin would do with some of the larger houses from the early 1900s.
  6. BookWoman56

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    To clarify, I wasn't talking about the live/studio audience, but rather the television audience, in terms of the risk for the show overall. From my perspective, the live audience is there just for show, and so they probably are younger than the TV audience would be. I'm pretty sure the entire sequence of the performances and so forth was done keeping in mind that it's intended for viewing by a TV audience well after the competition is over and the last performer standing has been unmasked. The studio audience is probably given instructions on when to clap, gasp in faux amazement, and so forth. I agree that there's some risk if the studio audience doesn't know some of the older songs, but that's why the judges' votes count for 50%. I share your experience with watching music from earlier decades on YouTube and seeing the comments from people who are aware of the song only through its use in movies or being covered by someone more current, etc. On this show, for example, at least twice now when they've shown the title of the song being performed, the artist has been listed not as the original artist but as a more current artist who did a cover of the song. When the Lion did California Dreamin', it was Sia listed as the artist instead of the Mamas and Papas. I don't remember which other song had the same choice made regarding who was listed as the artist, but I remember being slightly irritated by it. Presumably the performer on the show is doing the song more in the style of the artist who covered it recently, but it still grates a bit to see a song credited to performer A when the song was written and was a hit for performer B.
  7. BookWoman56

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    It certainly sounds that way, and I've encountered this among both men and women. It's very easy to want kids when you have this romanticized/unrealistic notion that having kids involves little more than decorating a kid's bedroom, being able to give them nice clothes, toys, and so forth. And yes, those things can be fun, but there is a huge amount of work and energy required to raise a child, and large chunks of it are quite messy and unpleasant. I can sympathize somewhat with your husband's view that he has no interest in kids until they're old enough to carry on a conversation, because I have zero use for kids myself until they're at least 3-4 and can at least communicate a bit using words. But in my case, once I decided I wanted a kid, I had to commit to being a good parent prior to that point of child development. I am older than dirt, and have seen way too many people fall into the trap of having children that they didn't really want just because of pressure from spouses, family members, or society at large to have a kid. If you know that you don't want to have a child and have decided that you will not do so, I applaud you for having good judgment. It's your choice, and don't let anyone tell you that oh, once you actually have your own baby, it will be different. Yes, it will be different but not in the way they mean; you'll be responsible for an infant that you didn't want, and there's zero guarantee that your overall feelings about wanting a child will change. I'm not in any way bashing parenthood; children can be a source of tremendous love and personal growth, but they're not for everyone. Nor are they in any way a panacea for a marriage that's on shaky grounds, despite what various stupid movies/books may have suggested in the past. In your situation, given that your husband has expressed the desire to have children and you have decided you don't want them, then it's good you are recognizing that the disagreement on this issue may result in the end of the marriage. Good idea for him to try babysitting for a week, although even a weekend might be more than sufficient for him to see what the reality is of having a kid. But if he does that, then don't enable him by taking care of the kid yourself. If he really thinks he can be just a weekend father, then he should have gotten together with someone willing to accept that very inequitable division of parental responsibilities. For my own situation, thank goodness I'm not dealing with anything more serious right now other than my mother's total inability to use the damn remote for the TV. At least 4-5 times a day, she needs me to come change the channel for her, or set the TV back to where it's getting the signal correctly, because her solution to not getting it correct the first time is to push every damn button on the remote, and she can't read the small print on those buttons anyway. Today she has somehow managed to fuck up the settings in such a way that I haven't been able to restore the signal; I've tried changing the video source using the remote, and for whatever reason, it's not working. So I am going to be tracking down one of those TV remotes for seniors that has only 5-6 buttons and that you can lock the settings, because while I recognize this is not a major problem in the overall scheme of things, it's annoying as hell to have to keep running into her bedroom every time she wants to flip from some home improvement channel to a cooking channel to a home shopping channel.
  8. BookWoman56

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    I think it would be an even bigger risk for the show as a whole for the contestants to perform only songs from the last decade. I’m fine with listening to a mix of current songs and some older songs, but if only songs from the last decade were done, not sure how long I would continue watching just to see who is under the mask. Presumably other people in my demographic (over 40/50) feel the same. As for the singer possibly getting booted off, I believe audience votes are only half the determining factor, and the judges’ votes count for the other half. AFAIK, there’s been no official announcement on the show of exactly how the voting works, so I am going to assume the judges have a lot of discretion in deciding who stays and who goes. For example, there’s no way they would have let the Bee get knocked out before the Unicorn, no matter what the audience vote was.
  9. BookWoman56


    I didn’t have access to Drivers Ed in school; it was available through the local university via some kind of special arrangement, but I essentially blew off the idea. I learned to drive primarily with my grandfather, driving on roads way out in the sticks. He was pretty calm, which helped. I took my driving test in my parents’ car, which was a Lincoln Continental back when those were huge. No problems with the driving test, and the person doing the test laughed when we got to the part where he should have made me parallel park. He said given the size of the car, it wouldn’t be fair. I was either 16 or 17 when I got my license. I’d relied on my older siblings to take me places, but decided I wanted the independence of being able to drive myself. My daughter didn’t have much interest in learning to drive until about 3 years ago, when she was starting college and would either have to drive herself or rely on me. I taught her how to drive, and did the same thing with one of her friends, because I was able to provide instructions calmly and not freak out. I have noticed with my daughter’s generation, at least among her circle of friends and acquaintances, that they’re not as eager to get licenses as my generation was. It’s usually when there is an ongoing need to go from point A to point B that they get motivated to start driving.
  10. BookWoman56

    Whispers and Rumors: Spoilers

    Chaka Khan has 10 Grammys. The only wriggle room there is that the Bee said she has 10, not that she had specifically won 10. So if it’s in fact Gladys, then either someone gave her 3 Grammys (the physical statue, that is), she is confused about how many she has won (which seems unlikely), or it’s a blatant lie/ misdirection. Same thing with the earlier mention of having started performing in the 1950s. Performing doesn’t have to mean paid performing; it could refer to performing for family, friends, or at church or school.
  11. BookWoman56

    Criminal Minds Analysis: Profile The Show

    I'm in the same boat in terms of feeling only the slightest guilt about not keeping up with the show. I agree there should have been some changes in the last couple of seasons. What I'm struck with when watching current episodes is just that IMO there are too many profilers. I preferred a smaller team, if nothing else because it meant that each character got more focus (at least in theory). To me the show as a whole has gone the way that the scene when the profile is delivered has gone. Instead of doing a cohesive profile delivery where one profiler goes over the profile, there's this stupid thing of each profiler giving one sentence (maybe two), so that on the surface it's an equitable division of screen time/ amount of dialogue. So now any given episode just seems a jumble of jumping around from character to character, often with various characters having essentially throwaway lines. I will at some point go back and watch a couple of seasons that I more or less skipped entirely, but for me the critical thing is that I can go back to the first couple of seasons and still enjoy rewatching those episodes. They felt focused and compelling. With the most recent episodes I've bothered watching, yes, there's definitely a feeling that the unsub, killings, and motivations are just slight variations on an earlier episode. I've just about hit that point where I feel like if you've seen one serial killer, you've seen them all.
  12. BookWoman56

    Authors You Used to Love, But No Longer Read

    I had the opportunity to interact with her a bit decades ago, sometime around 1990. At that time I was the author liaison for a large book fair, and she was one of the authors invited for that year. Most of the authors much preferred to give talks or be on panel discussions, but she would agree only to do signings. Per her publicist, Rice had major stage fright and couldn't deal with doing a presentation. But even doing just signings, she seemed a bit nervous. IIRC, both the publicist and her personal assistant had to be there at the table with her the entire time, and they would allow only one person to approach the table at a time to get his/her book autographed. Of course, I can easily imagine that she attracted some major nut jobs as fans, so I understand her reluctance to allow several fans at once to approach her. And to give her credit, she exchanged comments with the individual fans; it wasn't just her sitting there silently autographing books. Even then, though, there seemed to be a fragility to her mental/emotional state.
  13. BookWoman56

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    While my mother in no way approaches the level of inducing misery and stress that yours does, I share this feeling, which started when I was in my teens. My mother had to have a huge damn production made of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and those holidays had so much chaos going on that I really came to loathe them. Major decorations for Christmas, insane amounts of food to be prepared for meals for both holidays, presents to be bought and wrapped so there would be a ton of stuff under the tree, etc. Even after reaching adulthood, on most holidays I opted to go visit my parents, and would get pulled into the prep work instead of being able to just relax for a bit and catch up with various family members. Fast forward a few decades and now my mother is living with me. I did what I felt comfortable with for Christmas and just ignored her more outrageous demands (no, I'm not going to put frosted grapes around the turkey, etc.). She wants holiday meals to look like they came out of a magazine. I can enjoy a fairly low key family event for holidays, with a few special foods and so forth, without making myself crazy. I do break out the formal china, crystal, and silver, but that's about as extreme as I'm going to get. My mother would have preferred that I have about twice as much food as I did, but she was okay for the most part with what I made. As I've mentioned previously, I did set up her damn Christmas village stuff, which required getting a couple of 8-foot folding tables, and went and picked up my younger sister and her family for the day. But that's as far as I'm willing to go. @hoosier80, I understand you feel compelled to visit your mother occasionally and communicate with her. But is there any way you can set some limits with her? As in, telling her that it's your life and your decisions, which she doesn't get to make for you. And that she's not going to guilt trip you into giving up your life to go wait on her hand and foot. My guess is that she'll yell and whine about it, but it sounds like she whines about everything now anyway, so it would just be more of the same. When you talk with/visit her, can you try to just keep some emotional distance and not give a flying fuck whether she approves of your choices or not? Because from everything you've said, and also from what your brother has said, nothing you can do is ever going to satisfy/please her, so quit making the attempt and just do what you want to do for your own life. @2727, in your situation, I'd be quite tempted the next time your sister gives you an unnecessary warning about backing out of your driveway, to tell her that you always check for parked vehicles blocking your exit, etc., so there's no need to notify you every time a car or truck is parked anywhere close to your driveway. Plus possibly having a custom t-shirt made that says, "I am perfectly capable of backing out of my own driveway without incident," and wearing it when she's sure to see it.
  14. BookWoman56

    S14.E15: Truth or Dare

    It's been a few years since I watched CM regularly; it wasn't a conscious decision to stop watching it but more that it just slowly became less and less of appointment TV for me. And then because of on-demand services, it was easy to rationalize that even though I was missing some episodes, I could catch up later. But I still had fond memories of most seasons, especially 1-3, and grew to appreciate most of the new profilers who came on board. Up until now, I had always held on to the idea that at least the show hadn't fallen into the trap of having romantic entanglements between team members, aside from the horrible flirting that Garcia did with Morgan. I had planned on watching the final season live, precisely because it would be the final season. But now, I just don't know it I can stomach it. Having JJ declare that she's been in love with Reid for years and years seems like such an obviously bad choice that it's hard to believe the showrunners would do that. But then I think back to other shows where the showrunners made equally stupid decisions (How I Met Your Mother, for example, spending multiple seasons showing why the main characters Ted and Robin were toxic for each other in romantic relationships, only to introduce the mother in the last season, kill her off in the series finale, and then reunite Ted and Robin). If the final season opens with JJ and Reid laughing about this as just a ploy to distract the unsub (despite their conversation toward the end of this episode in which JJ tried to make this claim and Reid was totally not buying it), it would make this episode be nothing more than throwing a bone to the various JJ/Reid shippers and then yanking it back. If JJ and Reid have a serious discussion during which JJ acknowledges that she's had these feelings but she made her choices long ago and doesn't want to break up her family, and Reid responds that there was a time he had romantic feelings for JJ, but that's well in the past, it would still be cringeworthy but not completely outside the realms of possibility. That is, I think most of us have either experienced it ourselves or known someone who has experienced the "what if" scenario. I don't think it's a betrayal of anyone or anything if JJ admits that if she hadn't gotten pregnant, she and Will would never have ended up together. Or for Reid to say that if he hadn't watched Maeve die in front of him, he'd be more receptive to a romantic relationship with someone else. I don't object to the idea of JJ and Will splitting up in and of itself, because from everything I've read, that's pretty common among profilers and people with similar jobs; it's a highly stressful job that can easily kill relationships. But if they split, it should be for those reasons, not this bad fanfic storyline of JJ having been secretly in love with someone else for a decade. And Messer seems allergic to the idea of giving Reid any sense of happiness without pulling the rug out from under him five seconds later; in a mindset where Reid having one disaster after another fall on him serving as character "growth," there's little encouragement to think that JJ's feelings are going to be anything but yet another clusterfuck for Reid. So overall, this episode did nothing except make me nervous that it's setting up a storyline for next season that's going to make me despise it. As for the central plot of this episode, seriously, you're doing what you know is the season finale before the last season of the show starts, and the best you can think of is to have an unsub threaten two profilers to have one of them spill her deepest, darkest secret? That would have worked well only if JJ had admitted to something either completely dark or completely funny. For example, if she'd admitted to shooting an unsub not in self-defense or to protect a victim but purely out of rage, that might have set up an interesting arc where Reid had to struggle with the decision of whether to report it. Or if JJ had said that back when she was selecting cases for the team, her method of choosing which case for the team to pursue was just throwing darts at the case folders to randomly pick a case, that would have been at least marginally funny. ETA: In rewatching the episode, I noticed the proliferation of awkward glances between JJ and Reid afterwards, all of which served to reinforce that JJ was telling the truth. That is, if it had been something she made up just to distract the unsub, then there would have been no need for those awkward glances because she would have immediately cleared things up with Reid once the unsub was down, in much the same way that Hotch did in LDSK. So, I can only conclude that yes, the writers are going to pursue this storyline in the final season.
  15. BookWoman56

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Not quite 3 months after starting the process, I finally got a new wheelchair delivered for my mother. It’s lightweight and will be easier to manipulate, so I’m grateful for that. But this has taken way more time, paperwork, and follow-up phone calls than I anticipated for a new manual wheelchair. I remember someone else, possibly @forumfish, describing how it took 6 months to get a new motorized wheelchair for her sister. That’s an insane amount of time.