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  1. Sarahsmile416

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    I was thinking of that scene as well. Charlotte treated him badly and yet after a short time they were back together and married. What does that teach people like Charlotte and Jill - that they can treat people like something that was on the bottom of their shoe and just by saying sorry and waiting a little while, the guy will just capitulate and come back.
  2. Sarahsmile416

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    Exactly. I was glad he said what he did to her at the end. Good for him for knowing his worth and not settling for someone just because she’s pretty. I like Jill but I think she is needlessly harsh a lot of the time. Somebody needed to say it.
  3. Sarahsmile416

    S10.E13: Episode 13

    Yes exactly. If her point is that we need to train babies’ palates, then just buy the vegetables your damned self and add garlic. Easy. I did that with my youngest when I got tired of paying 1.50+ for baby food. Plus, she starts talking about 4-6 months - some babies still haven’t outgrown the tongue thrust reaction by that age. 4-6 months is a very soft recommendation anyway- just as many pediatricians will tell you to wait. On a completely separate note, I would think a shelf stable baby food would be the way to go because most parents are not looking in a refrigerated section for baby food, so I would think that would impact sales alone.
  4. Sarahsmile416

    The Masked Singer

    I agree, however I also don’t think she has picked good songs. (On the assumption that the Raven is Ricki Lake) - I will forever love her thanks to Cry Baby and Hairspray but dude, I think she is definitely getting over-praised. And for the love of god, can Robin Thicke stop guessing Bella Hadid. 🙄 He keeps denying he is in the media, but to honest, I don’t believe it at all.
  5. Sarahsmile416

    The Masked Singer

    I still think the Unicorn is Paris Hilton...but after the Sheen clue, I am less sure and leaning towards Denise Richards.
  6. Sarahsmile416

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    Honestly I thought the baby was the most unbelievable part of all of it. With a placental abruption, the baby being born early, being deprived of oxygen due to the meconium in his lungs, but sure, let’s wrap him up and not worry about all of those things. In reality, I’m pretty sure that baby would have gone straight to a NICU. Of course, with the quarantine situation that would have been difficult, but couldn’t they talk about it. That whole situation took me out of the storyline.
  7. Sarahsmile416

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Well if Prince does not go through next week, I may be done. His was the second season I watched and he ruined it for me for everyone after that. Nobody could match up to him for me. That Courtney girl was horrible. I didnt see that season, obviously, but I did not understand the tongue bath she got from Simon.
  8. Sarahsmile416

    The Masked Singer

    I am thinking the Unicorn is Paris Hilton. I have no life so I was listening to Tori Spelling sing, then Paris Hilton and then comparing both to the Unicorn and the voice resembled Paris Hilton much more.
  9. Sarahsmile416

    S02.E10: Quarantine

    It does if either Shawn has administered the extra 10 units which would have been extremely imprudent considering they didn’t know when the man checked his blood sugar or if he had anything to eat. You can’t just give somebody 10 units without knowing a hell of a lot more than they did. What is also possible, is that since insulin takes time to take effect, that his blood sugar was on the way down, although even that seems really fast for hypoglycemic shock.
  10. Sarahsmile416

    The Clinton Affair (A&E)

    I totally agree that she was used, without a doubt. My perception of her is a woman who wanted to be much more important than she actually was. Listening to her description of the deposition made me cringe inwardly. How she “stared” Clinton down and how upset she seemed to be that he didn’t say what she wanted him to say. In my head I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.
  11. Sarahsmile416

    The Clinton Affair (A&E)

    I’m really enjoying this, admittedly. I was a young tween/teenager when Clinton was president in the 90s, so all of these things I barely understood back then (Whitewater, etc) I am understanding better now. I have a little more sympathy for Monica than some of you do, but she is very insistent about the “only 22” part of it. I think the part that disturbs me is her lack of concern for Hillary and Chelsea. I don’t think she mentioned them once. You know you’re engaging in a relationship with a married man and you can’t be bothered to show any concern for his wife and child. It doesn’t surprise me that she lacked awareness about their relationship because I definitely didn’t show the best judgment or awareness about my relationships when I was that age. Linda Tripp and the conservative journalist whose name escapes my notice. Both self serving assholes. Nothing else to say about them. Paula Jones - I refuse to believe she is that innocent to not know what “conservative” meant. Do I believe that Clinton had an affair with her? No doubt. But I’m kind of skeptical that it was the way she described it. Bill Clinton - great president no doubt, but just a very flawed man. My esteem for him has pretty much hit rock bottom. He really is a piece of shit. Though I’m not a huge fan of Hillary as a person, she deserved so much better.
  12. Sarahsmile416

    S02.E05: Dog Adoption Day

    That’s about when I left as well lol
  13. Sarahsmile416

    S02.E05: Dog Adoption Day

    Holy crap! Small world, I worked at the Borders in Newark, DE back in 2006-2007.
  14. Sarahsmile416

    S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    This. I went to high school a little later than you (mid 90s) and just now I’m remembering things a vice principal did to me in the hallway of my school. Back then I remember feeling uncomfortable but saying nothing. He was the vice principal after all. Now, remembering it all I get angry. I wish I had said something. I’m so glad that this movement is out there to help women have the confidence I didn’t have. Without a doubt, my favorite episode thus far.
  15. Sarahsmile416

    S02.E05: Stuck

    I am loving Eddie’s kid...Eddie is a bit too much of a Marty Stu for me, but I LOVE his kid.