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  1. Sarahsmile416

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    Which just calls into question either Adnan’s counsel or the jury itself. Because it’s clear to me that whatever happened, there sure as hell is a boatload of reasonable doubt.
  2. Sarahsmile416

    The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    This. I’m watching the first episode and I don’t even understand this kind of behavior. How in the hell do they think sitting at a restaurant in basic view of the resort is equivalent to being in the backyard when your kids are asleep inside? My favorite part is when the one guy joined them at 10 and said everything was peaceful when he walked by the resort. Why couldn’t they get take out as that one guy did and take it back to the resort?? So much neglect...
  3. Sarahsmile416

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    A lot of those stories were so confusing. All three of the testimonies - all saying different things, so many different locations, etc. I had trouble following all of it. Let’s be honest, Adnan doesn’t exactly help himself with the whole “I don’t know what I did or where I was” stuff. I don’t believe he did it, but I can definitely understand why the cops centered on him. The idea that the cops believed Hai’s car could sit there for six weeks with nobody in the neighborhood complaining or saying anything just stretches all matter of disbelief
  4. Sarahsmile416

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I don’t think Jay killed her but I do think he absolutely knew and covered up for who did. The guy has had repeated problems with the law over the years - he is clearly not an angel. I want to know what Stephanie says/knows. She knew both Jay and Adnan, so what is her story in all of this?
  5. Sarahsmile416


    If you are then I am too. That kid needed to shut it. I wasn’t sure if he was more annoying during the presentation or after. I have two kids and if my kid acted like that, I would melt into the floor in embarrassment
  6. Sarahsmile416

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    I agree - AND I think that’s part of why he is doubling down and acting like a dick. He doesn’t like that 1) he is wrong about Shaun as we can see and 2) that Shaun (not intentionally) made him look bad by saving two of his patients. I really don’t understand why anyone in the show hasn’t brought up the fact that he could sue. I too hated Lim’s friend and her bullshit “you don’t know love until you’re a parent” crap. I’m a parent of two kids and that’s bullshit pure and simple. By her fucked up philosophy - everyone who chooses not to have kids obviously does not know love. Also, this whole “I’m not tired because I love her” bullshit made me want to slap her across the fucking face. She is just as flawed as Lim by not admitting she might need help.
  7. Sarahsmile416

    Temptation Island (2019)

    The thing that gets me about this whole “I’m in luuuuuv” thing is also Johnny’s little “oh Kady can really be her real self around me” - like shit, honey, you’ve known her for a few weeks at most, I’m fairly sure you couldn’t tell the difference between her “real” self and her television persona. Though, I don’t think Kady can either... The fact is that she is loving having two men fight over her. I sincerely doubt that she will end up with anyone at the end. She deserves to be alone after the way she has treated John
  8. Sarahsmile416

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    This is the one place where I would have to quibble. Yes, she had to watch him suffer, but she also knew he was likely going to die so she could prepare herself. My grandfather died of lung cancer when my mom was 15 and she has always told me that while his death was devastating for her it helped that she could prepare herself. Sudden deaths can be harder just because there is no preparation. Obviously though everyone is different and has different experiences.
  9. Sarahsmile416

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    Ugh tell me about it - the baby just had major surgery on her heart of all places, but sure, let’s just wheel her out in the hall and let the mom hold her, no gloves, without washing her hands, etc. Seems like a fabulous idea. Skin to skin is important but so is germ prevention particularly after major surgery. In other news, I wanted to throat punch that asshole. My daughter has ASD so I am pretty sensitive about it admittedly - I fight for inclusion for her on a daily basis. He wants to move him to pathology so he doesn’t have to deal with patients but how the hell is he going to work on those skills if he doesn’t.
  10. Sarahsmile416

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    I was thinking of that scene as well. Charlotte treated him badly and yet after a short time they were back together and married. What does that teach people like Charlotte and Jill - that they can treat people like something that was on the bottom of their shoe and just by saying sorry and waiting a little while, the guy will just capitulate and come back.
  11. Sarahsmile416

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    Exactly. I was glad he said what he did to her at the end. Good for him for knowing his worth and not settling for someone just because she’s pretty. I like Jill but I think she is needlessly harsh a lot of the time. Somebody needed to say it.
  12. Sarahsmile416

    S10.E13: Episode 13

    Yes exactly. If her point is that we need to train babies’ palates, then just buy the vegetables your damned self and add garlic. Easy. I did that with my youngest when I got tired of paying 1.50+ for baby food. Plus, she starts talking about 4-6 months - some babies still haven’t outgrown the tongue thrust reaction by that age. 4-6 months is a very soft recommendation anyway- just as many pediatricians will tell you to wait. On a completely separate note, I would think a shelf stable baby food would be the way to go because most parents are not looking in a refrigerated section for baby food, so I would think that would impact sales alone.
  13. Sarahsmile416

    The Masked Singer

    I agree, however I also don’t think she has picked good songs. (On the assumption that the Raven is Ricki Lake) - I will forever love her thanks to Cry Baby and Hairspray but dude, I think she is definitely getting over-praised. And for the love of god, can Robin Thicke stop guessing Bella Hadid. 🙄 He keeps denying he is in the media, but to honest, I don’t believe it at all.
  14. Sarahsmile416

    The Masked Singer

    I still think the Unicorn is Paris Hilton...but after the Sheen clue, I am less sure and leaning towards Denise Richards.
  15. Sarahsmile416

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    Honestly I thought the baby was the most unbelievable part of all of it. With a placental abruption, the baby being born early, being deprived of oxygen due to the meconium in his lungs, but sure, let’s wrap him up and not worry about all of those things. In reality, I’m pretty sure that baby would have gone straight to a NICU. Of course, with the quarantine situation that would have been difficult, but couldn’t they talk about it. That whole situation took me out of the storyline.