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  1. GoGamecox

    American Beauty Star

    I started watching this because I am a fan of Ashley Graham and she plugged the show pretty hard on her Instagram. But I don't feel like I'm getting a good idea of what she's really like. Maybe it's just crappy editing? I thought her crying reaction to Renaldo was strange when it seems she has not really interacted much or bonded with the contestants.
  2. GoGamecox

    Judging The Judges

    I've already ranted some about the judges in another forum but I'm going to bring it here for follow up. Jenny and Nicole drive me crazy, taking themselves and this show so seriously and constantly inserting their inane chatter into the performances. They're not really "judges," as the audience is the party doing the voting, right? So they're more like talking head/commentator types to add interest to the show. Jenny needs a new stylist, because whomever is encouraging her to bring the boobs-all-out, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, drag queen makeup (and I love me some drag queens) every time, on top of her obvious fascination with plastic surgery/fillers/etc., is making her look like a cartoon character. It's the classic case of doing too much.
  3. GoGamecox

    S07.E04: Justin's Story

    So I just watched my very first episodes of this show last night, and I saw two episodes with Justin (one where he confronted his mom, one where he moved with his dad to Houston). I liked him instantly and was cheering for him to succeed. Based on what everyone else is writing, it seems like he's a lot more likable than the average person on this show. I live in South Carolina, so I know the Rock Hill area a little bit, and it was interesting to see the footage from there. I may be hooked on this show now. Uh oh.
  4. GoGamecox

    The Masked Singer

    I like this show a lot more than I thought it would, but I can't take the judges' constant asinine comments (looking at you, Jenny and Nicole -- sorry to have to call out the women, as I'm one myself). And it's silly to characterize them as judges when they're NOT judges, right? Isn't the audience voting and determining who stays and goes? They're more like commentators. I feel like Jenny and Nicole are so starved for attention and camera time that they're interjecting themselves into the performances a lot more than they should be. Jenny and I are about the same age. She's starting to look like a drag queen (and I love some drag queens!) -- just doing too much -- too many boobs-all-out-outfits, excessive hair extensions, fake eyelashes, caricature makeup, plastic surgery/fillers/procedures, etc. It's a shame, because she naturally had such a pretty face. The fear of aging makes us do some crazy crap, doesn't it? I guess it's 100 times worse when you make a living on camera.
  5. Mystery said: I agree. Seemed totally legal. It's a little lame that they just returned to the normal menu but then again the locals probably associated that place's branding with all that fried food and the previous menu.
  6. GoGamecox

    S16.E08: Whatever Floats Your Boat

    As a native Southerner who lives in SC, it seemed a little strange to me that Kelsey's oysters were considered "cooking" at first. Raw oysters with hot sauce aren't anything revolutionary in this part of the world, and I'm not sure how Alabama could claim that as their own. But to her credit she did add some watermelon and that fresh made cocktail/vinegar mix, and she took the extra care to clean the shells so there wouldn't be any grit in the oysters. And they were certainly popular and great for a party.
  7. GoGamecox

    Windy City Rehab

    So did that house from last night ever sell then? I'm confused. Interesting article about one of the Windy City Rehab projects: https://blockclubchicago.org/2018/08/07/hgtv-house-renovation-is-ruining-our-blocks-backyard-views-ukrainian-village-neighbors-say/
  8. GoGamecox

    Windy City Rehab

    I'm getting to be a fan of this show. At first I thought Allison and Donovan were a thing but now it seems they're just close biz partners?
  9. GoGamecox

    The Profit Special: High Stakes

    Marcus seems like he would be a total bore to go to Vegas with. Just sayin'.
  10. GoGamecox

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    As soon as they showed Nini telling the servers to start polishing the silverware as their most important opening task, the writing was on the wall.
  11. GoGamecox

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    I never thought I would say this but I actually miss Jorge and Anfisa.
  12. GoGamecox

    Season 15 Discussion

    I agree with other posters who think the contest is rigged in favor of the teenage contestants. It seems like that's where the money is in signing new talent on these kinds of shows these days.
  13. GoGamecox

    Season 15 Discussion

    I had to wonder if someone turned Reagan's Pro Tools auto-tune off, because she sounded really bad last night -- much worse than she had sounded all season. I think that everyone's been getting the auto-tune treatment the whole season, but it felt like Reagan was unassisted for the first time.
  14. GoGamecox

    Season 15 Discussion

    The whole FaceTime call from DeAndre to Reagan was so producer-scripted -- down to the "I love you" parts. Awkward. I can see the producer meeting with DeAndre and telling him to be sure to tell Reagan he loved her. Yuck. Kirk was the weakest link tonight. I dig him, but that was an awful song choice for him. MaKenzie, Sarah Grace, and the Wisconsin guy are the most talented of the gang left, if you ask me. Kennedy is a good performer with a beautiful voice but there is something robotic about her -- too calculated, not enough realness. I can see the producers positioning Chevel (is that her name?) to be the next LeAnn Rimes. Her hand gestures when she sings drive me crazy (but they've gotten really good at cropping that hand stuff out and just showing her face) and she needs a lot of stage presence coaching in general but she has a lot of the right stuff to do well in that old-school country genre. She's a marketer's dream.
  15. GoGamecox

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    I feel bad for Asuelo. I could see a fun-loving American wife with a Jenny McCarthy-type personality adoring him and appreciating his unique zest for life and the cultural differences he brings to a relationship with an American. I feel like if he stays with the Kardashian-wannabe all the cool things about him will be slowly exorcised from his being. It's sad.