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  1. kirkola

    The Passage

    It is also possible that she is hearing and feeling their pain and that is the pain she's experiencing. Sorta like phantom pains that have no actual cause in her body. These goofy scientists should be focused on why they seem connected and less about how to get them to do human bidding.
  2. kirkola

    S01.E05: Don't Speak

    And now I'm picturing Izzy at a Costco/Sams/BJs buying nail polish remover in bulk. HA! Though in retrospect, he probably already know she buys them in bulk and maybe he's been collecting them out of the trash.
  3. kirkola

    S01.E05: Don't Speak

    She said it and my immediate reaction was "but you only heard 2 bullets, Liz. Are you as bad at counting as you are a scientist?"
  4. kirkola

    S01.E04: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

    The more I watch international shows (thanks Internet), I'm now convinced it's more about how American actors view gays, rather than straight actors not being able to bring it. It's like the actor is afraid to play gay properly because he's afraid people will think he's gay. When gay men have been successfully playing straight men for years with us none the wiser. It's part of my problem with Alex and Michael. Their love scenes are good. But I don't feel it when they are just talking. And I should be feeling it even then. The actor playing Michael felt more comfortable with Maria than he did with Alex. Which, unfortunately, shows. However, there is enough chemistry in the love scene that I think Michael and Alex can work if they stop being so stiff and let it flow naturally. edited: because I can't spell.
  5. kirkola

    S01.E04: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

    To be fair, Liz jumps to a lot of conclusions. I would be happier if they had given her any other career than scientist. Because scientists are supposed to use the scientific method better than the goofy way she just decides things are so. I really liked Isobel this episode. And Michael was much improved antagonizing Maria. I'm not feeling Max interacting with Kyle. It's a bit too much HS drama over Liz for adults.
  6. kirkola

    S02.E12: Fear Finds a Way

    I don't know that I'm on a particular team one way or the other. But I do know how I'd feel if someone just presented me with the house and said "let's move in here together and raise chickens. And by chickens, I mean...." I would have reacted the same way Nic did. Conrad made the decision to move in together, found them a location, and presented the idea to her. Moving in together is a big step in a relationship and should be discussed as part of a large conversation of "where are we going with this." I do think that Conrad is right that Nic needs someone or something to fix. She's definitely an enabler, which I think she brought up in talking to the other doctor (I still don't know his name). But I can see that if she's trying to break that cycle, she might need her own space to deal with it. But Conrad is also wrong to push the issue with moving in and having kids.
  7. kirkola

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    But the criminal didn't know that. Personally, I wonder how likely it would have been that the gun, if noticed, wouldn't have just been taken home or sold at an auction, or in some other ways ended up in the hands of someone else (meaning no finger prints, or ways to trace it back to the original criminal).
  8. kirkola

    S01.E03: Tearin' up My Heart

    Max was much improved this episode. His scenes were well done. Maybe a little melodramatic, but I'm pretty sure that's why we're here. Isobel's scenes with Noah were excellent as well, though, I was speaking his dialogue before Noah could. It's a minor quibble, but I wish the writer's were a bit stronger so I didn't know what he was saying before he said it. On the other hand, Noah had me feeling the lines. Also, nice use of Land Before Time. (awww!) Kyle is still my favorite. Loved his annoyance at Daddy Manes. Yep, aliens landed in 1947, 71 years does not mean imminent threat. And I'm glad they acknowledged it. The Michael/Alex thing is back to bothering me. First Ep, they had no chemistry and made no sense. Second Ep, they finally connected and the chemistry was definitely there. Third Ep, Daddy Manes says no, so Alex breaks up with Michael? Seriously? You're 27-28 years old...and adult. Act like one. I'm still not warming to Liz. I still can't see the logical leaps that jumps from "I met an alien who has the ability to heal people" to "he must have murdered my sister" based on a glow-y hand print. The leap ignores the end of last episode where he went out of his way to save her Dad. Finally, poor Cameron. One minute she's making out with her partner on an actual date, the next she's left behind while her date professes undying love for her date-us interruptus. If she doesn't turn evil by the end of the season, I'll be surprised. She deserves better than Max.
  9. kirkola

    S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    I'd like to see more of the brilliant analytical mathematician actually. Instead of running around acting crazy Ben. But yeah, you're probably right.
  10. kirkola

    S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    I would guess it's a lot like how my friend dealt with the death of her Aunt from cancer. The family wanted Aunt to go the traditional route of chemo, etc. Tried and true methods that have worked, even if they're horrible to go through. Aunt wanted to go holistic and spent her final two years of life in pain, but convinced that consuming various food items, waiving magnets, and chanting would cure her. Now granted, in that real world scenario, the Aunt was an adult and could make her own decisions. But I can fully see Ben and Grace wanting to try different paths to save Cal and not getting on the same page. They clearly don't communicate well. I agree the writers aren't doing neither Ben nor Grace any service by the terrible dialogue.. If I hadn't seen Josh Dallas doing other things, I would think neither of them were very strong actors.
  11. kirkola

    S01.E02: So Much For the Afterglow

    Okay, I liked it better than the pilot. The Michael/Alex thing is better now that they are actually having conversations instead of just following the typical American straight guys pretending to be gay for a scene without having any visual clues or chemistry thing that annoys me. It's kind of an argue, argue, kiss, cut thing that doesn't make a bit of sense. But in this episode, I actually saw that these two men might actually like each other. Liz makes no sense. What she knows about Max at this point is that he's alien, he loves her, that loves extends to her family, and that he can save people. The glowy handprint she's only seen twice, once on her shoulder and once on Rosa's autopsy file. The most logical conclusion is that Max was there and was trying to save Rosa. And that for whatever reason, he doesn't want to tell Liz that he failed. So, of course, she jumps to the conclusion that he must of killed her sister. Even though there's no evidence of this unless Kyle has told her about Project Sheridan (or whatever it's called). But even then, she only has Kyle's word. I loved Maria, Liz and Alex together at the bar. Actually I loved all the little character beats. I even liked Max with his partner. I know they aren't endgame, but they do have pretty good chemistry. And I'll admit, I loved Max challenging the redneck to a shoot. I immediately thought...well that's one way to collect the bullet fragments without a court order. I'm thinking for all his moodiness, Max is probably a pretty decent cop. I spend a lot of time watching reboots by telling myself that this is either an alternate timeline or it's all Barry's fault because of Flashpoint. (smile)
  12. kirkola

    S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    And my point is that we do not know Ben's backstory. If he was chasing windmills to save Cal when with the cancer diagnosis, then it explains why Grace won't listen and why Ben acts the way he does. We don't really have enough information to hate either character, yet. And both characters are stupid and annoying because they aren't listening to one another. But even that it slightly explained by the fact that their entire trip 5 years ago was to save their marriage. They weren't in the same place then, and they aren't now. Ben may yet turn out to be a dick. Which would be sad, because I like the actor. But I do not like the Ben and Grace together. They are just awful to each other and need to be apart unless they can both grow a pair and start acting like adults.
  13. kirkola

    S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    As to Grace vs Ben. The show is really setting us up to not like Grace for whatever reason. We're seeing Ben's side of things. We see that all the crazy stuff he tells Grace is real, even though the only weird thing Grace has experienced is the return of the plane. We also see very little of Grace and Ben prior to the plane taking off and returning. So we have no idea what Ben was like, other than the hints Grace has dropped about him chasing any possible solution to saving Cal. They've also thrown Grace into an impossible position of having moved on when her husband & child "died" until the plane reappears. Which, I think is their way of trying to make her sympathetic. Because she isn't wrong to have moved on. And no one is the bad guy (not Grace, not Ben and not Danny). Though Danny really does need to back off and let Grace make her own decisions. All those early texts annoyed me. Though I do get why Olive brought him back into the family dynamic. So we're seeing Grace and Ben at a crossroads. Ben isn't telling her everything because every time he tries, she blows him off for chasing windmills or the writers make him say something cryptic before the commercial beat. So he, until this episode, never really sat her down and said "missing plane, govt conspiracy, callings, blah, blah, blah". Grace needs to hear all of it because she can't make a competent choice without all the facts. Ben needs to stop trying to pretend he's Liam Neeson in Taken. And for the love of all things holy, would someone get Micheala a new love interest because I cannot stand the Lourdes, Jared, Michaela love triangle. Jared is just a snake. Lourdes and Michaela deserve better. And I'm not overly bothered by the cheating, because like with Ben, Danny & Grace, it's just an impossible situation. But Jared just clearly saw Michaela trying to stay away and he pushed to keep her as a partner. Walk away dude.
  14. kirkola

    Lethal Weapon

    I don't think she wanted Cole to win Natalie, necessarily. I think she wanted Cole to keeping fighting to win Natalie. Kid minds aren't always the brightest. Maya isn't thinking about what would happen if Cole "wins" Natalie. Just that as long as he's chasing Natalie, he'll stay. Because right now, right this minute, Cole is here. Andrew, for all his goodness with her, isn't on her mind because he's already established permanence. He'll stick around and be there for her. She doesn't have to question that. And honestly, she didn't seem that upset about the DA other than the "not chasing Mom" thing. She didn't outright hate the interloper sleeping with Cole from the first meeting. Just the "oh crap, Dad's leaving" and the "geez, why are you lying to me".
  15. kirkola

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Be my guest. I have a twitter (I think), but I'm never on it. My one sibling (who didn't watch the original) assumed the same thing I did about the Nail Polish Remover. Ewwww. I also hated Tess. And it sadly, my dislike has spilled over to the actress, who is probably better than either of the two roles I've seen (this and Once Upon a Time).