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  1. Raja

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I got it. The funeral of Commander Raydor on Major Crimes the order was given to "present arms" and they lowered the hand salute.
  2. Raja


    One thing to consider about The Jets though is that they were a child group. At best audiences had a crush on them without any lust attached to the appeal during their run. Compared to the O'Jays episode when a younger replacement O'Jay on the oldies tour describes audience members still throwing panties on stage
  3. Raja


    The Jets sort of reminds of of the all for one song writing credits of the Ohio Players but at the end on the county fair circuit there are two groups fighting over the name. Not much different than many an Unsung alumni group. And they don't even have song writing credits to fall back on
  4. Raja

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    The Orville does seem more of a warship that just sits in a patrol sector than the Enterprise being the flagship and showing the Federation flag when no scientific opportunity was in her area. I'll just head cannon that she had a text or email from mom who was a Dick Van Dyke show fan in her phone.
  5. Raja

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    Well The Rookies with their metropolitan SoCal PD went from 1972 to 1976. Given the info here that would be just about the time the one year rookie had spent three more years as a police officer and qualified in time for "the tap" to detective or maybe become a TO with their own boot to train.
  6. Raja

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Next week is the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Basketball tournament. I can't think of another event that they fear counter programming against.
  7. Raja

    TV Tropes You Hate

    Law & Order was the anomaly, until Bernard and Lupo, because it was not a cop show where the squad kills more people in a year than entire police departments kill in 10 years. And then maybe around the third season you get the very special episode with Internal Affairs investigation, limited duty and medical clearance to go back to unlimited duty.
  8. Raja

    American Soul

    Who else would it be? ☺️. It does fit Johnnie Cochran's timeline working the Deadwyler vs LAPD case before becoming a Deputy DA.
  9. Raja

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I think his weapon jammed, but then you would think that someone who travels around with an assault weapon would have a pistol back up. No suicide mission for that guy though. I was thinking the same thing about the green light being called off. It wasn't like everybody had time to prepare for the 11th hour of the 11th day when the guns would all go silent. It depends upon how true life they are going for in background. The entire premise of The Closer/Major Crimes is you don't transfer into LAPD, you come in as an appointed Chief, thus not necessarily a California POST standards like Chief Willie Williams after the riots and USMC General Worton after a late 1940s LAPD corruption scandal. approved police officer or you go to the academy and the "boot" probationary year before the clock starts ticking for minimum time to start rising in ranks Maybe as a temporary measure. Although Captain and the father's Commander ranks are both command staff for Commander West to move to a division commanders job is a step down the career ladder. I saw the same thing on some other police show which my memory can't remember the name of and my Army basic training then like know snapped to attention.
  10. Raja

    Good Girls

    Well we have seen that Mary Pat plans and moves quicker than the trio. But then she started as a criminal stealing from criminals, not mothers robbing the "innocent" local grocery. And she doesn't have a little sister messing her up.
  11. Raja

    Good Girls

    Most likely she went to the FBI with we were supposed to be in witness protection but he's gone
  12. Raja

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Then she could sub for Gary Sinise when the LT. Dan Band plays a USO show
  13. Raja

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    There is the deal with FOX, Rogue is back into the game should Carol Danvers be to powerful for future stories
  14. Raja

    Good Girls

    It is a big enough problem for big cities to need illegal dumping enforcement
  15. Raja

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    So the stabbing was in a promo, I was remembering it as how we ended the last half season before the break and was watching the funeral on the later promos thinking that it was a probable fake out. I was surprised to see Chimmey back on duty and wondering how much of a time jump they made.