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    [Sound of little pink hooves clopping together.] "The fun is coming!" Just a few more days and I can hardly wait!! HAPPY!
  2. Ms Lark

    When Calls The Heart

    OR Abigail dashes out into the street and is run over by Rosemary driving that new-fangled car! How to deal with that one. Rosemary in the pokey? I wish Jack lived, but I'm not sure they could entice him back into the role. Seriously. Hmm. You've got a point. I couldn't figure out why I'm still watching (technically, hate-watching) anymore. Went back and watched the first episode. It was gritty. There was dirt and mud and coal dust. The dresses were handmade. The women wore their hair up with hats. The men wore hats when they weren't wearing miners' helmets. No one was making out in the street. The story between Elizabeth and Jack was front and center. I loved that first season and it just kept going downhill (a proud Hallmark tradition) each subsequent season. The suggestions for Abigail replacement? I don't think Anne Heche could tolerate the Morality Clause, given her past history of, well, everything! Mostly using people. Definitely not Hallmark material. Another deal breaker for me is Andie McDowell. Really? Irritating, can't act, plays the same character over and over. Dud!
  3. Ms Lark

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    That really bugged me: Fruit of the Poisonous Tree and all. The journal would be inadmissible as evidence along with anything it pointed to. Rookie screw up, ya dumb ass. Luckily Charles was on the ball. My favorite part of this episode was Rosa and Holt.
  4. Ms Lark

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    So, Gordon is now a holosexual! (Term coined by a writer friend of mine waaay back in the days of STTNG.) It was an ok plot, but I really enjoyed the Bortus/Klyden smoking addiction much more. That was hysterical! Bortus's hiding places? Especially the pillow? Comedy gold! It must've been difficult to smoke in the prosthetics, I wonder how they managed that trick. Well, now instead of the Ed/Alara interactions making me wonder how much was due to the RL relationship, it's moved over to Gordon/Kelly. I wish I wasn't aware of these relationships! Takes me right out of the story.
  5. Ms Lark

    S05.E11: Meet the Parents

    I want Alexis's outfit! #shallow Please! And soon. Like kill him off before the next season! Ugh. Moira at the convention was hysterical! Especially when getting advice from her friend. The whole coming out was handled very sweetly and sensitively, but with humor.
  6. Ms Lark

    Spring Baking Championship

    I thought Clinton would do better than he did. He's typically a lot funnier than this. Well, maybe it'll improve. That cherry "meat" cake needed to go. There's some tough competition.
  7. Ms Lark

    The Cool Kids

    Gotta say, I laughed pretty darn hard when Sid was lying on the counter eating grapes like a debauched Roman. "Pfft. They're plastic!" OK, I'm laughing again!!
  8. Ms Lark

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Cavanaugh: Alexis Rose on Schitt's Creek. Initial and final reactions! Buh bye. (Although, Alexis is actually funny.) Hester: Aside from what she sent down the runway, looks like her designs are for children, juniors, and clowns. Renee should have won. That was a stunning outfit that fit the challenge perfectly. Have a feeling Frankie will be out next week. Nina's side eye with the crying was priceless. A lot of the outfits looked really cheap. Some of it was poor construction, some was poor choice of fabric, some were both. Inspiration photos weren't really inspirational. Weird choices. I do like that the judges get a closer look at what they're judging. I don't know. Too many contestants for a start. I'm sure Hester and Frankie are cannon fodder, which is a shame.
  9. Ms Lark

    When Calls The Heart

    Sounds like Hallmark's Morals Clause is a real doozy. For those who are interested, Forbes published an article a year ago that explains how Morals Clauses actually work: https://www.forbes.com/sites/schuylermoore/2018/03/12/morality-clauses-in-hollywood/#4924398049a5
  10. Ms Lark

    S16.E15: Finale

    I was rooting for Eric, but congrats to Kelsey. She won me over by totally embracing Macau's cuisine and people. Her actions spoke louder than words. She proved to be a better person than TC originally painted her. And a better chef, too!
  11. Paging Martha Stewart. You have several calls holding on line one! Oh, many other networks or production companies fire people for DUI, drugs, sexual harassment, etc. due to Morals Clauses. This is way up there (felonies), so I think other networks would oust her, too. It's the current leading news story. BIG scandal. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I personally think she's toast. Pity it couldn't be CCB since she's a deal-breaker for me in any of the Hallmark movies (or anything else she's in). Oh, well. Hallmark doesn't care about my opinions since I'm definitely not part of their base.
  12. Ms Lark

    When Calls The Heart

    I came by to see what folks were saying about this. Looks like things will be getting very interesting! Hallmark doesn't like scandal. Maybe they can change the title to "When Calls the DA."
  13. The original CPKs were all handmade, so the one your Grandmother made was probably closer those than the plastic ones that came later. OMG, that was insane. Nursie sounds drunk. I would be too, if that was my gig! I just dropped in to say my pet peeve that is in a lot of commercials these days is when people are eating and they are enjoying the food soooo much they get it all over their faces. Just smeared all across. Yeah. No. That just makes you a disgusting slob.
  14. Especially since Walmart just announced it's getting rid of its "Greeters." The last thing that made them barely human (hiring seniors and handicapped) they decide to jettison. Lots to worry about there. I hate the Luke Wilson Colgate commercial "no such thing as too close." Uh, 'scuse me while I pop over to HR for a little talk. Really creepy and inappropriate! Ugh.
  15. Ms Lark

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    This and Part 1 are probably the best episodes to date. Figure they wiped out the FX budget in one go, but it was worth it. I was worried they were going to kill off two of my favorite characters: Isaac and Yaphet. Crispy Yaphet made me wonder if the CGI cost was making him expendable. Ditto Isaac, although more in the lines of the actor getting tired of the suit. We'll see! Yes, agree. How can we still trust Isaac, given his basic "lack of emotion?" Seems he may be evolving. We can only hope and watch. Which brings me to my one big problem: If the Kaylons are totally unemotional machines, how is it they can hold a grudge for eons? Grudges are major emotional baggage best resolved and left behind. That part didn't make any sense to me. Not that being held in thrall by biologics is acceptable.