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  1. Palomar

    S02.E09: The $800K Hustle

    One thing that IS sad about this show is how hard it is for inmates to adjust to "normal" life afterward being released. They are living in this fantasy about how their "boo" is going to take care of them afterwards and they will have their freedom back, etc. Reality really is a bitch especially when their loves on the outside are just as delusional as them thinking the ex-inmate is going to solve all "their" problems. For one thing, most are still addicts and that will always be the most important thing when they get out. It's pretty laughable that weddings are the priority here when these people can't even see a future beyond the next day. Back to the snark....
  2. Palomar

    S08.E04: Strangers in Paradise

    I saw this totally different. I saw her as being totally unreasonable not to at least give him a second chance. How was he to know she would go psycho about weed (although the show never said it was weed, just smoking) without mentioning it beforehand. It probably wouldn't have worked anyway, but she was the one who came off like a total bitch for not even giving him a chance. Some of these contestants treat this show like their new spouse does not cross off ALL their boxes so they check out without giving the relationship a shot, almost like a house hunting show even though THEY are far from perfect themselves.
  3. Palomar

    S08.E04: Strangers in Paradise

    Probably why she has not married yet. It's a nice dream but not realistic in today's world where usually husband and wife both work. Why wouldn't you want to contribute half if you could? Of course during a marriage someone might be making more money than the other but you are a team when you are married. 50% is a good starting point.
  4. Palomar

    S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    Is it just me or do all the blonde women look alike? There definitely has to be some paring down or unusual behavior before I remember who is who. How does Colton remember the names of these women enough to know who to call out at the rose ceremony? I'm surprised he doesn't have a cheat sheet of some kind while he is talking to the various women noting which ones he wants "to get to know better".
  5. Palomar

    S08.E01: First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love

    Really, Courtney/Jason are no longer together? Bummer if true.
  6. Palomar

    S02.E03: I Want This to Be Real

    Lizzie is one hard woman. She will turn her back on Scott in an instant once she finds out he has no money and her daughter too if she has an offer from someone else who DOES have money. He is realizing all of this because she isn't holding his hand or showing him any affection. He has been living in a dream world. Scott's son has always known all this.
  7. Palomar

    Season 15 Discussion

    Didn't the top 4 contestants in the past each get a car? Or, did I miss that. Maybe because 2 of the 4 are too young to drive (no shade, just reality). I really thought it was going to be Kennedy but then since she had to be "saved" twice it does make sense that not everyone was feeling her. Was hoping for Kirk...shocked that Chris was over him. Have to admit when I heard Sarah Grace, I think somehow they got that wrong that she didn't advance. I hope Chevelle does get some opportunities.
  8. Palomar

    MAFS Honeymoon Island: Spinoff Discussion Spot

    Kind of funny that these couple are told they HAVE to get engaged or break up. There are several other choices....who is to stop them from re-connecting back in the States. It's pretty stupid to get engaged during a fantasy vacation that shows you nothing how these people act in the real world. Of course getting married to a stranger is not exactly the wisest thing either as we have witnessed!
  9. Palomar

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    In Deb's defense, ColtE is the one who said under 1,000 for a dress. Deb is just saying that the gown was over the budget ColeE came up with (not HER). For Larissa to blame Deb for not getting the dress she wants is wrong. ColtE also explained that he bought his car before living in Vegas. Maybe Larissa will get her car with AC if less is spent elsewhere. ColtE either does not want to spend excess money on Larissa or does not have the money to spend. He choses to live with Deb. He's probably just one of those guys who doesn't like to spend money. Larissa needs to realize that she is not going to get the kind of lifestyle she expected from ColtE. Maybe she should cut her losses, go back home and try to snag another American. Why do these people think all Americans are rich? Plus there is a reason why they can't find a partner at home.
  10. Palomar

    Season 15 Discussion

    There should be some rules set on this. I seriously wonder if it had been DeAndre or another non-teen contestant if they would have gotten the same opportunity to move on without performing. At least on DWTS they have a rule in place if a contestant cannot "dance" they play footage from the rehearsal for the judges to give their scores. Was there no rehearsal footage for whatever song Reagan was going to sing IF she was in the bottom 3. It just doesn't seem fair. If you are old enough to compete on this show you shouldn't be given special opportunities just because you are young. I still think she had a panic attack (which isn't surprising for anyone under pressure).
  11. Palomar

    Season 15 Discussion

    WTF? First of all Reagan should have been disqualified for moving on if she couldn't sing. Not to mention the song she sang the night before was the worst performance she gave so far....so screetchy and hard to listen to. D'Andre was a class act with the way he handled Adam throwing him under the bus. That was a terrible thing for Adam to do. Plus, what was the reason that Regan couldn't perform...if it was larengitus. Others have had issues and still sang. Wonder if it was nerves? Has this ever happened before? D'Andre was robbed.
  12. Palomar

    Season 15 Discussion

    Did I hear right that Kelsi Ballerini was coming back as a coach next season? Please no! I do have to say that I've like JHud quite a bit more this season than her first go around.
  13. Palomar

    Season 15 Discussion

    Thanks for the explanation!
  14. Palomar

    Season 15 Discussion

    SO, someone used to give us a list of how the contestants were charting on iTunes. Is there a reason we never see that discussion anymore?
  15. Palomar

    S13.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Kelly should have denied it ONCE as laughable and untrue and then left it alone. No one would probably even remember it since these ladies constantly spew crap. To keep bringing it up and threatening to leave the show and file a lawsuit just makes it something that WILL always be remembered. And Vicki should have left if with her apology and not stupidly said what she did to Tamra…she had to know the cameras were rolling. Less is more ladies.