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  1. Thank you, @suomi and @Kyanight - this is fascinating stuff. The bolded sentence packs a punch. Wow. So the mainstream ignores the stigma of polygamy but they believe in it regarding the afterlife? How does that work?
  2. I seem to recall Christine also breathlessly gushing over how FT was the "Mykelti Whisperer" or something revolting like that, so her gushing knows no limits. So far, the Browns have married off Maddie (was going to finish school, got pregnant, joined the cult of LuLaNo and is expecting Baby #2), Mykelti (who married a dude who delighted in beating her in effigy, and quite her banking job to jump on board the LuLaCrap train) and now Aspyn (who just wants some red-headed babies and to be an only wife but......yeah). Well done, Browns! Bravo!
  3. laurakaye

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    I got stressed out just reading this. I am sitting nearby with popcorn and cheap chardonnay for when this ship finally sinks.
  4. So what would be the purpose of baptizing someone into the Mormon faith after they've passed? Is it really because the Mormons can claim that they've saved non-Mormon souls in the afterlife? I'm trying to wrap my head around why it makes sense to "baptize" a deceased person into a faith they clearly did not follow while they were alive. Do people get "credit" for how many souls they can gather? Is there a ceremony for each baptism? So many questions, probably most without logical answers.
  5. laurakaye

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Do the consultants have to pay for their own cruise? Is this something they are pressured into attending or is it a reward for shilling the most crap?
  6. laurakaye

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    And I had my eyes half-closed in terror during that challenge, hoping that Lauren wouldn't need a medical evac after WarDog failed to hold onto her. I know it's a race but you can't just drop someone off your shoulders like that! I wondered if WarDog's failure to be able to hold David up was due more to WarDog's exhaustion or David's noodle legs. As for Reem, I recall her screaming at Keith during Episode One that she was NOT going to be the mother figure of the season! NOT HER. And yet, now she's admitting that she's the mother figure on EOE island but still complaining about it. She's crazy/terrifying. Have we seen her actually smiling or enjoying the Survivor experience for even one segment? It's like she was cast against her will or something.
  7. laurakaye

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    I am still confused at this whole thing, from the mad scramble to find two (?) parts to the advantage - did the four people on EOE island each get a different map? Was each person supposed to find a different advantage? Because Chris found the sticks and Rick found the extra vote but nothing for Keith or Reem? And I still don't get why Rick didn't use his advantage on David - if there was something said about him only being able to use it on the tribe going to TC, I missed it and I swear I was paying attention through all of this. It was such a strange edit!
  8. laurakaye

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    Forgive me if this has been asked already, but is it me or are we seeing a really wonky-edited season? Bad Survivor is better than no Survivor, but this episode in particular kept jarring me out of the joy I usually get from watching this show...from Keith's up-close, manic, jerky confessionals, to a close-up of Aubrey's mouth when she said the phrase "rock-bottom" (so weird) - not to mention what seemed like a 7-minute monologue by Aubrey, to Reem sitting around yelling at everything, Wendy giggling her way through TC...I don't know, this season has felt "off," or maybe it's the cast that isn't doing anything for me. And I literally just found out that there's a Julie on this season. And a Gavin. Who knew?
  9. laurakaye

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    Forgive me if this has been asked and answered, but did I read that Christine BOUGHT the house that she is renting? If so, why would she do that? I remain gobsmacked at how these people are affording payments on their unsold homes, their rentals and their new homes. How, I ask you?!?
  10. laurakaye

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Savannah might just be the prettiest Brown girl, IMO. As long as she doesn't dye her gorgeous blonde hair the color of mud like her sisters. "Hello, my lovelies?" Really, Janelle? That's SO not you. Stop dipping into Christine's med stash. Just because she doesn't need them at the moment doesn't mean you should be mixing them into your "light meat dishes." @Mahamid Frauded Me...well done! And likely FAR closer to Janelle's true life.
  11. laurakaye


    I wonder if one could use LuLaNo leggings and dresses to line garden beds to prevent weeds? At least that way they'd be covered with compost until they disintegrate.
  12. Gah, is this a "thing" with the super-woke-crunchy-youth these days? I realize that I sound like the lady who sits on her porch in a rocking chair all day long, afghan over knees, with the hose hidden, just waiting for a kid to step on my lawn...but yuck, slimy hair pulled into a skanky bun does NOT scream "health and wellness" to me. And her blonde roots growing in make her look like she has a receding hairline worthy of her dad's. If you're gonna go super-dark-over-blonde, Sludge, make sure you stock up on cheap hair dye.
  13. laurakaye

    Season 10 Episode Recaps and Recap Schedule

    I'll take Kody's Secret Plan. I can't wait to find out what it is.....zzzzzzzzz
  14. laurakaye


    I quite my job and sadz cause Ill miss my awesome coworkers so fuggin much but oppourtunnity for $$$$$$ come alongs so I got to try it befores it goes bankrupp! Living my bestest lifes with LuLRoe!! #Ihatebanking #Icantcountto10 #myhairlooksridiculous #ruiningmynaturalblondewithClairolreddye #selfieatworkbutsowhatIquite!!!
  15. laurakaye

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    You cannot convince me that this was not Meri's plan ALL ALONG...to have a sudden moment of "Oopsie! The solid color dress I was gonna wear SUDDENLY doesn't fit - oh noes, what to do, what to do...HEY! I'll just wear this LuLa dress that I had on standby all along because I am a rep and I have a reputation as a top seller to uphold and who cares if I don't blend with the others!" OMG who is this person and where did she come from?? I am LOL-ing!! Meri's color is SPOT. ON. The facial features on all of them are perfect!