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  1. iggysaurus

    S05.E04: Kirsten's Story

    This is what I don't understand too. If they've seen this show, they know that Dr. Now always requires the patients to lose about 50 lbs (or more) on their own before he will agree to do surgery. If they know they're going to have to do that anyway, why not just start before they even get there?? Like you said, it would make the trip easier and they'd get a head start on what they know Dr. Now will ask them to do. But for some reason, it seems like none of them can even conceive of trying to lose weight on their own until Dr. Now orders them to do so. I guess it's just the structure of the show and they deliberately don't lose weight before the trip so that it'll fit the narrative and bring drama. But still, the lack of logic there annoys me.
  2. iggysaurus

    S07.E03: Episode 3

    Sorry, but is that the name of the show? Woody Sex? I would like to see the documentary you're referring to and find out more about Woody Guthrie. A few shows come up in Google but none with any name similar to that, so I'm curious what you're referring to.
  3. iggysaurus

    S01.E07: Falling

    I thought the version played at the end of the show was by Billie Joe and Norah Jones from their Everly Brothers tribute album, but maybe not.
  4. iggysaurus

    S04.E09 Episode 9

    I love Fiona Apple, period. Is there a longer version of the song? I just realized I've never bothered to look for it on iTunes or anything.
  5. iggysaurus

    S03.E06: Puddings

    Not to mention, "Desserts" was a whole different theme in episode 4! So if they have both "pudding week" and "dessert week" then they must not be interchangeable terms. Maybe they're used interchangeably in popular/casual usage, but technically puddings are a specific type of sweet item under the broader category of desserts??? I liked Brendan a lot at first, but started to get this vibe from him after a few episodes as well. He seems ultra-competitive, and not as good-natured about it as the rest of them when he doesn't do well. But I still don't dislike him or anything - he's just not quite as fun as the others.
  6. iggysaurus

    S03.E05: Pies

    I was amused but not upset about Paul's generalizations -- I agree that he/the show is over-generalizing, but I don't take it personally, maybe because I don't really feel a strong identification as "American" (I am American, but to me it just happens to be where I'm from - not my identity). I love the cultural culinary differences and didn't feel a need to bash British recipes in return for them saying American pies are too sweet/disgusting. I also couldn't care less about Paul's personal life. I just watch him on the show and don't pay any attention to that. He can be arrogant, but he doesn't particularly bother me. *shrug* Anyway, maybe when they said "American pies" they meant pies that originated in America and are not generally made elsewhere? For example, of course we make fruit pies in America but they are not uniquely American, as Britain also makes them, so that's why they are not under the definition of "American pies" as defined by this episode. I don't know, just speculating. I love the little historical segments. It didn't seem weird to me that it was stuck in the middle - isn't that how they air it in the UK? It's not supposed to be about the specific thing they're making in that episode, necessarily - just an interesting historical tidbit that relates to the general topic of that episode (pies, in this case). Eel pie sounds disgusting but it's fascinating to learn about the historical aspect of it and how they just used what they had access to. I was watching a British show set in World War II and they kept talking about going out to get eels for dinner. I wondered at the time if that was common and now I know that it was!
  7. iggysaurus


    Well, now that I've finished it, I can finally read this thread. I guess I liked it more than a lot of you did. I was REALLY squicked out by the amputation scenes and H.R. Pufnstuf. What was happening in the one scene (flashback) where Tom found his mom and his sister dead? Did he kill them? I found some of those aspects confusing, as well as VERY disturbing. Also disturbing: Gabriel's obsession with Marisol, and him saying he was in bed with her when she got her first period, even though he considered himself her "brother." Also: Billy's co-hostage having to stab that guy in the groin in order for them to get away, and Billy throwing the hot water in that other girl's face. And what Marisol had done to Elena. Just all so violent and awful! But at the same time, the bleakness and "Oh my god did that really happen" aspect is something I'm drawn to in TV shows so I can't really complain. The ending did feel a little incomplete. I was hoping to see more consequences for Marisol. At least Brittany didn't become a victim of Tom.
  8. iggysaurus

    Rebooted Season 2 Discussion: Bring on the Men

    My hair stylist told me a long time ago that any sulfates in shampoos are bad for your hair. Of course she recommended one that they sell at her salon, but it's expensive and not something I'd buy all the time. When trying to find a shampoo without sulfates in the regular store, it's pretty difficult. All the major brands have it. There's one by L'Oreal, called Ever Pure (I think) which is sulfate-free but that's the only one I can think of. Once in a while I splurge on a more expensive shampoo but I figure that using one with sulfates won't hurt my hair that much the rest of the time.
  9. iggysaurus

    Rebooted Season 2 Discussion: Bring on the Men

    My only problem with it is that they didn't acknowledge it on the show. If they'd said "William works at Walmart and is also a struggling actor, who needs help updating his look as well as proposing to his girlfriend," that would've been fine but the way they did it, it made it seem a bit fake when I found out he's an actor. In William's case it seems like acting is definitely a big part of his life and his main goal. Here's a shot from his Instagram from August 2017: Not majorly bothered by it; just something that stuck out to me when I saw him pop up in social media and I looked at his older posts.
  10. iggysaurus


    I want to read/discuss, but I'm only on episode 4 and I don't want spoilers! I wish we had separate episode threads for this show.
  11. iggysaurus

    Rebooted Season 2 Discussion: Bring on the Men

    Maybe he also arranges to have their fridge filled with healthy options that fit their lifestyle, and talks to them about how to incorporate healthier eating habits into their routines, and it doesn't make it into the final cut of the show? Not sure why they wouldn't show it, if he does do that, but it's possible that they just don't have time to show everything that each of the guys does! I often feel like it's too short as it is -- they don't show much of what Bobby does as far as the process of remodeling their living spaces, which would be a huge undertaking. It's just suddenly done, and there's a big reveal, but obviously a lot happens behind the scenes.
  12. iggysaurus

    Rebooted Season 2 Discussion: Bring on the Men

    That's funny, Jonathan and Antoni are my favorites, followed closely by Tan. I also like Bobby and Karamo, but as you said, they just seem a little more distant or something. When I see JVN, Antoni and Tan on Instagram they seem like they are always hanging out, even when it's not for the show. I don't see any of them with Bobby or Karamo as much outside of promo stuff. Atoni seems extremely smart and I know from JVN's podcast that he speaks multiple languages and grew up with exposure to different cultures. I know he gets flak for seeming to not make very complicated dishes on the show but from what I've seen on Instagram when he's even just hanging out with friends, he really does cook and know a lot about it. I don't think he's just eye candy, I think he's got a lot more to him. Oh and when he comments on the other guys' instagrams, his comments are very well written and witty. Love him.
  13. iggysaurus

    Rebooted Season 2 Discussion: Bring on the Men

    I just saw on Twitter (and then Instagram) that William from episode 2 is actually an actor - he was on the Walking Dead and Stranger Things 2, probably bit parts, but they sure didn't mention that in the episode - it was "he works at Walmart." He seems to be really self-promoting online now that his episode has aired. When I looked back thru his Instagram, far enough back to where it had to be before the filming of QE, there were pics of him looking not that different than he did after his makeover. I don't think he's any stranger to hair & makeup transformations, considering his background in acting. I dunno, it just seems disingenuous now that I've found that out. Plus, I have to confess, the whole "I Shannan You" thing in the episode made me cringe a bit (even though I usually tear up at all of these reveals/transformations - I'm a total sap!). Aww, I still love Jonathan. I've only listened to a few of his podcasts but I know what you mean. I had to turn off the episode on bees because it was embarrassing how little he knew about basic stuff. Then again, I thought his episode on Brexit was pretty decent and he actually seems to know a bit about that, more than a lot of Americans anyway. I just take him with a grain of salt - he's not an expert in any of these things, but he IS curious as the title of the podcast says. And I feel like he'd be super fun to be around.
  14. iggysaurus


    I'm so confused by some of the subplots. What did the two ladies who were trying to have a baby have to do with anything? The blond one was shown working at the Kids Call place and she seemed suspicious but I guess she wasn't involved in anything? Was Maya, the rich charity lady, guilty of anything in relation to the missing kids? And finally, what was the deal with Becky/Rebecca, Jason's new girlfriend? She worked at the same clinic where Gail worked, and I'm sure they showed her being involved in getting Gail out of the picture when she was starting to find out about Joel. Right? And there was also the info about her possibly being involved in a child prostitution ring in Europe, or something. But the show never seemed to resolve any of those issues or say whether she was guilty of anything or not. Were all of those things just red herrings? The "hypnosis" was not believable at all. There was no real technique so how was that woman a "specialist" in it? She just says "focus on a memory, I'll count to 5 and you'll be transported to that time and able to unlock lost memories." Would that actually work on anyone, especially as reliably and instantly as it did on Marcella? The ending was weird. I guess they're seeing up season 3, which I'm sure I'll watch regardless of my nitpicks of this season!
  15. iggysaurus

    A Dangerous Son

    I'm not sure exactly what Ethan's mom should've been doing to stop him from acting the way he was - yell at him? Obviously she'd tried that with no success. Hit him? Well, maybe some think that would be appropriate, but I doubt it would've been effective either, especially in the long term. Some people have this mentality of "In my day these kids would've just gotten a good smack and that would've straightened them out!" but it's really not that simple. As for Nancy Lanza, I'm not saying she was a good mother, and her allowing her mentally ill son to have access to firearms is certainly appalling. But as far as her not getting him help, this film clearly demonstrates that even when the parents try desperately to get help for their kids, there often is just no help available. All the bureaucratic roadblocks, lack of beds available, etc. It's easy to say what she "should have done," probably not so easy to have actually done it. Even if she'd gotten Adam into a facility like Ethan was in, they'd have just let him out after 6 months and he might've still gone on to shoot up the school, because 6 months isn't necessarily enough to solve deep mental issues, IMO.