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    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    ****** SITE ADMIN MESSAGE ****** Official notice that we are done on the topic of Sean DeMarco for now. If you have 1-on-1 thoughts to complete please take it to PM with each other. ****** READ ME ******
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    Testing Tags 2: Againening

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    Style Pasting Test

    Set in the 1990s, Marvel Studios’Captain Marvel is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that follows the journey of Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes. While a galactic war between two alien races reaches Earth, Danvers finds herself and a small cadre of allies at the center of the maelstrom.
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    Testing Tags 2: Againening

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    Testing Tags

    This will fix itself on next update. (Soon)
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    Testing Tags

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    Tour Step 6: Small Items At The End

    Thank you for taking the PTV 4.0 Highlights To Do Tour! Before you leave you here's a few smaller new features: Notifications lists has icon labels (message, mention, etc) You can clear your notifications GIF search/insert in the editor Topics labels (Episode, No Spoilers, etc) click through to a filtered view of that forum (i.e. Go to B99 click on "Episode" label and see only topics inside B99 labelled "Episode") Long quotes are truncated and expandable for saner browsing Coming soon: Clubs, user-initiated forums with a dash of FB groups or something like that That's it! We restarted all the reporting type of stuff under one forum here. If you hit a bug, a show that's wildly in the wrong place or just have a question, please toss it in there and we will get to it soon. End of tour -- blast off! P.S. After every major update the forums must reindex content so search and activity stream results may be incomplete until it completes in the background. Typically this takes about 4-6 days because there's eleventy billion posts here. P.P.S. The "Recently Added Forums" feature will return in two weeks. It is off until then because technically everything is new to it and the homepage would be about 12 miles long.
  9. Want to check if we have a discussion area for a TV show? We got you. On the homepage, start typing in the Quick Show Search bar and after you type 3 letters, it will find you matching TV shows in real time. Continue to Tour Step 6: Small Items At The End
  10. The new My Homepage uses the follow button that's been with us forever to add TV shows to My Homepage. Hooray! You may already be following TV shows in which case your My Homepage has already been started! There's a few ways to follow TV shows to add to My Homepage so let's dip in: 1. When you are inside a TV show forum (typically big shows) or a TV show topic (typically smaller shows) there's a blue button with a white bookmark icon in it near the top of the page. That's the follow button. Click it and for now check to "Follow without notifications" option and click the "Follow" button. It's now on yer My Homepage! [Jazz hands] 2. We also have a one-stop shot that we call the TV Show Index. It's a list of every TV show discussion you can follow on one page. So load it up and click any show to follow it as explained above. Take a few minutes and now your My Homepage is strong like bull! By the power of Grayskull, you have a custom homepage! Shout out to our OG power users: the Manage Followed Content page is still there with the same functionality. Tour Step 5: Use The Quick Show Search
  11. Ok, now we're at the new feature. It's a complete overhaul and streamlining of the homepage customization engine that was in the process of imploding on the old site. We now preserve the default homepage view in addition to offering users the power to create a customized homepage with only the TV show discussion areas they want to keep tabs on. We call these the PTV Homepage (the default vanilla listing) and My Homepage (your customized TV show listing). The PTV homepage TV Shows section is organized by genre now. Guests and new users can explore TV show discussions by genres like Drama, Candid Reality and the confusingly-named-but-the-universe-is-going-with-it Genre Television (aka Nerd Shows!). Remember, like before, big show forums are listing on the homepage with smaller shows collected inside "Other [Name Of Genre] Shows" area. The TV Shows section on My Homepage will only show the TV shows you follow and they are organized here by letter. We'll talk more about on adding shows to your My Homepage in the next part but for now you should do is choose which homepage tab loads for you when you visit PTV. It's on your Account Settings page. Of course you can change this at any time. Continue to Tour Step 4: Let's Follow Some TV Shows
  12. There are two different ways to arrange the content in relation to the advertisements on the site. At narrower browser widths advertisements appear between content items like the old theme. At wider browser widths the content is uninterrupted by advertisements which present in the sidebar. Continue to Tour Step 3: Explore The Homepage Tabs
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    Tour Step 1: Pick A Theme

    Some people like a light theme, others like something dark. We've refactored our theme backend to make our themes to be more consistent and easier to change. There are 6 theme to choose from. Light colors in medium, large and x-large type and dark colors in medium, large and x-large type. You can choose your theme at the bottom of any page. Continue to Tour Step 2: Explore Ad/Content Flow Options
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    Start: Take The PTV 4.0 Tour

    Welcome back to the Previously.TV forums! We've got a new paint job, we re-organized a growing show forum library and we introduced a new way to customize what TV shows are featured on your homepage. So let's get into it. We've put together a highlights tour in the form of an exploration to do list. Continue to Part 1: Pick A Theme Here is (Anne) Murray, being very helpful by sitting on the 120+ pages of TV show forums we checked for genre mislabeling. It took a while due to the sheer number of forums involved and we'd apologize for the downtime.
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    S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    FYI, this does not work on Apple TV natively due to gremlins or something.