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  1. It's why I wish they would pick the team quicker. The longer TC goes on, the more stressed they get and they start to psych themselves out, questioning every little thing. Also, it would give the rookies a little more time before the first game to relax and enjoy the moment.
  2. scorpio1031

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Kate Middleton is probably thinking "Thank you!" for the attention focusing to Meghan. I think she's been able to do some stuff that she couldn't without reporters around. I don't mind a new story on a celebrity, but when they bring up the same old stuff. Like Jennifer Aniston - yes, we know she does yoga, she eats healthy, she doesn't mind not having kids, she is happy after divorce, etc. Same old stuff, every single time. As for the kids of Today, I admit I like to see them when they go on field trips. That's something different and always fun to watch. Now, Haley escaped her crib for the 100th time - that gets old. Jenna reading books to decide if she is a good parent or not - that is boring. However, I have to admit when her daughters ran out to see Sully - 😭😭😭
  3. Didn't she always battle her weight? I'm sure now is no different, but she doesn't have the pressure to fit back in the uniform. As for her dancing, she's missing the pop she usually had.
  4. scorpio1031

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I enjoyed his comments during the Jlo challenge about not doing it cause he just didn't want to:) He lost his parents within a few weeks of each other and he wants to enjoy life and make every moment count. Who can blame him.
  5. I like their Technique Tuesday videos - different choreographers/styles - get to see what they can all do.
  6. I wonder how Suzanne Mitchell was able to work the rule around Jerry's "friends." Did anyone go to Jennifer C's prep classes? Curious to know what she is like as a teacher.
  7. scorpio1031

    S16. E14. Once Upon a Tim

    I really didn't like the ep Friends and Lovers, but I loved the part where McGee gets into the club cause he is Thom E. Gemcity and the bouncer is a fan. And Tony is jealous. But yes, if Gibbs can be a part time carpenter when he isn't working, then McGee should still be writing.
  8. scorpio1031

    NCIS: Unpopular Opinions

    I like her, but I think it's cause the character of Abby was becoming annoying. And of course, all that drama of Abby and Gibbs not in the same room. Thank you for being professional actors🙄.
  9. It's why I get frustrated when people call the fraternization rules archaic. They were put in place by a woman ahead of her time for the protection of the girls on the squad.
  10. scorpio1031

    S16. E14. Once Upon a Tim

    A DOD employee auditing the team while a big case is going on involving computers? Wonder who the guilty party is. For those of us who saw Kill Screen in Season 8, this is familiar.
  11. I liked this one as well. And Rachel's hair looks better. She's featured in quite a few shots with Lexie and Alexis
  12. OMG!!!! That is what I was thinking when I posted😂
  13. I apologize if this has already been posted, but supposedly VK is not trying out for SYTYCD cause it interferes with training camp.
  14. Why do I have the feeling that we will be looking at Meltdown and Mascara: The Sequel🙄