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  1. Chris24601

    S01.E13: The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do

    Almost like he’s a... wait for it... Featherweight? (Ba dum bum) As for #noshame... if having wardrobe malfunctions when wolfing out is just the price Hope has to pay for being the Tribrid/most powerful supernatural in the world... well, that’s something I am perfectly okay with.
  2. Chris24601

    The Dragon Prince

    So, I have a new theory I thought I’d float. I think Callum is going to prove more adept with Sky than even the sky elves. My point of reference on this theory are a combination of Rayla’s initial description of how primal magic works without a primal stone, how we saw Aaravos working magic from all the Sources, and Callum’s description of how he understands the Sky arcanum. First is Rayla’s statement, which I take to be the elves’ default understanding of primal magic. She stated that, without a primal stone, you need to have the element around to actually work primal magic and how much you can work is in proportion to how much it’s around. She references that to do Sky magic you’d need an actual storm or at least strong winds to do anything. Second is Aaravos using primal magic through Viran, which reflects the understanding of perhaps the most powerful mage in history. While no explanation is given by him for how he can do it, Aaravos summons up magic from the Sun (fire), Sky (freezing someone solid, lightning) and Earth (turning someone to stone and shattering them)... in a dark enclosed room. How could Aaravos do this? By the basic understanding of primal magic, Aaravos would have needed both sunlight/a large fire and a thunderstorm (in addition to Earth) to pull off those effects. The answer I think comes in Callum’s connection to the Sky Arcanum. While most elves only think of their connection in terms of their own inner spark (thus localizating their connection to the Arcanum), Callum was forced to think bigger. He came to understand that the whole world is a great primal stone and he and everyone lives inside it. That’s why Callum didn’t actually need a stiff breeze either time he used “Aspiro”; because he’s connected to a primal stone that has every bit of weather in the entire world inside it. That’s why Aaravos didn’t need sun or storm in his actual location either... because the whole world is his primal stone. That’s why Callum will prove to be stronger with Sky than even most sky elves... he’s muddled his way through to a piece of understanding that is really only the province of archmages like Aaravos.
  3. Chris24601

    The Dragon Prince

    So, apparently some people have actually gone and done the work of translating the texts Viren tried to look at about Aaravos and, in a case of genuine Easter Eggs, were actually real stories/poems about Aaravos in other languages. The first was in Danish and translates to... "Aaravos - Finally he told me his name. I had never heard a name like his, but I also had never imagined an elf like him. He is stronger, older and wiser than any other magical being in Xadia. Nonetheless he is a friend for all humans. Where others look down on us, calls us inferior, he sees great potential in us. When we accept the gifts Aaravos has promised us, they will pay for their condescension, they will be forced to see us as equals. When we are equals, we will take our fate in our own hands and build our future. I see it before me in my dreams." The “gifts” of Aaravos to make men equal to the elves strongly suggests he is the one who created Dark Magic and gave it to men. He apparently claims to want to elevate the humans, but Dark Magic is predicated on killing others magical beings so it’s kinda hard to take him at his word there. It feels a lot more like he wanted a war between Men and Elves or to use the potential of Men to make them his army against the rest of Xadia. If so, he’s almost certainly the Big Bad. The interesting thing to me is that because he’s the master of all six primal sources + dark magic, Aaravos almost feels like an evil Avatar. The reason I find that interesting is because it helps better define the likely ending. With an extremely powerful and sigular master-of-all as a villain who started the war and the intitial setup being young people from opposing sides putting aside their differences to end the war I don’t think “Callum masters all schools of magic” is as likely as “Callum, Ezran and Rayla unite humans and elves embodying each of the primal sources who are together more than the sum of their parts.”
  4. Chris24601

    S01.E13: The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do

    Tyler absolutely got a raw deal. Not only did Landon get to keep his pants, shoes and shirt, but Raf was found fully clothed after transforming into a wolf and shifting back in a fugue state. Hope needs to learn that power. To date she’s the only werewolf on the show to have been shown needing to grab someone else’s jacket because she shifted back without any clothes on. Also nice in the episode was Hope referencing her mother’s side of the family for a change. I know the Mikaelsons are a big deal supernaturally, but the Crescent Moon Pack as the only werewolves with voluntary shapeshifting and descendants of the witch who created the werewolf curse in the first place is nothing to sneeze at either. The fact that Hope appears to be the only werewolf in the school with voluntary shapeshifting and also has the ability to heal werewolf bites (in case a bite happens despite their precautions) establishes yet another reason why she basically gets free run of the Salvatore School (along with the massive funding from the Mikaelson estate putting them on the map). Someone up thread mentioned siphoners being able to siphon werewolf toxin, but I suspect the reason they explicitly used Hope for the cure was precisely to showcase that, even though MG had killed someone she cared about and had opened up to, she still willingly saved MG’s life. That’s a good character moment making a distinction between Hope and her father since I’m pretty sure Klaus would have never been so forgiving in the same situation. It also firmly establishes Hope as having the ability to heal werewolf bites which is handy since the twins seem to only be in about half the episodes while Hope is clearly in the “must appear in every episode” category. Who knows when the writers will want to inject some drama with a werewolf bite, but need to write around the twins’ absence. Actually, other than Alaric and Hope I don’t think anyone is an “every episode” cast member. Someone’s going to need to do a count at the end of the season for the various members. If I were to guess I’d bet most everyone else is at 13 episodes a season which makes the juggling interesting (I’m still hoping for a Caroline appearance at some point too).
  5. Chris24601

    S01.E13: The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do

    My read is that his resurrection isn’t tied to duration, but conditions. Specifically the Phoenix rises from the ashes at the dawn of a new day (hence him being backlit by the rising sun right after). What is very fortunate for Landon is that apparently it also resurrected his clothing along with him even though it all caught on fire. I was fully expecting him to come out buck naked and for Alaric to do a whole hand over Hope’s eyes gag when Landon stood up not realizing his clothes were gone.
  6. Chris24601

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    Of all the options I’ve heard, something like this makes the most sense to me. Only I wouldn’t have it be a test; I’d have the Orville crew and/or Isaac “win” by presenting the Kaylon with a new variable to consider. Like Ed said in this episode, join/not join is a simple binary choice. So is kill/not kill. So what fits with the MO of the “weirdest ship in the fleet” would be for the crew to make the choice into a non-binary one; something the Kaylon’s can’t easily resolve, possibly even a version of the AI logic bomb (“everything he says is a lie.” “I’m lying to you.”). Basically, force the Kaylon to hit pause on the Eradication until they can resolve the contradictions. If they want to redeem Isaac have him be the one to develop and present this non-binary condition (with a prerequisite that resolving this issue will require extended further first-hand study... thus Isaac must remain and continue to observe). This ends the Kaylon threat for now, but leaves the potential for it to return if the issue is ever resolved. Isaac gets enough redemption by basically saving the Union from annihilation to keep serving on the Orville, but with enough tension to add drama (i.e. being a member of a species that’s probably going to genocide you as soon as it resolves the logic bomb you dropped on them). Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad “unconsidered element” to make the Kaylon pause their plans... rather in the vein of Alara giving the super advanced aliens a massive database of reality television in trade from freeing Ed and Kelly from their zoo. Reveal the absolute stagnation of the Kaylon (basically the opposite of the Borg who kept adapting) and then introduce some element of human culture that Isaac hasn’t been exposed to yet that is also a solution to some long-standing Kaylon problem they have been unable to overcome. The argument then becomes “we’re superior, but if we spare them and study them we might be able to become even more superior.” Then the Kaylons hit pause until they can figure out the benefits of keeping around the inferior but creative/innovative beings who can make them better vs. the danger they might eventually catch up enough that genociding them later might prove impossible. To fit with the theme we opened this episode on it should probably be something related to a children’s game where you can only win by thinking outside the box or by employing little kid logic (if you don’t like the game, invent new rules). Thus, Ty and Marcus end up beating not just Isaac, but the entire Kaylon invasion.
  7. Chris24601

    The Dragon Prince

    I lean towards Viren telling the truth about Sarai’s death because it tracks with the man who actually went to Harrow just before the Moonshadow elf attack willing to take Harrow’s place (at least right up til Harrow threw all of it back in his face). He was using the primal stone for spells when he could back them and essentially didn’t seem as corrupt, but rather as the guy trying to solve the problem his friend had created with his big heart and misplaced guilt for having been born a prince. Yeah, Viren is a villain, but he’s (ironically) not a cartoon villain. He’s the perfect example of the road to Hell being paved with good intentions. Everything he’s doing is what he thinks is right and he thinks he’s the hero of the story (the story where he and his mastery of dark magic saves humanity). His fatal flaw os that keeps trying to solve his problems with the same thing that’s caused all the problems in the first place because he thinks he’s being pragmatic to take the easy path when it’s clear that magic in this story follows Murphy’s Laws of Combat (“the important things are always simple, the simple things are always hard and the easy way is always mined.”). It’s like taking out loans to buy lottery tickets on the grounds that if you can just hit that jackpot you’ll be able to pay it all back and come out ahead overall even as you’re digging yourself deeper in debt with every attempt. So no, he may want the princes dead, but he’s basing that decision on the dangers of a peace-loving young king going into what he sees as an inevitable war. I took him at his word when he said he’d be equally fine with Amaya on the throne instead of him because he sees an adult who can make the hard choices he’s willing to make (Amaya was willing to be left behind to speed the return of the party who captured the Titan’s Heart back before Thunder returned... it was Harrow who overruled her). Only when she refused to take the throne and insisted that Ezran become king did Viren plot to kill the princes. * * * * As to Aanya, she did have a regent. Viren was expecting her regent to show up to the meeting and got derailed because Aanya decided she was old enough to rule in her own right without the regent. * * * * * Also, yes, I could see Soren’s recovery being temporary and require recurring sacrifices to maintain. It would definitely add weight to Claudia choosing to give up dark magic herself down the line if one of the prices would be Soren becoming a quadriplegic again (at the same time, if they go the one arcanum per character approach, I could see Soren finding a connection with the Stars (source of prophecy) as a tradeoff for returning to his crippled state.
  8. Chris24601

    The Dragon Prince

    Its been almost a week and the admins position is basically "if its available it counts as having aired" so I'm dropping the spoiler tags at this point. My guess is that it took almost nine years to kill Thunder because Thunder was basically a physical god and nothing short of dark magic was going to be able to destroy him. We already saw what a comparably minor dragon did with one swat to Soren, the Queens were taken out together with a single tail swipe and Sorai got killed by a near miss from Thunder's breath. Viren is a villain, but his threat assessment of what the Dragon Prince could do if fully grown (and what the forces of Xadia could do if provoked) is right on target. That's why the mission to return the Dragon Prince is actually so important; the way the two sides are pushing at each other and escalating it's only going to be a matter of time before we're looking at genocide against one side or the other (one could argue the 'drive all peoples of an ethnic group out of their lands' version has already been committed by the elves/dragons against the humans with the 'sins' of a comparative few humans as the justification for why it was right to take away the lands of all of them). So my guess is that it took nine years for Viren to come up with a means of actually killing Thunder and took it to King Harrow who took it because he was still nursing the loss of his wife. If he wasn't one would have expected the king to remarry at some point in those nine years, if only for the stability of the line of succession (Heir and a Spare; despite being called "Prince" Callum wouldn't be in the line of succession for any real world monarchy... he's the son of the queen consort by a previous marriage and was not adopted because Harrow didn't want to impose on Callum's love for his biological father) and to provide Ezran and Callum with the stability of some type of mother figure. Basically, if not for Rayla's soft heart Kotolis would have lost both the King and his only actual heir by the end of the third episode. You don't put the kingdom in jeopardy that way unless your judgment is compromised by something like still grieving over the loss of your first wife. My suspicion is that Harrow rather blamed himself for Sarai's death... she disagreed with the course of action, but went along anyway and ended up dying to keep the mission from being in vain. In a sense, I almost think he had a death wish and, if not for the threat to Ezran and Callum, was probably more than willing to go down swinging and join his beloved wife in death as his penance for having got her killed in the first place. * * * * * Based on Ezran's age at the time of her death, I can't image Harrow and Sarai were married more than a few years, but we have no idea how long their courtship was or how long they might have known each other before that courtship began. For all we know, Harrow may have been close friends with Callum's biological father before he died and perhaps grew up in both his and Sarai's company in much the way that Callum and Ezran grew up in proximity to Soren and Claudia. * * * * * Finally, anyone else wanna take a stab at the title for book three? My guesses are either Sun (based on where Callum and Rayla left off and the Sunfire Elves on the border... perhaps with a focus on its dual aspects as both healer and destroyer) or Earth (based on it being Ezran's turn for a season more focused on him and his animal speech being a thing connected to the Earth primal source).
  9. Chris24601

    The Dragon Prince

    Though the official policy is 'once its out it doesn't need spoilers', because this is show is a single thread I'm going to give it til the end of the week for politeness sake. With a total run time of just over three and a half hours I figure its comparable to a long movie and I typically wait about a week on movie spoilers because weekends are sometimes too busy to actually get around to seeing them. If someone decides to drop spoilers before then I'll do the same for those items though since it'd be silly to keep it up once the cat is out of the bag. To the topic at hand;
  10. Chris24601

    The Dragon Prince

    Seeing young King Harrow and Viren really brings to mind the saying about “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions” and how it all started to go wrong.
  11. Chris24601

    The Dragon Prince

    Some additional spoiler-y thoughts now that I’ve slept on it;
  12. Chris24601

    The Dragon Prince

    Bingewatch for the Win. Non-spoiler-ly thoughts; You can definitely see the improvement in the animation. Experimentation is all well and good, but not every experiment is a winner and I'm glad they're willing to course correct when its clearly not working. The story was excellent and remained pretty character focused. Everyone's decisions made sense for where they were at and while it answered a number of questions from season one, I think it left us with just as many new ones going into season three. Now onto the spoiler-y bits; So, when does season three drop? I'm absolutely ready.
  13. Chris24601

    Carmen Sandiego

    I think they’ve gone and done a rather clever twist with “the real story.” What does VILE believe? That Carmen is working with ACME and Chase is her partner. i.e. Carmen’s traditional backstory. Conversely, thanks to an impromptu check-in by the Chief, ACME now completely buys Chase’s theory that Carmen is the leader of VILE. i.e. Carmen’s traditional present occupation. One could almost say the show has made Carmen’s traditional set-up a case of “the elephant” where each party has part of the puzzle and so completely misinterpreted what they’re seeing.
  14. Chris24601

    S01.E10: There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True

    I am always fascinated by alternate timelines and what they can do to inform the main narrative. First, even if this was Lizzie’s episode, each of the timelines also showcased why Hope is so central to the narrative (because each one was essentially a Hope-shaped hole. For example, no wonder Hope kinda gets away with so much; Her dad’s fortune and that version of a locator spell she brought along made the difference between a shell struggling along on what goodwill a mortal Damon and Elena could provide to the struggling side of the family and it being a thriving and well-funded campus. It also looks to have confirmed theories about what happens if Hope is killed (because she’s always got vampire blood in her system)... she loses her magic and becomes a hybrid. I do wonder about the specifics of how her life went without the school. Clearly there everyone in family was dead by the time Alaric found her and the Hollow wasn’t still inside her so my hunch is that after season four (when she would have gone to the school) she instead stayed with her mom in New Orleans until a variation of season five happened, Hayley died as before and the spell to get the Hollow out of her may have actually killed her (making her transition to a vamp-hybrid) and presumably there were messier ends for Freya and Rebecca as well. The second timeline is interesting because from Hope’s dialogue, Klaus (and therefore Elijah) was still very much alive and expanding the school. Providing the school for Hope was actually making Klaus a much better man than he ever became in the actual timeline (note to show: THAT is how you do a plausible redemption; have them work for things bigger than themselves for an extended and ongoing period of time). Since Hope seemed non-traumatized in an almost over-the-top way I’m guessing Hayley was probably also still alive in that timeline... which ironically would have made it the fairytale version of “The Originals” where everyone got their happy ending. The final timeline was interesting in that it showcased what a huge impact Hope had on her family and in making Klaus someone better than he was. One other thing (from the first AU) also sparked with the Gemini merge thing. Unlike time it happened on TVD, Josie and Lizzie are literally the last members of the Gemini Coven. They’re also both siphoners so the solution is obvious; one of them should die and become a vamp-witch hybrid. Maybe they both have to do it to keep it from happening, but it seems like an obvious way around the problem that “wait until 21 years, 364 days then drink some vampire blood, take a “big blue shot” and wake up a vampire whose mother is probably the best person on the planet to teach you how to deal with it” should probably be the stated “what’s planned to happen” instead of the actual twin merge.
  15. Chris24601

    S01.E09: What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?

    I'm not surprised that it's the Hope show (well, Hope and Alaric show) largely because of the show's title; Raf, Landon, MG and Kaleb don't really fall under the heading of "Legacies." Which means the best hope of keeping it from being "the Hope show" is to get more focus on the other two legacies who've been off with their mother (hopefully this means that whatever lead Caroline was pursuing petered out so she'll actually be turning up in Mystic Falls at some point in the future... because putting some focus on Alaric and Caroline's weird family dynamic for a while would be a good way to draw the attention away from Hope.