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  1. Stella Rose

    S02.E09: The Dance

    And for one brief, brilliant season he was amazing as Harry Houdini in Houdini and Doyle.
  2. Stella Rose

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Well played, friend. Well played!
  3. Stella Rose

    S08.E08: Soujourn

    The cheese on this episode was so thick, I had a wee conga line of mice lined up trying to nibble on the TV. Bless. I have never seen Cody Fern before, but there is something very compelling about him as an actor. He kind of has that 'thing' that is just not something you can nail down, but he is quite intriguing. I imagine he will do great things in the future (if he can get away from RM, ha ha). Honestly, If not for him, I would have stopped this madness 3 episodes in. Dreadful.
  4. Stella Rose

    S7 E6: All The Proof

    Damn you show. You killed Benny - and off-screen to make it even worse. (Poor Severide and the guilt he will be fighting for the next umpteen episodes). I love Treat Williams to ridiculous degree. I only hope this frees him up for a new weekly show. I will miss his occasional visits. Love him to bits. Glad the Gorsch-weasel plot is finally over. The writers really need to get over this whole '51 in danger of being split up thing' lather/rinse/repeat. There is enough built in drama with the fires, rescues, and the relationships ... there really is no need to threaten Boden/the gang/the station every damn season. Please, just stop!
  5. Stella Rose

    S01.E07: Everythingship

    He and Rob Lowe must compare notes. Any idea how many episodes remail? I liek this show, have watched since day 1, but I am feeling it's nearing it's expiration date for me.
  6. Stella Rose

    S07.E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    I felt like I was at the damn dentist for two hours... Amber and all of her 'fillings'. I call BS on this whole thing. I hope Danielle and Bobby really make it, but we know the other two couples are doomed as hell.
  7. BF (and LK) both wear clothes very, very well. So I admit I am a few days behind, (well, 10 actually) but I damn near peed myself when Dee as Hattie was dancing. I swear, her favorite movie must be the same as mine... Big Man on Campus. Skip to 1.15 - I promise it's worth a peek. Funniest movie ever.
  8. And frankly, I miss those days. I am not a fan of bathroom humor or seeing people on toilets at all. Yes, everyone does it, but honestly TMI for adverts.
  9. Stella Rose

    Live PD

    Bless, I love me some Dan Abrams, moobs, skinny, or not. I have loved him since the Abrams Report and even before that... when he covered the Bush/Clinton hanging chad thing. Dan, if you are still single, I still love you!! (I know he had cancer back in the day - testicular - I am hoping his loss of weight does not mean it's back.) My favorite Dan moment was when he interviewed the Pets.com puppet... (piss, can't find it - it was GOLD!)
  10. This makes me think of my favorite commercial of all time. If you say so, Mr. Loggia~!
  11. In my town there are 10-12 Aldi stores, only 2 of them are decent enough to shop at without worrying about bringing home bugs. They are decent for packaged goods, canned foods, etc. at a bargain. I wander in occasionally when the 3 stepkids descend for the weekend and I have to feed and juice the lot. Commercials... got nothin' sorry.
  12. Stella Rose

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Yes, there is this slight hisssssss with every S sound. It is becoming an earwig. I notice it most with young, white females.
  13. Stella Rose

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    This is not a specific advert, but I have noticed lately the attack 'sibilant S' (I think is what it's called) is nearing epidemic proportions in ads. It is making my ears hurt how much people seem to be over-enunciating the 's' sound everywhere in a word. It is making me insane. It's like people are hissing all over the place. Do you know the sound I mean? Everyone talks about the vocal fry, but this is different...
  14. Stella Rose

    S07.E14: Down To the Wire

    I could easily get married and have someone to take care of me, both financially and emotionally. I do not see how it is selfish or self centered because I have chosen to be an independent woman. I have seen quite a few people so desperate to get married, then they catch the baby rabies and are miserable. Them and their kids. How is that better. Just look at 2/3 of these goofball couples. Miserable. Granted they were matched up by TV 'experts' (cough), but I don't see a lot of people I know doing much better when choosing for themselves. Amber is ready to get knocked up just because she is ticking... what will become of that kid? I have nothing against marriage or kids. It's just not something I ever desired for myself. I also do not see this madcap freedom of which you speak. I work 10-12 hours a day to afford to keep a modest home and a 15 year old car. I am not jetting off to Paris every third Tuesday. I am certainly NOT outgoing, and I see no reason why I have to 'give of my life' to anyone as you said.
  15. Stella Rose

    S07.E14: Down To the Wire

    That is a very interesting assumption. I have always been called selfish for not wanting or having kids, As opposed to all the people who ask me "Well who is going to take care of you when you get old??" That sounds WAY more selfish to me. Now, I am self centered because I choose to be single?