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  1. Arcadiasw

    Dragon Ball Super

    Funimation's always taking liberties. I saw the movie. I don't know how it is in your area but if there are multiple showings go to the earliest one. It was limited in my area with one theater at 7pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I didn't mind the packed theater but I hate when people are yelling or talking so loud I can't hear what was said on screen and it happened a few times. Unless you REALLY want to see it and can't avoid spoilers, I would wait for DVD since I think an extended edition will be released with scenes that didn't make the movie. There were times where the editing was obvious and you're left wondering what else happened in this scene. If you were expecting to see someone from the main cast that's not named Goku, Vegeta and Bulma then wait for the DVD. If you want to see a long fight that definitely has influence from Marvel and DC fights in movies and rehashing from previous DB arcs then go to the theater, but if you go, go early or if the crowd dies but I don't know how long this will actually be in theaters.
  2. Arcadiasw

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    Not surprised Randall won but I was hoping Beth wouldn’t forgive Randle so quickly. How can Randall throw being a stay-at-home Dad in front of Beth when HE was the one who quit his job? Also Beth did it for years while working part time. On top of calling it junk, I was annoyed with Kate telling Toby he had to sell his stuff in the first place. I understand they have to make space for the kid but it doesn’t mean you have to sell your things unless YOU want to. Put it in storage. I’m on the kid’s side for not giving the collection back to her. I find it hard to believe Kate didn’t realize how valuable Toby’s toys were. Kate’s 38, not 88 and has two brothers who are in the age range of watching the OT growing up on TV and the Prequels when they came out in theaters when they were in their teens and early 20s. That's how voting is some areas, especially churches. Some people rather have their religious leader tell them who to vote for instead of doing the research themselves.
  3. Arcadiasw

    Dragon Ball Super

    Or how about the part where Goku comments Freeza won't repent so his soul can't cross over. So, does this mean Freeza's Dad and even Cell have repented? Since Dende told Goku this, does this mean Goku's been keeping tabs on Freeza. It just seems like a random fact he would know. Tell me about it. Being a Super Saiyan used to be an amazing thing and now it's made into a joke. Even Trunks and Goten turning Super Saiyan so quickly isn't as bad as this.
  4. Arcadiasw

    Dragon Ball Super

    I'm so used to DBS Goku that him wanting Freeza be the tenth member makes sense as well as their entire dialogue at the end. Goku knows how to play the fool but he knows how to manipulate things to get his way and he can remove himself emotionally when there are things at stake like the universe. Goku's also thinking ahead so he knows what to expect from Freeza unlike others. 18 was gonna drop out because there was no prize money and she knew her kid risk being wiped out. I actually laughed at how Vegeta and Krillin were against Freeza joining them even for a day. Would've been a perfect time for Tien and Yamcha (if he were there) to remind Vegeta he was responsible for their deaths and they had to work with him when they didn't want to and accept him living on Earth all this time and trust him again after he became Majin Vegeta. Krillin married a killer. Freeza is worst, but they are running out of options and for this, they need to swallow their pride and emotions. And so, Goku can IT to the Other World. After everything else, nothing is surprising anymore.
  5. Arcadiasw

    Dragon Ball Super

    No. I meant on the Kai's planet after the fight with Evil Boo. Vegeta was gonna finish off Fat Boo while he was still unconscious (I think) but Goku and Mr. Satan pleaded with Vegeta to spare him.
  6. Arcadiasw

    Dragon Ball Super

    At least everyone (well except Chichi again) knows the truth about the Tournament of Power but I found it odd 18 still planned to drop out because there wasn't any prize money. You would think the threat of your kid being wiped out would be motivation to fight. Boo continues to be useless. Interesting I saw DBZ Kai last night where Vegeta kills off Nappa for being dead weight. I think Vegeta should've done the same to Boo in DBZ when he had the chance.
  7. Arcadiasw

    Love Is

    And it's gone like that. Love Is Cancelled. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/salim-akil-and-mara-brock-akils-love-is-___-canceled-by-own-following-abuse-claim-1203093343/ If true, Yasir didn't grow up after all.
  8. Arcadiasw

    Dragon Ball Super

    Hahaha. Goku obviously. Before Boo, he was the gluttonous one but he burned what he ate. ;)
  9. Arcadiasw

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    I'm terrible but I laughed at the kids' reaction on Bruce Lee being dead. I love those kids, especially Molly, Tyler and Noble "I'll just grab my Dad's ax and you know what." I love Molly's, "Well they're robbing my house, I might as well." "Seven dollar smackdown."
  10. Arcadiasw

    Dragon Ball Super

    I'll wait to see what happens next week but has Fat Boo ever proven useful in Super?
  11. Arcadiasw

    S05.E08: Christmas in Theater Eight

    Maybe they finally realized that and are subtly acknowledging it. Agreed and Bow's talk should've happened months ago.
  12. Arcadiasw

    This Is Us In The Media

    This Is Us was snubbed for the Golden Globes https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2018/12/06/golden-globes-biggest-snubs/2221430002/
  13. Arcadiasw

    Dragon Ball Super

    Thanks. I remember seeing that somewhere about Tien and Chioatzu. Couldn't remember where. Yeah, I read about Chichi being a stereotype but it's really extreme to the point it's not funny, In DBZ it was funny at times. In Super, not so much. As for Chichi's motivation for Gohan. Good point. Could stem from both.
  14. Arcadiasw

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    Julia Roberts face when she learned her turkey was dry was hilarious. I love Jeff Daniels. His interview was great. The book wasn't part of my curriculum either. I read A Farewell to Arms, too but my Mom made me read To Kill A Mockingbird. :)
  15. Arcadiasw

    S05.E07: Friends Without Benefits

    Jack: Let me look up, "Men's room junk." They really bombed with Junior and his gap year. Would've been better if Junior went to school nearby and he botched the dorm application and has to live home for a year. I thought Charlie knew all of Bow's info because he has a secret camera in the house. I forgot the family has a dog. Wouldn't mind seeing the friend again but it's probably a one episode deal.