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  1. theatremouse

    S04.E10: Super Queen Grand Finale

    I can't remember, in previous All-Stars Finales was the winner always based on the entire season PLUS the finale performances? Or was that new this time?If it were just based on what they did in the finale, it should've been Monet, all the way. Trinity's lyrics were boring and she was visibly counting steps during her choreography. You could see it in her eyes the entire number. That's not winning. I thought she'd for sure knocked herself out of the running with that alone. Her runway, I'll grant it, was amazing. But that's not enough to make up for (to me) botching the song and dance. I also didn't love her lipsync. It's sort of hard to say since it's so edited I once again felt like I only saw 12 seconds of it, but I find myself regularly having the same reactions to Trinity's lipsyncs: she does the big, flashy, expected, drag lipsync dance moves. Every time. Having nothing to do with the lyrics of the song, or where the moves fall in the song. She reminds me of the SNL sketch about Drag Race. You could pick the moves out of a hat, arrange them in any order, and get her performance. Monet's lipsync was smaller, but more specific and seemed like she'd thought about what she wanted to do when in this specific song. I'd much rather watch that sort of performance. All that said, Toddrick, Toddrick, Toddrick: there is a very easy watch to teach people to do cartwheels very quickly. If you really were considering having any of them do one, don't just say "do a cartwheel" and see what happens. Spend the minute and a half actually showing them the technique. Then have them try it. That just screamed "producers want some goofy outtakes of bad cartwheels" rather than sincere choreographer actually ever intended to have anyone do one.
  2. theatremouse

    S05.E14: Cupid's Crossbow

    This wasn't weird to me. She's his mother's best friend and has been for years. They have an almost familial relationship. I could see my mom's best friend spending the day with me for lots of non-creepy reasons. Add in the sitcom factor and these hijinx did not strike me as super out of line. I didn't think they were writing/treating Honey like a child.
  3. theatremouse

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Their business model covers a good deal of that. You either get it at a vending machine or they deliver it to you. You then have 7 days to test drive, send it to a mechanic for inspection, etc. The part they're trying to eliminate is the "being at the dealer and talking to humans and haggling", not the in-person evaluation of the vehicle.
  4. theatremouse

    The Masked Singer

    It's the Joseph wig and he was referring to Joseph being thrown in jail in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I think they're doing some obvious misdirect in the clue pacages for most of the contestants to make people think of multiple people. Like how a few of Tori's seemed to be pointing in a Paris Hilton-ish direction. And some of the Peacock clues are pointing in a Neil Patrick Harris direction. They're hitting the magic angle harder than necessary during the Peacock clues and when he twirled the fabric in the last one I immediately thought "dreamcoat" but people I was with were like "rainbow flag!" and we had to go back and rewind. Only on second watch did it make me think...ok yeah it sort of looked rainbow flag ish, but the move he did with it is 100% dreamcoat, and the wig is definitely Joseph. Plus I thought he sounded like Donny from the first note he ever sang on the show and listening to him has never made me doubt it for a second. So I think some of the NPH-ish seeming clues are to try to make the audience less sure. I did think it was hilarious when McCarthy guessed Donny but then still had no idea what the wig was. I think the Monster sounds like Jamie Foxx, although he seems more famous than I'd expect to be willing to participate on this show. Then again, I feel like it's probable that at least one of the contestants is probably "too famous" for people to guess. I'm hoping they got someone big to have a better surprise factor on at least one of the reveals.
  5. theatremouse

    S44.E12: Halsey

    I did not read that part of the scene as it "devolving into a bunch of hens talking over each other". I thought it was showing the congresswomen in question as splutteringly mad at the complete lack of logic of what they were listening to. I didn't see anything gendered about how they were reacting. They weren't talking over each other at each other. They were just all reacting outloud simultaneously. The point wasn't "now they're bickering" but rather "now they're all reacting similarly".
  6. theatremouse

    Dragon Ball Super

    I do not enjoy the new ending credits music now that the tournament has started.
  7. theatremouse

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    I don't think he wants to have a child with Zack's wife or Zack. He wants them to choose him because he's the best. I thought Howard said he "pulled strings at NASA" to get the reservation, implying he did not pay full price (or possibly didn't pay at all).
  8. theatremouse

    Kids Baking Championship

    The TH responses are not usually scripted, but it's also true they probably didn't make those comments on their own. The general practice on these types of shows is that a PA with a clipboard and a list of questions asks the contestants, and all TH's are responses to that. So we're seeing one half of a conversation. PA asks Meadow "Did you feel like Karthik was mansplaining during the challenge?" What we see is the response to that. Rinse repeat. Paige and Nyah saying the same thing also probably says more about the wording of what they were asked than anything else.
  9. theatremouse

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    There was that whole bit in the middle of the song with the dude who had side effects and a bunch of the other dancers told him to consult his doctor to try a different med that might not have the same problem. I don't think they glossed over what you mentioned, even if they didn't go super detailed either. The message I got from the song wasn't "take meds and be all better!" It was "we acknowledge that are probably a lot of reasons you're not even considering them, but please consider them." I thought they said she'd been in the hospital one week? One struck me as plausible. I was confused about the whole plot of the doctor signing her out though. I realize it might be different depending on the procedure, but I literally just had surgery (not heart surgery) and they told me before they started basically that unless something went horribly wrong during or after the fact, I'd be leaving at a certain point. So as long as the nurses checked whatever needed checking, and I didn't report any new/worse/scary symptoms, I was going to leave when the doctor said. So it was weird to me the day before the doctor couldn't have just left orders that as long as she met XYZ checklist the following morning, she was fine to leave. Being delayed leaving the hospital was very realistic to me, but not the for the reasons presented. It seems like it's all he does in his spare time.
  10. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    I saw that homer live and remember my thought process being "that seems well struck...wait...what...WHAT.... what just happened!" Definitely a "maybe we are living in a simulation" moment.
  11. theatremouse

    S04.E09: Sex and the Kitty Girl

    I didn't like Trinity's runway look. She performed the hell out of it, but I thought it looked like a straight-up costume from Cats but she didn't do Cats face makeup. She did her normal drag makeup underneath, which I get was a choice, but it didn't land for me. Monique's worked for me. I didn't think Trinity's Kim was great. It was fine, but it wasn't fabulous. I agreed with Huffman about the Kristin Davis character, and actually found myself while watching the scenes first annoyed at certain facial tics Monet was doing and then I'd sort of do a double-take at myself and think "no wait, actually...that's exactly what Kristin Davis did on that show". The writing just wasn't good enough for any of it to actually showcase a good impression. So even when some of them were doing good impressions it didn't always land and I don't blame the performers. Monique also had a very very Kristen Johnsten thing going on. In the rehearsal I was worried she'd be way overboard (and maybe she was and editing helped) but watching the final piece, it really screamed the person she was supposed to be immitating. So, win there. I guess OK fine Sure on giving Naomi credit for trying to challenge herself...except she completely failed. The worst by a long shot. Felt like she was in a skit in a high school class. (not even a high school play for drama club, like a skit students had 30 minutes to come up with in a hallway before coming back to class and doing it) It's one thing to say "it's not a good look to pick a role you can hide in and hope nobody notices" and it's a very different thing to then cast yourself as the lead just cuz you can but then do a terrible job at it. She suuuuuuuucked. Miscasting herself did her no favors. Not that I think she'd have likely been better as any of the others either.
  12. theatremouse

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I think the point is "see all the extra visibility you have with these cameras". They're not prepping for a real alligator scenario (nor implying that's a common real life use case), just using an extreme to illustrate you can see all over at low heights, be it alligators, or the neighbor's chihuahua, or a horde of belly-crawling zombies. That type of visibility is a real concern with SUVs like the equinox so I don't think it's terribly preposterous to want to highlight it.I'd rather watch slow gators approach than say...releasing a ton of mice or something else to swarm the vehicle.
  13. theatremouse

    Kids Baking Championship

    What Jaxson did and Karthik did were totally different to me. Jaxson was being totally self-absorbed. He wasn't mansplaining; he just wanted what he wanted and was OK steamrolling to get it, and Madison, as she noted, didn't want to argue about it so she let him have it rather than sit through his hissy fit. Which is what he did. With his "I HAVE to make a vanilla cake!" He was having a very Veruca Salt moment. Karthik on the other hand Thought He Had Great Ideas For the Team. Maple was his doing and it overwhelmed both their cakes. Meadow may have been the one to put it in? Which might be why she seemed to get the bigger ding for it since it totally obliterated any chance of tasting the apple. But he was all MAPLE ON THE WHOLE OUTSIDE. And he was mos' def' mainsplaining and then mainsplained mansplaining. The big/small team in a way had both the easiest and hardest. They could do ANYTHING to represent those opposites and seemed to get totally stuck because it wasn't as obvious as something like night and day. Davis' decorations were "big" in the context of how large cake decorations generally are, but they weren't big in general. That was a life-sized coffee cup and chocolate bar. Normal size for the actual things. And Jenna's "small" decorations were not remotely small enough for it to read as small by comparison. Plus she was chocolate dipping actual raspberries....so...that's also life-size of the object it was. If they wanted to do decorations that communicated the flavors of each side they needed to really go drastic on the size differential. She needed to be doing tiny, like currant-sized lemons and raspberries. And he needed a giant cocoa and espresso bean or something. Like, one of each taking up that whole side of the cake. Otherwise, they needed to not be so focused on the decorations having anything to do with the flavors. They didn't even satisfy the opposites challenge as far as I'm concerned. Not at all. Even if her royal icing whatever it was she was aiming for worked, or were good or they did the original drip cake idea....they didn't fulfill the challenge. Heck, they could've done something similar to the fire and ice cake and done HUGE rosettes on one side and piped tiny star tips all over the other side. Done. (They might not have had time to do something that involved, but my point is they could've done anything to represent big and small and they didn't do it at all).
  14. theatremouse

    S12.E14: The Meteorite Manifestation

    I get that, but I'm saying because I live in Southern California and have remodeled a house, the writers writing it that way took me out of the episode.
  15. theatremouse

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    I'm not opposed to the meds storyline here, and I'm not a mental health professional, but I was under the impression it is very common with BPD for meds to not actually really be very helpful at all. It's apparently one of the trickiest things to treat, so one the one hand, yes it's good if Rebecca is willing to take her doctors' advice and stick to a plan, that includes multiple treatments, but given all her trauma with medications in the past (even though she's clearly being asked to take different meds now) I wasn't immediately super convinced that pushing the pills angle were necessarily a good approach for this specific person. I have been having a very rough week and I had this moment of "oh crap, it's the last season, they totally might kill Paula, oh no, oh no, oh no" so I was very glad she didn't die at least in this episode. HEPP, y'all, Paula had all of it.