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  1. Fostersmom

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    JInger might not wear pants around the TTH or when she's with her family not so much for her parents but for her siblings. There's still a passel of believers there. If I had all those brothers and sisters who still believed the nonsense, it would probably just be easier to go along with it when I was around them.
  2. Fostersmom

    S05.E08: Missing in Action

    I think the real question will be will Greg finally lose his shit on Jeanette and Jazz and pull the plug on their continual nonsense.
  3. Fostersmom

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    Yes to all of these. Sarah's martyr act, poor, poor her, "having" to always cook a Kentucky dish (just ignore the fact she spends pretty much every challenge telling the rest how her dishes are going to be heads above what their version would be, because she's from Kentucky and they aren't) has grated from the start. And while I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt for nerves from speaking with a microphone, she seemed to amp up the "y'alls" when she was talking about her inspiration and it seemed contrived. As did her sudden story about the real reason she pissed and cried when the waffle mix was called out having to do with her grandfather. She's long outstayed her welcome and I'm going to be pissed if she makes it to the end.
  4. Fostersmom

    A.P. Bio

    I could have sworn this was cancelled, so I'm oddly happy to see it will be back.
  5. Fostersmom

    S05.E07: Your Girl Jazz has a Boyfriend!

    Greg needs to tell Jeanette if she wants Jazz to continue to have all these surgeries, he needs to work to keep his health insurance. Maybe that would shut her up.
  6. Fostersmom

    S44.E12: Halsey

    The hand off of the bird was hilarious, it just wasn't moving, and then Pete looked terrified at a later flash of him still having it perched on his arm. The thing is though, her millennial characters are pretty spot on to so many floating around on IG, it's not like she's too crazy far off the mark. The IG couple was perfect. So many young dumbass couples act exactly like them, I loved them. The hat and overalls and Mikey's whole persona were just exact. The stage at the thank yous did seem empty. I didn't see the whole cast though either. I looked for Pete, I wanted to see him in his crazy corpse makeup, but I didn't see him or Che for that matter.
  7. Fostersmom

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    They are in a restaurant. There's menu cards and money on the table.
  8. Fostersmom

    Jacob and Izzy

    Holy crap, he looks so much like Molly in his birthday pic. I never noticed how much they looked alike until this pic.
  9. Fostersmom

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Another SNL clip that is the ridiculousness that is Jeremy and Auj. They are the living embodiment of mockable at this point. You know Auj would be all about the outfit. And now that I've seen how she has to stand and contort her body to get the thigh gap just right, I'm thinking that it explains her love of the ugly heavy ass boots. They are keeping her feet planted so she doesn't fall over head first!
  10. Fostersmom

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Yeah, I have no idea who he is either, but his absolute hate for Swaggy is glorious. I don't know what Swaggy has done to piss him off to begin with (besides being the douche that is Swaggy), but I've literally been listening to his YouTube breakdown, or rather beat down, for an hour and a half and I'm not turning it off till it ends!
  11. Fostersmom

    Super Bowl LIII: The Live Chat Topic

    Right? That was my first thought, that was the whitest drum line in all of Atlanta. I like there were some women and not just cymbal players, but damn that was a white drum line.
  12. Fostersmom

    S05.E04: Rebirth

    How old was Jazz when they did the first set of blockers? I wonder if now that this is more common if they wait just a bit longer to allow for more physical growth, but still delay puberty. Wasn't this much more rare when then had it done? if so, it was still in the learning stages of medicine to see the later outcome. Unfortunately, a lot of science is trial and error and learned results. It would seem there's been pros and cons to the young blockers.
  13. Fostersmom

    S44.E10: Rachel Brosnahan / Greta Van Fleet

    I can beat the sleeved arm! I worked retail and was running the layaway desk back in the day. I had an old guy, had to be at least 70, start petting my bare arm one day. "Boy, your arm is hairy...I bet other things are too." It's seriously been like 20 years, but you don't forget the uber creepy ones. I could have used one of those Alurns, I could have told him it was one of his friends or the last guy to think that was okay. Count me as another who like John and Pete together. I know John has dealt with addiction in the past, so hopefully he can keep Pete at least sober. Did anyone else catch Pete's little underhisbreath comment about not even mentioning "her" once at the very end? I didn't notice it during the show, but I watched their movie review on YouTube a second time and heard it there.
  14. Fostersmom

    S44.E10: Rachel Brosnahan / Greta Van Fleet

    Exactly. Especially since for all the guys out there who say they never do such things, pretty much every woman has multiple stories of these exact things happening to them. So, it's doubtful 90% of women meet the same 10-20% of skeevy men.
  15. Fostersmom

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Has anyone actually heard of the purple haired bride? She and her entourage acted like she was super famous, but apparently Google has barely even heard of her. Most of the hits are related to this show. I liked the can we get it in time bride, but I couldn't help but think if you can afford a wedding planner, you can afford to cough up a rush fee when you wait until the very last minute. Oh, and if she and the wedding planner cut back on their fake lashes budget, well, that would be a hunk of change too.