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  1. howiveaddict

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Hopefully Marybel's uterus fell out a long time ago. I'd hate to think the Byrd's taxes would have to support any more of her children. When she said sport entertainment, I figured it was an euphemism for strip bar.
  2. howiveaddict

    S11.E14: Lost in translation

    Good thing Greg didn't take chemo then. He would have even less time to wait on her hand and foot. Hilarious! They brought in food without them ordering. They brought Porsha sushi and she told them she couldn't eat raw fish.
  3. howiveaddict

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I thought so too. To me it was the typical look of Beverly Hills /LA woman who are scared to age. Did anyone notice today, that JJ refused to listen to 2 countersuits?
  4. howiveaddict

    S02.E12 Recap; Head of Household #7

    Watching Joey reminded me what he has sunk too. His voice is on Hoosier Lottery commercials saying Whoa. I though he didn't like to say that. I guess he needs the money.
  5. howiveaddict

    S20.E13: A Story of More Woe

    The hospital I work at, has couches in each room that make a bed. I think Dr Al probably paid for an upgrade fancier room. We have those also available for an out of pocket fee. I blame the younger sister for lying to her sister. Anyone notice pedofile's girl friend texting while he was being arrested?
  6. howiveaddict

    S04.E08: RuPaul’s Best Judy’s Race

    I didn't think that your best Judy was supposed to look like you. I thought it was supposed to just be a cohesive look. After all, people's best friends don't necessarily look like them. That said, I knew the judges wouldn't like the gowns that Manilla and her husband wore. I thought they were cute. Also, I was afraid she would leave, as she posted about a viewing party on Facebook and someone commented that he hoped the spoilers weren't true. I quit watching last All Stars after Ben quit and if Trinity goes home, I will probably not watch the final episode.
  7. howiveaddict

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    Reminds me of how when Queen Victoria would finish eating, everyone at the table would also have to quit eating. Add me to the list of those who felt bad for the sea slug. When Ashton was whining he only had an hour to cook, I wanted to reach through the tv, shake him and say it's because you had to go snorkeling for a sea slug!
  8. howiveaddict

    S11.E13: Tempers in Tokyo

    Nene dismissed Eves sorrow over her grandfather, because Nene has her own problems. You can still have concern for someone else, even if you have your own problems. I think Nene was jealous of all the attention Eve was getting. Nene has certainly made Greg's cancer all about her. Of course, I would be mad if I couldn't get my husband on the phone, but I wouldn't take it out on everyone else.
  9. howiveaddict

    The Masked Singer

    Bet Rabbit will give a Big Fat Greek Wedding reference this week.
  10. howiveaddict

    The Masked Singer

    I guessed Margaret Cho. Yippee! Raven is totally Ricki Lake. the 1968 is the year she was born. The Hudson river clue is she was born in a town on the Hudson. A man came to town and changed her life. John Waters. She was alone before ( I think she said) , because of her obesity.
  11. howiveaddict

    The People's Court

    Years ago , my grandmother wanted to sue her ex son in law (my father) for money loaned for a house, when my parents were married. She didn't because she would have to sue my mother too. She also helped my mother and step dad buy a house when they first got married. Years later, my mother was in a nursing home and step dad was building a new house, that was wheel chair friendly, so my mother could visit. My grandmother got her nose out of joint and told my step dad she needed new dentures, and got him to give her the money back from the loan. She never did buy new dentures. She just didn't want him to build a new house. I can see my grandmother suing and going on a court show if she was still alive. She also wrote down every penny she ever gave anyone in a book.
  12. howiveaddict

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    Adrian is reminding me of early seasons Walowitz on Big Bang Theory. He always said inappropriate things to Penny. Adrian is lucky he hasn't had the shit slapped out of him. I wonder if Laura talked to Caroline before coming on ship. That might be why she had such a stank attitude at first. I want Josiah to be my new work friend.
  13. howiveaddict

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    What a fucking bitch! They should have rolled her and her cocoon off the back of the boat. I'd get the hose too. I bet this woman has never been told no in her whole life.
  14. howiveaddict

    The People's Court

    Thanks! It was my first thought when I saw the guy.
  15. howiveaddict

    The People's Court

    The defendant in this case was a famous Dr Who character, Strax: