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  1. Desert Rat

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    As they say in the beginning of the show, there is only 5% chance of long-term success for the super, grossly, morbidly obese. So it can't be that hard for TLC to find the difficult cases. After all, you have to have a pathological relationship with food to get that big. The relatively healthy patients are the rare exception. Like Dr. Now says, you don't get to be 600 pounds by eating large portions and snacking. That's how you get to be 200 or 250. To get to 600 pounds, you need to eat something like 10,000 calories or more a day. I'm somewhat overweight, but I can't eat that much even on thanksgiving.
  2. Desert Rat

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I've always had a lot of respect for Dr. Now, but after his show, my respect has doubled or tripled. Barbara was not his even his patient. Yet when she mentioned her stomach pain, he asked what was going on. He didn't have to do that. And without blinking an eye, he sent her to the hospital and performed what looked like a pretty complex surgery. She wasn't even his patient. He took her on because he is such a decent person. He probably did it all for very little money. Then, when her husband dies, Dr. Now arranged medical transport for a four hour drive. Insurance is not going to pay for that. I bet Dr. Now did himself. And how does precious Jeanne react? Is she grateful for his kindness and care? Is she thankful Dr. Now saved her mother's, her sole caregiver, life? Nope. She just wants to go home to eat. Jeanne hates people, as she hold us repeatedly. Dr. Now is no exception. Jeanne, honey, you are NOT a piece of furniture. Nope. Furniture serves an important purpose. It supports people and stores belongings. But you, Jeanne have no purpose. You are a drain on everyone around you. You are killing your mother because the constant care you require is too much for your ailing, elderly mother to handle. You probably contributed to your father's untimely demise. Also, furniture does not spend hundreds of dollars a week on food. Go ahead Jeanne, lay in the stinky bed and wait for that great opportunity "get your life back." I'm sure the unicorns will be at your day any day now. Curse Dr. Now and his damn diet. Can't he see you are special and really trying. Can't he wave his magic wand and get rid of the fat.
  3. Desert Rat


    It's very funny, but Becky has a severe mental illness and Erica is supposedly a trained professional. Erica's question was was unprofessional and judgmental. Erica needs a new job.
  4. Desert Rat


    Yelling at the severely mentally ill woman, "I NEED YOUR TRUST!!!" , as you are throwing out possessions, was extremely unprofessional. The daughter-in-law was correct in telling her she was never going to have Becky's trust, so shut up and clean up. And then she starts crying on the job. Honey, go home, you are not cut out for this.
  5. Desert Rat

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    They were being followed around by a camera, lighting crew and a producer. That's unusual, and I'm sure the people were looking at them thinking, "who are these people? Are they celebrities? Are they on a TV show? Why all the fuss for these two? ". I doubt the looks had anything to do with race, and if the cameras and crew were not following them around no one would notice them or give a crap.
  6. Desert Rat

    S02.E02: Face to Face

    Yes. And I will carry my "Lord's Prayer Purse " as a companion with my RED BAG WITH MY MAKEUP. Thank you, 90 dayers for the great accessory ideas.
  7. Desert Rat

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    Indeed. Azan gave its a master class in manipulation. I believe Family Azan,mother, sister, the whole gang, were in on the scam the whole time. They played us all, leading us to believe that Mother and Sister Azan cared about Mae. Nope, it was always about money and getting a much from Nicole as possible. I wonder how many others are victims of Azan's schemes, current and former.
  8. I respectfully disagree. These forums are for snarking and making fun of these people who have chosen to put their personal lives on public display for money. Their accents are fair game. None of the 90 dayers is off limits. We poke fun at foreign and domestic accents alike. Think Danielle and her lazy, Midwestern accent or whatever it is she speaks. Also, an accent is not permanent. Through practice in proper pronunciation, Pao could vastly improve her speech and be better understood. Same for Danielle. Take Anfisa. Her speech is very clear easily understood, with little discernable or distracting accent. ETA: To be clear, IRL I would NEVER mock some one because of an accent. I am patient and kind to people who are not native English speakers. Actually, I don't mock any "real" person for any reason. But the 90 dayers are fair game
  9. Desert Rat

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    There is no business, and there never will be. It's all a scam. Nicole has been frauded. The whole Family Azan was in on the scam from the get go.
  10. Desert Rat

    The Brineys

    Angela reminds me of Tonya Harding, the disgraced former figure skater.
  11. Desert Rat

    S06.E04: Liz's Story

    I agree they need psychological help, but not in a psych hospital. Psych hospitals are not equipped to handle the physical and medical needs of patients. A patient must be fairly mobile and medically okay for a psych hospital, or they will send the patient to a medical hospital until they are medically stable. Psych hospitals offer no physical therapy, medical tests, IVs, etc. And psych hospitals are just as expensive as medical hospitals.
  12. Desert Rat

    S06.E04: Liz's Story

    I have the same questions. How much of our limited resources should we spend trying to save people from themselves? Adults make choices. If they want to destroy themselves, do we have to do everything to save them regardless of cost? Could the money be better spent? How does she pay for all that food. SNAP benefits don't cover food for a 50 pound monthly weight gain. That is a boat load of food, literally. And a big boat at that.
  13. Desert Rat

    S06.E04: Liz's Story

    I wondered the same thing about the fat storage. Maybe some of the lumps are lymphedema and others are stores of fat. The skin removal is also remarkable. 30 to 40 pounds of extra skin, that we sometimes see, is a heck of a lot of skin.
  14. Desert Rat

    S06.E04: Liz's Story

    I'm also fascinated by the large mounds of flesh removal. Sometimes the mounds weigh 50 pounds or more. I'm not a skinny girl, but for me 50 pounds would be like cutting off one entire leg, not a slab around my belly. I'm also amazed by the large quantities of food these 600 pounders can pack away in one meal. My stomach cramps just looking at the large plates of food. They never gorge on good tasting food, just highly processed, starchy, greasy junk.
  15. Desert Rat

    S06.E05: Fashion's New Superheroes

    It's also sold on Amazon, but it's not cheap.