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  1. Commando Cody

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    I wasn't dissing Kolchak. The monster on Supernatural reminded me of The Night Stalker for some reason. I am also a fan of The Night Stalker. I used to think it would be cool if Sam ran across some of Carl's reports, but since it's a TV show to Supernatural as well, that ship has sailed.
  2. Commando Cody

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    What the hell did I just watch? This episode looked like a cross between stupid Buffy curses and The Night Stalker. I even looked up monsters from 'The Night Stalker' because I wasn't sure that Carl Kolchak didn't kill one. Are the writers just getting lazy? I could deal with the monster, but the old kids playing with swords and someone gets stabbed, what are we going to do? Trope. I like Jack, but they just aren't writing for him. They don't seem to know what to do with him except give him these lame situations. This was not a good episode.
  3. Commando Cody

    The Ranch

    This was a hard series to get through. I took some breaks from watching it, but I wanted to see how it ended. Debra Winger was a big disappointment. I agree that she was the weak link in the series. When Kathy Baker started hanging around, I thought, oh, fuck no. I was relieved when he hooked up with the hair dresser. I'm still hoping he dumps Joanne for the other rancher. I have liked Wendy Malick in everything I've seen her in. Abby is bitchy all the time. They try to soften her up by showing her do nice things, but deep down she's just a bitch. I'm not sure if she's just that way, or she's bitchy because Colt made her that way. It's too bad he didn't end up with Heather. She seemed very sweet. The baby story would have made things interesting. I could tell at the beginning of some episodes - they all run together now - that the actress who played Abby was really pregnant. Mostly by the way they were hiding her. I didn't mind Bo being a curmudgeony old man. I think they went too far when he talked the rancher lady into pressing charges again after Rooster stole the generator. He was total jerk in that episode. This show goes to great lengths to remind us how utterly stupid Colt can be. He tried to get rid of it in the same car it was stolen in? Didn't cover it up. That episode was just bad all around. The series wasn't great. It was kind of like watching 'That 70s Show' - on a ranch and not in the 70s. Lots of familiar actors were in it. By the end I was only watching it to get through the series. I'm not a fan of Dax Shephard, but I thought he was okay here. Hooking up with Mary was weird and predictable and an unwanted turn of events. The whole series kind of went dark in the later seasons. Why was Mary getting paid? She said she would work for tips because Maggie couldn't pay her. Her and her "girls" still paid off for her. Mary was kind of a likeable character for a while. Now she's poison, apparently. After Rooster left, they had an easy way to just get rid of the character all together.
  4. Commando Cody

    Cast In Other Roles: That's Fake Me. This Must Be Fake Mine.

    I started watching this show on Netflix called 'The Ranch'. It's like watching 'That 70s Show', only on a ranch and not in the 70s. Anyway, someone's parents on the show showed up in an episode. I'm thinking the father looks really familiar. After he started talking I realized it was Jim Beaver. It was weird that it took me so long to recognize him.
  5. Commando Cody

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    I was creeped out by this episode. It was back to the old gory stuff they used to show. My initial reaction after Michael escaped - Good. Everybody's dead. I never liked all those extra people in the bunker. The girl who couldn't act was a bonus death. I'm glad they wrapped up the Michael story. Now they con move on.
  6. Commando Cody

    S05.E15: King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd

    My only thought on this episode was, if they ever gave King Shark a show, they need to dump the woman.
  7. They're not wrong. Auto Tune is not a redeemable offense.
  8. I just figured Monster would win because he had the sad redemption story. I don't know who T Pain is, so I would have never guessed - except that everyone on this board said it was him. So I guess I did have the one idea that it was him. There were no surprises. All of the performers were guessed early on.
  9. Commando Cody

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I was okay with it until she tried to hold the note.
  10. Commando Cody

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I can't stand Adam Lambert. He doesn't even sound good.
  11. Commando Cody

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    The suit on Aquaman looks ridiculous. It's like he turned an old track suit into formal wear.
  12. Commando Cody

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I think Johnny Carson left Glen Close the curtains from the old Tonight Show.
  13. Commando Cody

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I agree Charlize needed a bra.
  14. Commando Cody

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    Did James McAvoy just say everyone is nervous and vomiting?
  15. Commando Cody

    You Know You Watch Too Much Supernatural When....

    I am watching episodes of Alias Smith and Jones this evening. This show always made me happy. I used to stay up late on Friday nights, as a kid, to watch it. I hadn't seen any episodes since then. I was really kind of excited when I saw a channel running them again. I was watching one particular episode. A guy playing poker in a scene looked a tiny bit like Donatello and season two Peter Duel looked a tiny bit like Jared Padalecki with season one Sam hair. I couldn't find a clip of the episode, but here is a video of clips of Pete Duel and Ben Murphy. I think I must have a TV type of being very fond of two boys going off on adventures. I loved Maverick too. Especially when both Bret and Bart were on together in the same episode.