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  1. Cthulhudrew

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    OMG. I don't know who directed this episode, but it felt like every. single. shot. with Mia was a drawn out pose. (Mia holds her bow steady in front of her staring at it admiringly for a lingering shot.) (Mia takes off her mask and stares into the camera grinning for a lingering shot.) (Mia throws something into the air and pauses dramatically while staring upwards at it as the camera lingers.) Ad nauseum. This isn't a comic book. People in real life don't stand dramatically as if every second was a comic book panel. I guess I'm in the minority in not liking this episode at all. I really don't care about anyone in Future Team Arrow or the Dystopian Star City. It was nice seeing Nyssa back again, even if it was kind of a waste of Katrina Law in a walk on role. If they are going to keep shoehorning in backdoor pilots for Arrow spinoffs, I'd much prefer a League of Assassins show starring KL.
  2. Cthulhudrew

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    Y'know, reading these 'ship name suggestions, I'm suddenly disappointed they called Nia "Dreamer" instead of "Insomniac" because I think the latter fits her much better as a teammate for Braniac. EDIT: OOOH! Even better, how about InsomNia?
  3. Cthulhudrew

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    I had a feeling that they would make Ms. Tessmacher a Lex henchwoman, even if it doesn't make narrative sense. I assume she's the one that also shot James, though I'm not sure the timeline works on that point, either (she is seemingly at the house at the same time as Lex and Lena while James gets shot). Otis is alive? That's an interesting trick. I don't imagine we'll ever learn how that is actually possible, but I kind of liked the character (and actor) so can't say I'm sad to see him back. I was half-expecting Eve to turn out to be an image-induced Mercy Graves. (I did not care for Rhona Mitra's Mercy, though, so I don't much care if she comes back. RM is usually a much more capable actress than she did with her time on this show.) Looks like Russian Kasnian Supergirl (Commiegirl?) will finally be popping up next week, albeit as a henchman for Lex? I have a sinking feeling that all the buildup they've given her will be completely wasted for use as a one-off villain, but that's fine. I'm not sure how I feel about Cryer's Lex. I liked it and didn't like it. It veered a little too close to camp at times for my tastes, but in the dramatic scenes I thought he did a good job. It was pretty obvious he was behind the James shooting and was manipulating Lena the entire time, but there did seem to be a hint of sincerity to his performance as Lex to indicate that it wasn't all for show.
  4. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    I've come to expect just as much consistency with Cecile's powers as with Killer Frost's. Making her a meta last season didn't seem to serve any narrative purpose other than a joke storyline about married people reading each other's minds (literally in this case), then they decided making her fully telepathic was apparently too much so they downgraded her to empathy, and now it only comes up whenever the writers remember to use the powers (or need to give Cecile a storyline). Keeping it consistent with anything else going on with the rest of the characters is way too much juggling for this crew.
  5. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    It has the same basic shape as the XS lightning bolt, but painfully overblown.
  6. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    A lot of pomp and circumstance resulting in an identity reveal that was not at all surprising, eh? (I mean, didn't they basically telegraph it with many anvils in the episode where they traveled into Grace's head?) On another note, it's so incredible what gravitas Jesse L. Martin brings this show. Especially now that Tom Cavanagh's performance fluctuates as often as Sherloque's accent.
  7. Cthulhudrew

    S07.E15: Training Day

    This crazy, post-apocalyptic(ish?) future Star City is getting dumber all the time. Now the only place anyone can acquire a mini-cassette tape player is some dirty black market backwater populated with conniving gangs who employ pickpockets to "re-acquire" cheap gadgets so they can sell them back for a few hundred bucks a pop? No vintage stores or ebay or secondhand electronics shops left in town (much less in nearby municipalities)? Oy. I'm getting increasingly convinced these dumb "flash forwards" are an alternate future Earth. Or maybe the remnants of pre-Flashpoint Earth One. Dammit Barry!!
  8. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E15: King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd

    Why does a shark man need pants of any sort? Does shark man have nards?
  9. Cthulhudrew

    S07.E14: Brothers & Sisters

    Oh please tell me that is the end of the dragon. We finally get to see the dreaded Dante. Who is, thankfully, a really badass Adrian Paul. After all the ridiculous and unwarranted hype, I was fully expected to be disappointed. (Missed opportunity for the Arrowverse- Adrian Paul as VANDAL SAVAGE!!!) I just realized this episode that Rene has become Needless Exposition Man: Emiko: They set my home on fire. Rene (filling in the blanks for audiences who stepped out of the room😞 Your mom was in that fire. Oliver (on phone): William, I'm not sure my messages are getting through. Can you please call me? Rene (donning his Captain Obvious hat): William ain't returning your messages? Finally, Future Team Arrow is nearly as insufferable as New Team Arrow.
  10. Is there some mind controlling villain they've introduced previously that might be responsible for the President's maniacal agenda? I'm drawing a blank, but in addition to all the posters above who pointed out that he doesn't appear to have anything in common with the previous President to whom he would have been a running mate, they also made at least two references in this episode to him acting out and making odd choices. Is Despero his Chief of Staff? Is his lapel pin a mini-Starro? On another note, wasn't it strongly implied that Lockwood (and Otis and Mercy) were working for someone else? Is that person ever going to show up? And will it happen before they resolve the Russian Supergirl "plot."
  11. Cthulhudrew

    The Umbrella Academy

    I think that she did tell them about it, even if none of them (aside from maybe Allison?) had intended to go. I seem to recall Diego making a comment when they showed him the paper to the effect of "oh, yeah, her concert tonight." So I'm pretty sure that even if we didn't see it, at least a few of them had been told. I did really like their reactions upon seeing Vanya play and realizing just how talented their sister really had become. It is little bits like that that make this show for me, and that it does much better than these big superheroey plots that walk the line of being cliche. Also, regarding the oddity of technology in the world; I noticed this too, and it made me wonder why they just didn't set the show in the 70s or 80s, rather than try to make it modern day, but with pre-digital revolution technology. It was just kind of an odd choice to make, unless there was supposed to be a more salient reason for it that just never actually made it on-screen.
  12. Cthulhudrew

    The Umbrella Academy

    Re: Nannies- I didn't get the impression any of them had died, just been beaten up (and quite possibly terribly injured- especially the third). I felt a little let down by the last several episodes. The Hazel and Cha-cha storyline never progressed much beyond incidental (and dark) humor, to the point that I feel it was largely wasted time once their hunt for Five and murder of Patch. I also didn't care much for Kate Walsh's character, though I'm not sure it was due to the writing or her performance. I felt the Vanya storyline just went through the motions at a certain point, and didn't really do either the actors or the story up to that point any justice. It was superficial, too quickly resolved, and too sloppily- requiring characters to perform as the story needed them to, and not as I felt they would/should have by that point. Plus the "cliffhanger" ending just felt too commercially contrived. I already mentioned how I felt gypped by episode 6. I can't stand reset buttons in stories. I cannot think of any time that I have seen it done well, and it is just a disservice to the audience to have your characters grow and have meaningful interactions only to wipe the slate clean again. Granted, a lot of the beats that were hit in that episode still ended up coming to fruition in episode 7, but only for the peripheral characters (Hazel, Cha-cha, etc.). You took some of the best, most poignant moments of the main characters- Diego and Klaus bonding; Allison and Luther's "dance"- and just gave me the middle finger by pulling the football away from me as I was about to connect. That definitely colored my view of the remaining episodes. That said, by and large I did enjoy this series. The characters were mostly colorful and likeable. The setting was interesting- although I could never quite grasp what they were trying to do with the timeline (it is seemingly modern day, based on certain references, but then you have typewriters, trimline phones, etc.). Like others, Klaus and Five were the standouts of the series. Diego was a jerk, but had moments of genuine vulnerability. Luther and Allison needed a bit more attention, but the broad strokes of their characters were there. Vanya was more interesting in the beginning than she became in the end. And Ben- I wanted more Ben. That they left the revelation of his continued existence for the finale was yet another disappointment of E10, but this was such a great departure from the comics for them to include him here. As someone else noted, there is always S2 to have more of him. A lot of great ideas, some of them very well-executed, others not so much. Enough to hook me for another season if there is one, and I would recommend it.
  13. Cthulhudrew

    The Umbrella Academy

    I thought he was a future Number Five early on as well; his voice and mannerisms seemed reminiscent of Five, and it seemed like (initially) there was a connection between Five and Vanya that was missing among the other siblings. I thought maybe there was going to develop a romance between them based on that. Once it was clear that wasn't the case, I had a hard time with Leonard's character. Aside from the skeeviness of his manipultions and the very thin motive behind it, there was a definite lack of chemistry between him and Ellen Page's Vanya. Not to mention- as others have noted- the cliched story that turned an otherwise interesting character (Vanya) into a plot device and took away any real agency from her. That was actually the biggest shortcoming here for me- both Vanya and Allison (the main female characters)- seemed to lack depth, and served mostly as a foil for other elements of the plot. I liked Allison a lot, and she definitely was more proactive than Vanya, but I never really got much of a feel for her character. Even in the episode that was (ostensibly) about her, we were never quite given a real glimpse of how her powers and Greeves' upbringing molded her. We were told she used her powers her whole life to get the things she wanted, but the only instance we see of that is with her daughter (and some admittedly haunting voiceovers of other cases she used it with her daughter), but never how she used it in other aspects of her life. On the contrary, from the minute she came onscreen, Allison was always the most nurturing, self-sacrificing one of the group. So I'd have liked to see that contrast- perhaps in flashbacks. I will say, having read the comics after watching this, that the tv show elevates the source material greatly (not unlike S1 and 2 of The Walking Dead; beyond which the quality of that show deteriorated for me as it started to be molded to match the comics.)
  14. Cthulhudrew

    The Umbrella Academy

    I feel gypped by episode 6.
  15. Cthulhudrew

    The Umbrella Academy

    Okay, a minor gripe. Something's been off to me regarding the chronology of the show for a while now, and I just chalked it up to the whole tv conceit of just handwaving how many days/weeks have gone by- particularly between episodes- in order to make it seem like not everything is happening in the span of 8 hours of showtime. But episode 5 really made it blatant and instantly drew me out of the show when, (and for the sake of everyone I'll throw in some spoilers here): I'm sure it could be easily handwaved away, and maybe it isn't something easily noticed, but it stood out pretty solidly to me and drew me out of the moment, so... bad.