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  1. MoreCoffeePlease

    Windy City Rehab

    No new episode this week? Is the season over?
  2. MoreCoffeePlease

    Proven Innocent

    The podcast woman bothers me. I'm giving this one more episode to see the aftermath of them learning about that guy killing himself, but then I think I will be done. The opening courtroom scene was so ridiculous. In that scene and Madeline's scene with Toby, you could tell that the lead was acting, if you know what I mean.
  3. MoreCoffeePlease

    Home Town

    Loved this project! What a nice shade of blue on the exterior and I loved the yellow door. They said something about the shower ... it is fiberglass, but you can put a decorative insert in, is that right? Erin, I know designers don't like to put TVs in the living room or family room for the show, but come on! Where will the TV go in that cozy front room?
  4. MoreCoffeePlease

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    I've let a lot of ridiculousness go on this show, but this episode was "jump the shark" worthy! Come on! I'm on board for the wife and/or baby dying. Max could actually take a leave of absence and the show could focus on other characters, just NOT the neurologist. He drives me crazy.
  5. MoreCoffeePlease

    Home Town

    Yay for the renewal! This is my favorite HGTV show. I loved the green on the exterior, and the kitchen sink was awesome! The granite was beautiful as well.
  6. MoreCoffeePlease

    God Friended Me

    Just caught up on the previous episode ... I agree. What happened to his voice at the end? Got much deeper and more gravely. Out of all the actors in New York, that was the best that they could do? The coma woman ... that photographer definitely got a great photo of her!
  7. MoreCoffeePlease

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I wish they would have shown footage of Tanya's wedding as well. That Hollywood/Beverly Hills locale looked so cool. I liked her dress and most of the dresses that she tried on. Very romantic and flowy. There was one with a somewhat larger skirt that looked like it had big pleats in the front ... the skirt looked regal to me and was gorgeous. I appreciated seeing some dresses that are outside the norm of what we usually see. I think Randy is very smart to be strategic with trying on the dresses. Of course most people will be skeptical about picking the 1st dress, so it is smart to save a favorite for the 2nd or 3rd try-on. I'd also be a little more forceful on saying "Just try it on! You can't tell how it will look from the hanger." This is of course if the bride is OK with the lace, beading, etc. and doesn't hate the dress on the hanger.
  8. MoreCoffeePlease

    S02.E17: Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary

    I know the pregnancy test said positive, but I believe it was a false-positive (rare, I know) since she was only a couple of days late. I think pregnancy tests are much more reliable now than they were back then. So to me, Mary just had her period, not a miscarriage, but I know that wouldn't have provided the same drama. I loved how she went to her mom to talk, and how Meemaw was incredulous that George and Mary could still have "the heat of the moment".
  9. MoreCoffeePlease

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    I wish that at Extinction Island they actually had nice comfy beds and gave them decent food, so that when they come back, they would have a physical advantage.
  10. MoreCoffeePlease

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    I enjoyed Sarah Shahi on the show. She and Nathan have great chemistry. The instant phone call and "Too soon?" with a smile ... swoon! On a superficial note, she looks a little different to me. Don't know if it is normal aging or doing something with fillers and/or implants. Loved the opening bit with the rookies. Chen was so cute messing up her lines. "LADP" ?!?
  11. MoreCoffeePlease

    Windy City Rehab

    I did get a kick out of the montage of her wood-working guy who thinks that every armoire and/or chest would make a good whiskey cabinet. I liked the blue cabinets (I'm so over white cabinets) and that penny tile, which seemed to pull together colors from the cabinets and the hardware. Alison seems to like to create larger and larger kitchen islands. "This is the largest island we have done!" How much bigger can they possibly get? The entire length of the house?
  12. MoreCoffeePlease

    What is...In the Media?

    How can we not have a screening test for this disease?!!? As amazing as medicine and science can be, there are still so many things we don't know and can't cure.
  13. MoreCoffeePlease

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    He is absolutely amazing. Queue this up for his Emmy reel ... please, please, please let him be nominated this year. How does he do it? The intensity, the eyes tearing up, the veins popping ... wow. "I am a surgeon. I am a surgeon. I AM A SURGEON." I thought he was actually going to cut himself when his little scalpel broke and he kept rubbing it trying to calm himself down. She was perfect. She knew not to say anything, and not even to touch him. How incredibly gross was that tumor story! Auggh!!! I loved how the pathologist (I am so bad with names) told the doctor NOT to tell her her own ideas so as not to influence her in advance and give her confirmation bias. So smart. Definitely picked up on Lim NOT saying that she doesn't want kids. I would hate for Melendez to get his heart broken again by being with someone who doesn't want kids when he does. However, if her character is close to the actress' age (48), they better get busy trying to make a baby! (I know they could adopt, foster, etc.)
  14. MoreCoffeePlease

    Home Town

    What a sweet woman, and a dear mother. I'm so happy for them. I hope the homeowner does stick around for a while. I love how they discuss how to save money and stay within the budget. I wish they would actually do even more of that. I was not in love with the "pink" doors. I can't even really describe how they looked on my TV, but it wasn't good. Cleaning the exterior of the house made a big difference.
  15. MoreCoffeePlease

    Splitting Up Together

    Martin has rights, which I guess he needs to explain to Lisa Apple. Either he or Lena could also tell her that he is a great dad ... why would she deprive her child of having a father? I enjoyed the scene where the self-absorbed friend comes to the hospital to check on Lena. She had gotten a haircut and explained how she "came right over", after having gotten the haircut.