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  1. Emma9

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Agreed, but it depends how much were to be archived; some people only use FB as their highlight reel, so to speak, and even personally I only use it for neutral or good happenings - misfortune and sadness feel too private to splash out there. So if you just went by those kinds of accounts and corporate ones, that wouldn't paint much of a picture. But I see plenty of things about sickness and car accidents and breakups, job dissatisfaction and loss, extreme political opinions on all sides of the spectrum, and just enough everyday randomness to know that my attitude isn't universal. So I'd think the data being preserved from a reasonable cross-section of users could tell you quite a bit. (And considering Laura passed along her phone to posterity, and what we saw from her in the episode, I'm going to guess you'd be able to tell a lot about her life from her social media if you could find it.)
  2. Emma9

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Same. When they introduced the time capsule, it felt like they'd be able to do anachronisms without an excuse for once, but then all the previous anachronism usage made their bemusement this time seem strange. This was my first exposure to the actress who played Laura, and I thought her voice was amazing - fun to hear a Last Unicorn song as well. Would have enjoyed the plot much more if it didn't make for another Gordon episode, though. Kelly's talk about how our experiences and relationships create who we are was nice, but it also felt a little too...basic?...for an adult to need explained to him. And Greg or no Greg, the program was always going to have a time limit, ending with the phone going in the capsule. Unless Facebook archives still exist in some form and Gordon went trawling through them for Laura 2.0 - and considering what the [historian?] said about them not having access to unvarnished information about life in this age, I'm guessing not much was preserved from social media. ~ I was afraid we were going to cut to Topa smoking next - without knowing the context or stigma, Bortus and Klyden might well have given him one before they realized they were addictive. So I was glad we dodged that scene. I don't know why Claire didn't just have engineering block the replicators from creating more cigarettes. (Yes, Bortus had his stashes, but I assumed those were from after they'd been told to quit, otherwise why hide them?)
  3. Emma9

    Wheel Of Fortune

    For once, Pat doesn't give the 'just say what's up there, don't add anything' spiel before the attempted crossword-puzzle solve; sure enough, the contestant adds an 'and' and loses out for it.
  4. Emma9

    S14.E15: Peace of Mind

    That was the point when this one went from 'Eh, it's a crack episode, and I always find those hit-or-miss' to 'Someone turn me to a pile of ash and end this torture already.' Let's put it this way: When I read that, I glanced up at the post header, and I was relieved that we're 3/4 of the way through. ~ Sing it. The guy who suddenly started remembering his daughter got to me more than anything - especially with what happened with Sam, clearly the mayor has just been assimilating passers-by into the town as needed. You'd think there'd be a spike of missing persons in the area that would have drawn their attention to begin with. (Scarecrow, anyone? Talk about nostalgia.) Were the mayor and his daughter the only (presumably immortal/ish?) remnants of the original townsfolk, or did everybody else stay the same as long as they didn't start questioning their 'reality'? If not, did everybody else just suddenly wake up once the mayor was neutralized? I would have liked to see some of those ramifications. But no. Look, I'll confess: I still don't like Cas all that much. Hated Crowley by the end. Never was a huge fan of Kevin. Etc. But at least I got why those characters attracted enough fandom commotion to merit a bigger presence on the show. I may be out of the loop these days due to severe lack of interest, but were there really that many people out there clamoring for Jack to become basically the centerpiece? When he told Donatello he wanted some time to himself, I thought, 'AWESOME, why don't you go disappear for a dozen or so episodes and we can get Mary and Bobby back instead.'
  5. Emma9

    S03. E17. Parental Guidance

    Did they explain why the nurse the kid lived with for three weeks was dodging the defense's calls and showed up to testify for the prosecution? Since he ended up going to live with her, clearly they were trying to portray her as having his best interests at heart, which really doesn't tally with how she was involved in the trial. Also, I don't know if they were clear on the timeline - how long had he been back with his dad before CPS showed up? Why didn't the nurse call them sooner (like, the second day he was living with her and she found out how isolated he'd been) and prevent him from going back in the first place?
  6. Emma9

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    This show has already left me crying once before over Bess's horse, but I didn't even think about what might be going on until Mike B answered the door talking about MRIs. Then I was a goner for the rest of it. For all that I worry about what the forus on specific parallels to real-world politics could mean for this show's renewal chances, I have to say that way these characters talk about things feels so much more real and powerful than when the same ground is covered on certain other shows. (*cough* Shonda Rimes)
  7. Emma9

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    That makes sense for his plan at the end, but still begs the question of how the previous attacks worked.
  8. Emma9

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    The trouble was, if the Union believed and supported Orrin's statement that he didn't attack the Krill ships at all, I don't know if tacking on a "...but he would have been justified in doing so even if he did" would have strengthened their position. Maybe it would have. But that thread being dropped from the plot made sense to me once Orrin's plans were revealed.
  9. Emma9

    S05. E15. Between the Seats.

    As political shows (and CBS shows) go, I think this one has a pretty decent record in terms of having plotlines be resolved in ways that are tolerable to the characters, but not always perfect or even satisfying. I was just thinking about that in the episode with the shady defense contractor, when the upshot ended up being that the US still ended up paying for a bunch of crappy unnecessary planes, much to Bess's displeasure. You're not wrong, and may I say that's an impeccably appropriate username you've got there! 😉
  10. Emma9

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    I also thought that at first, particularly as it looked like he was trying to escape back to Union space. I wondered why he didn't confess exactly what they did and how, but hold the line about not knowing about the cease-fire, and he would have had a case for being in the right. However, if he'd done that, he wouldn't have been able to carry out his plan of grabbing a shuttle and using not-daughter's blood to blow up the Krill ship and the peace deal, which the rest of the episode made clear was his primary goal. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew about the impending peace all along, and his prior attacks had similar motivation. (Possibly even his escape too - breaking out of a Krill camp had to be incredibly dangerous, and after all these decades, he was only now desperate enough to take the risk.) Same. I assumed Gordon's mutiny was a sham (I don't like him, and figured I couldn't be lucky enough for the character's run to be over), but I would've objected strenuously to his being able to out-draw Talla if they weren't both acting. However, it was still nice to see her revert to badassness in the subsequent scene.
  11. Emma9

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    I was a bit surprised they jumped right from the explosion to the treaty. Wouldn't the Krill captain have been suspicious that they'd simply created a story and blown up an empty shuttle in order to avoid handing Orrin over? Even if the existence of the fake daughter's species is familiar to them, they still had no proof that she is one and that her blood is what destroyed their ships unless Ed allowed the Krill to examine her, and no way at all to prove Orrin is dead. Also, I wonder how exactly the blood-canisters-as-torpedoes thing worked. In order to react with the nitrogen atmosphere inside the ships, they would have had to first breach their hulls. Even if the Krill were caught off-guard and didn't have their shields up, the canisters would have had to be strong enough to punch through the ships themselves without breaking while still outside and in vacuum (where the blood would presumably be harmless), but then somehow break open once they're inside.
  12. Ditto on the Buick commercials. (Especially as the message seems to be..."We don't make crappy cars anymore!"? Um, yay?) Dad not just buying his own rolls is unrealistic, but I have to laugh at those ads because those suckers are damn good. And yes, they absolutely get snacked on (in fact, they're really better on their own than as 'dinner' rolls, they're sweet and rich enough that they can be kind of overpowering with a meal).
  13. Fair enough; I might be having trouble empathizing because I was the total opposite (I was relieved that my first car was my mother's old beater; I was nervous enough as a young driver, a shiny new car where any dent or ding would have been the first dent or ding would have made me feel so much worse). Also, even if he felt disappointed, haranguing the parents out loud for 'doing this to him'?
  14. Thank you, I can't stand that one. Spoiled little snot.
  15. Emma9

    S08.E15: Stalking Horse

    Did they ever say whether Sheila knew about the mugging? It seemed farfetched given his injuries that she wouldn't, but there's never been a scene of them talking about it that I recall, and I don't know why they bothered to have her in the episode and not include her in this storyline. (I can absolutely see Louis not wanting to tell her, for the same reasons he tried to hide it from people at work, but again, he was bruised to heck at a time when they were actively trying to conceive.) Not to mention that after this episode, she certainly has the right to know that there's someone, incarcerated or not, with a giant grudge against her family. ~ I fail to see how Brian's decision is going to help matters with his wife. "Oh, yeah, that boss I was raving about yesterday? Still totally not sleeping with her. In fact, I just quit working for her. For completely unrelated reasons to you suspecting us of having an affair."