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  1. Loves2Dance

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    Yes, but it makes no logical sense. If he cared about his son he would have just done it and gotten it over with.
  2. Loves2Dance

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    Why wouldn't the funeral guy just cremate the body? Wouldn't that be way, way easier to get away with?
  3. Oh, I'm sure dancer teachers along the way have talked her about these things, but that is why she is known as a studio hopper until finally mommy's money talked. There is a reason she doesn't branch out into other studios and also why she wasn't a highlight in the competition circuits.
  4. Beyond weight and fitting into the DCC uniform, VK is a media risk. She comes across as immature, unpolished and unprofessional. Her dancing isn't the best, isn't the worst; but there is no way she could be trusted to do interviews after what we saw last season. Maybe that improves with time and age and life experience, but given what we know about what she hasn't done during this 'off' season I'd say we're gonna little to no real maturity growth this go around.
  5. I don't really look at it as Crowdfunding. It's customary to bring a gift and as they said, they have a house full of stuff, so in stead of a traditional wedding registry that would ask for dishes and towels, they asked for a big blowout honeymoon. I'd rather get something people wanted then be stuck and simply write a check.
  6. Gabby looked rough in the video they just shared with the group choreography---very boxy and wiggly for the very small amount of time we saw her. I think she's gorgeous, but unfortunately, staying the DCC standard doesn't come naturally to her, VK's face looks thinner...that is the only positive comment I can make.
  7. Oh Gabby, I see a cut at finals for sure right there.
  8. Heather pissed off Kelly for doing God knows what, or not doing something since that is also her MO, so I 100% believe she does not have a snowball chance in heck at getting point or being in the triangle. Same with Alexis. Is she pretty? Yes. Can she dance? Sure. Is she a strong enough dancer for the triangle? No. If she were, she would already be there on looks alone.
  9. I agree with you, but I do think when VK is NOT in charge of her make-up & hair, she is pretty. Not bombshell gorgeous, but definitely pretty.
  10. Ehhhh...I think calling her a decent contemporary lyrical dancer is pushing it, her technique and fundamentals are sloppy at best and while she IS pretty---I'd never call her ugly---looks alone won't get her far into the SYTYCD world.
  11. What a lot of people don't realize about these shows is that there are auditions FOR the audition. She basically showed up to the cattle call. From there, they MIGHT choose her to audition for the judges (what we see on the show) or they just pass by her. This is why there is such an equal amount of magic and tragic on these shows.
  12. She does not have the quality, depth or diversity to be competitive on SYTYCD.
  13. Tess would go where Khalyn is---she is taller than Tasha. I don't see Heather in the triangle---whatever she did was severe enough to be demoted. No way she can walk that back knowing Kelli's ability to hold a grudge. And don't forget, Vicky is coming back so clearly she'll be point guys...duh?!?!
  14. This is actually a smart move. I never understand why people who garner a lot of attention don't have a private account for those they actually know and a public one that is more open.