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  1. She does not have the quality, depth or diversity to be competitive on SYTYCD.
  2. Tess would go where Khalyn is---she is taller than Tasha. I don't see Heather in the triangle---whatever she did was severe enough to be demoted. No way she can walk that back knowing Kelli's ability to hold a grudge. And don't forget, Vicky is coming back so clearly she'll be point guys...duh?!?!
  3. This is actually a smart move. I never understand why people who garner a lot of attention don't have a private account for those they actually know and a public one that is more open.
  4. The DCC do not deserve to have Tara back.
  5. I spot the Road to DCC girl---sweet girl, find a new dream please.
  6. Gina, Daphne, Bridget/Jalyn is my new triangle picks. I think Maddie and Khalyn will retire.
  7. If I'm remembering correctly, we believed Lauren didn't do the shoot because of her job. That said, I can absolutely see Kelli holding that over Lauren even if they did give her permission not to do it. Kelli is vindictive and manipulative, it's her entire management mo.
  8. Dismissed without prejudice. Meaning, she can refill it, but it's dead until she does.
  9. Christina retiring doesn't surprise me, and I guess Lauren's shouldn't either but I am interested to hear more tear about the DCC being over her. Lauren is a favorite of mine.
  10. Yup! A project who had no hope of ever making it in the first place. In other words, the new Malena.
  11. Her technique is trash...
  12. I feel terrible for Lacey. Not only did it rain every second of the Pro Bowl it was also around 50* the entire time with chilling wind gusts. I'm sad I didn't realize they were performing at Disney Springs last night, youngest and I almost went to dinner over there before deciding to stick to our resort because of the cold. I could have seen her. Oh well, I'll know for next year to pay more attention.
  13. Loves2Dance

    Dance Moms in the Media

    No, she leased it to another dance company. I just fail to see what they're going to film. No reputable competition will let Abby Lee & her cameras near their competitions and throwing kids together who we have no investment in doesn't make for great TV.
  14. Not directly. Her last post on Instagram was plugging for Cowboy Fit and achieving her goals in 2019.
  15. If we're going to honorable mentioned the Cassie/Ally/Taylor issue then I think we should honor Judy crying over a text message from Cassie after she apologized for screwing up finals and then still making it to TC.