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  1. ChocolateAddict

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Thing is, this isn't the grandparents acting "goofy". It's the grandparents intentionally and actively ignoring a court order made for Aubree's safety because her drug addict dipshit of a father can't be trusted around her. According to their legally binding custody agreement, Adam can only see Aubree at a visitation centre. He cannot see her when she is with her grandparents because a court decided that they cannot be trusted to supervise appropriately. No ifs. No buts. Adam's parents have a long history of ignoring court orders and putting Aubree at risk. Exhibit A: they let Adam drive Aubree around without a seatbelt when the court had forbidden it because he nearly killed himself when he blew up his car. Exhibit B: they allowed Adam to be around Aubree unsupervised while we was using, again, in violation of the court order. And so yep, Adam isn't actually allowed to be around Aubree unless it's at the visitation centre and this was a serious breach of the order. Adam and his parents know the rules but they seem to think that just bending them every once in a while isn't a big deal. Which is exactly why the court decided that they are not suitable to supervise Adam. If I was Cole I would also have gone over there immediately because regardless of what his parents think, court orders aren't optional. And if I was Chelsea, I would note this with my lawyer in case his parents made an application to supervise him or if this happens again and the order needs to be changed. Being in Aubree's life comes with conditions like obeying legally binding orders about her safety. For all the snark that we throw at Chelsea, a judge agreed with her that Adam is not safe to be around Aubree and that his parents are not capable of supervising him. To then have that thrown in your face by the grandparents is, frankly, scary. Chelsea needs to know that when she sends Aubree over there, her grandparents will keep her safe including making sure that Adam stays away. It's not an overreaction to remove your child when they are around someone who is a risk to them, even if that someone is a parent.
  2. ChocolateAddict


    Khloe is an idiot and now she looks like a harpy rather than the victim. To start off with it was ridiculous that she and her mid 30s "squad" were going around on social media stirring up trouble and being awful about a girl more than a decade younger who doesn't have the platform to fight back. That's bullying. She allowed and encouraged older women with more power to harrass Jordyn which was a shitty move. For all her talk about how Jordyn wasn't dealing with it privately, pot please meet kettle. I did think it was interesting how there was a lot of commentary about how Jordyn as a black woman is held to a different standard to the K sisters and their friends who have a long history of being with men who were cheating on their partners at the time. It's one rule for the people making the narrative and another for everyone else. Not to mention the stupidity of putting 100% of the blame for Tristan's crappy behaviour on Jordyn. Was it wrong for her to kiss Tristan? Yep. Did Jordyn make a commitment to be monogamous with Khloe? Nope. The question which still haven't been answered is why supposedly loved up and committed Tristan was throwing parties and inviting along young girls for a good time. Boyfriends of the year aren't living seperately and throwing all night benders to their loving partners. Any sympathy people had for Khloe has gone right out the window after her childish behaviour. Funnily enough Jordyn is the one who has come out of this looking more mature, she's only done one interview where she apologised and took responsibility for her mistake. She's stayed off social media, didn't blame the alcohol and only responded because Khloe's minions and been threatening her family. I was sad to see that Jordyn was blaming herself for the whole mess, Tristan was the one who fucked up and if it wasn't her it would have been another of the tens of girls that Tristan has hooked up with while supposedly in a relationship with Khloe. This whole turnaround from Khloe looks hollow and fake and people are seeing right through it.
  3. Jill can fuck right on off. The "special needs men" are not "assaulting and attacking" because of Satan. For people with severe disability, unfortunately hitting and aggression can the only way to communicate distress/pain/anger. Does it suck that Tim was (allegedly) hit? Absolutely. But a bit of Christian forgiveness and love towards the person with disability who does not have the opportunities that Timothy has wouldn't go astray. Timothy is not on the "front line for Jesus". He's working with men with impairment who deserve carers/aids who value them for who they are. Everything Jill has said leads me to believe that they haven't taught their children this life lesson. For the sake of the men that Timothy works with, I hope that he is more compassionate and generous than his useless dimwit of a mother. I can't imagine that Timothy has any experience working with men with disability before and nothing we've seen suggests that he has the skills to work with vulnerable people. Babysitting younger siblings does not equal the ability to be a good disability support worker. By comparing these men with Satan, Jill is being demeaning and cruel. She's suggesting that they aren't loved by God or worthy of compassion. She's a truly vile woman and everything about her just makes me seethe. Note: I am presuming (correctly or incorrectly) that the men Timothy is working with have significant impairment. Not a sweeping statement for all people with disability.
  4. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    While I hope that the Evans/Eason nightmare is over, this makes me fear for the kids. The most dangerous time for a woman is when she decides to leave her abusive partner and given the weaponry that the Swamp Monster has, the kids could be at genuine risk. Even if this is just a fight and they aren't actually splitting up, they both have explosive tempers and a history of violence. I sincerely hope that Jace is with Barb, Kaiser is with Nathan, Kaden is with his mother and someone (anyone!) has Egghead and Marissa. Drugs, violence, weapons and highly strung, angry people doesn't end well.
  5. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It's awful but I really do think that out of all the kids Jace and Endtable are the safest. Jace has Barb (even if she's made some questionable choices recently) and multiple court orders made about his welfare. He's also there there the least and Jenelle doesn't want to give any ammunition to the haters. Endtable is the *trophy* for Jenelle and David, the proof that their relationship is so strong and wonderful. Even though she doesn't have people outside the house, she's the prize. She's the one with the Instagram account and professional photoshoots for her birthday. Kaiser is obviously the one most at risk. He is the spitting image of Nathan who is enemy number one on The Land. Even if they don't beat him, I think it's pretty obvious that they ignore his needs and deliberately put him on the bottom of the pile. I think they'll only do physical harm that heals quickly like grabbing him by the arm and shoving him in his room (which we've already seen) or spanking him with their hand. They won't want any more pictures on Twitter so they'll just become sly about how they abuse him from here on out. I believe that he is at the very least the scapegoat and the one who is "disciplined" most harshly. Marissa is the classic example of the forgotten stepchild. She's not part of the MTV storyline so she's not important. She also doesn't have anyone else looking out for her, especially since she's now being "schooled" on The Land. I don't think she would be hit but I do think they they ignore her needs and give her the responsibility for taking care of the various half siblings who rotate in and out. As awful as it sounds, some of us have had suspicions about how David interacts with Marissa and I just pray that they aren't true. II wish every single one of those children were taken off The Land and a long, long way away from the Dumb Fucks. It's even worse to know that they are getting phenomenal money for it. Like others here, I don't watch the show anymore, just some of the scenes when they end up on Twitter.
  6. ChocolateAddict

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    I see a simple solution for Adam. *drumroll* Show up for your daughter. They film this show for a grand total of one week per month. If he wanted to see Aubree and keep the whole thing off camera, he has plenty of opportunities to do that. Nothing stopping him from showing up to the centre besides his own goddamn incompetence. At the end of the day he isn't hurting Chelsea as much as he hurts Aubree. She's got an amazing support system but even so, at some point she is going to wonder why her dad couldn't even show up to see her. That hurts and it's all on Adam. He doesn't want Chelsea to talk shit about him? Don't give her a reason. Be there. Show up. Pay child support. I really think that Chelsea asks Adam for the absolute basics - pay support for your kid and show up when you said you would. She's not like Kail and demanding money for private schools, constantly moving the goal posts and yelling about wearing sweatpants. She's been very consistent since they broke up all those years ago, she just wants Adam to be there for his kid financially and physically and not put her in harm's way. I don't think that's exactly unreasonable. He bitches about how Chelsea replaced him with Cole, well maybe that's because someone else stepped up when you wouldn't. I understand why he gets annoyed that they talk about him on camera but he hasn't exactly innocent in that regard. He used to talk the opportunity to bash Chelsea both on and off camera. So to turn around and complain now unfair it is for Chelsea to talk about him is a bit rich. It's a show about Chelsea and her kids and Adam's fuckery is unfortunately a part of their lives and an ongoing issue for them. If he doesn't want that on TV, don't give them a reason to talk about how he's disappointed his kid yet again. The visitation centre is the perfect example. The fact that Adam didn't show up is 100% on him and talking about it on camera was inevitable. Didn't want that to be on TV? Should have showed up. And the argument that this is because of Chelsea is kind of redundant since he's done the same thing to Paislee.
  7. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    While the photos are absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking, I'm giving Nathan some serious side eye about choosing to put them on the internet. Putting them up the day after the episode airs says to me that he's wanting to "win" and show everyone that he was "right". Kaiser might only be little but he has the right to privacy and that includes not having photos of his bottom put on the internet so that his dad can prove a point. If he really wanted to protect Kaiser he wouldn't put those very personal photos on the internet and would save them for court. There is no need for complete strangers on the internet no less to see Kaiser's privates. This will be on the internet for now and forever more whenever you search Kaiser's name. Again, these photos show that Kaiser is being abused and should be taken a long long way from The Land and the Dumb Fucks who live on it. But I just question what Nathan's motives were for posting it on social media. I get he wants to counter all Jenelle's lies but take the high road and take it to court. Twitter doesn't decide custody cases.
  8. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Not that this will be a surprise to anyone but TM2 crew members won't work with Jenelle because of David. Apparently he still comes to set even though he can't be on camera. Since they can't film on The Land anymore and have to film in public places, they probably can't stop David from hanging just outside range. Short of an actual violence order, they can't stop him from being in a public place near the set. Given David's erratic, violent and aggressive videos, I can totally understand why crew members would be saying no to Jenelle's shoots. All it would take is Jenelle complaining about her edit, riling up David when he's on a drug trip and I could see him opening fire on set, even if just to scare them. He's totally unpredictable, has access to high powered weapons and a history of violence. I wouldn't want to be around him or his fucked up wife either. What I love is that it's causing logistical nightmares for the big shots who have enabled Jenelle's appalling behaviour for so long. They've refused to deal out any kind of consequences for so long and created a monster but now it's come back to bite them in the arse. http://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2019/01/02/exclusive-teen-mom-2-crew-members-are-refusing-to-work-on-jenelle-evans-shoots-because-theyre-afraid-of-her-husband-david-eason/
  9. I get the feeling that Jill R would have told the kids that they didn't need lunch since they were having such a special dinner. This is the woman who proudly announces that her growing, teenage children are fasting to help the family. I can 100% believe that she would tell them to save her appetite for dinner to avoid having to feed them twice on a day when they are having a "big" (e.g. normal sized) dinner. I have to admit, Jill R just really grinds my gears. There are so many good people who work themselves to the bone and go without to make sure that their children are happy, healthy and fed. With millions of children living below the poverty line whose parents would do anything to change that, Jill takes pride in her "thrifty" life which deprives her children of education, opportunities and food. With thousands of families who give food to the children while the adults push through with the absolute minimum, the Rodrigues do the opposite and view it as great parenting. Not to mention that her children seem barely literate based on their writing and have no opportunities to socialise with kids their own age. She keeps them sheltered, underfed and under educated leaving them totally ill prepared for the real world. All the while she and her husband have funds for whatever they want and her oldest son doesn't even have $10 for his textbook.
  10. One thing that I've learnt is that mental illness doesn't mean that you are immune from the consequences of your actions. It may be mental illness which causes someone to lash out physically or verbally but that doesn't mean that it hurts any less for the person at the other end. And of the consequence is that the other person doesn't want to be around (e.g. Travis allegedly not going to Christmas or John Lennon and Chrissy Teigen pulling back), they have the right to do that. Not to mention, when mental illness is used as a cover for awful behaviour, it just perpetuates the negative stereotypes. Kanye was an unpleasant person way before this happened, mental illness has just heightened his worst traits. It might be more obvious now but I don't think he's ever been a particularly nice human being so I'm hesitant to believe that it's all mental illness. Someone can be a selfish pig but also mentally ill. If Kanye wants to be a self obsessed rude arsehole on social media, he's got to cop the consequences. Mental illness or no, people don't have to put up with being insulted, abused and bullied online. I'm not trying to downplay mental illnessed because it can change people and cause them to do things that they wouldn't if they were well. But bad behaviour has consequences and mental illness can't be a constant get out of jail free card to avoid facing up to what had been said or done.
  11. ChocolateAddict

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    That's cause she's got too much foundation and it's the wrong colour and type for her skin. From what we've seen on TM2, Kail's skin is oily and acne prone so she should only be using matte or clay foundation to avoid the super shiny look she's got going on there. Plus oily skin tends to oxidise with oil based foundation so you get that orange, not quite right skin. She's also picked the worst possible lighting and angle for that photo. The harsh light is highlighting her oily forehead to make it looks greasy and the shade makes the bottom half of her face looks old and wrinkly. Combined with the duck lips, creased forehead and chin it makes her look much older than she is. The fluro lighting also highlights the fact that she's stacked the make up on so it looks caked and overdone. Basically, for someone who has spent close to a decade on TV and around professional photoshoots, it's a piss poor effort. She needs softer lighting, better foundation and much better angles. It's a really terrible photo of her considering she's trying to get money off Instagram and look like a media personality who would suit TV. A real presenter would know better than to put something so unflattering out there.
  12. ChocolateAddict

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    IMO I find that there is at lot of speculation about Chelsea which doesn't always seem fair. She's cultivated a very careful image of herself both on TM2 and on social media of a happy, perfect family which people seem to find completely fake. She's been labelled A mean girl, Desperate, Lazy, Co-dependent, Having a low IQ, Only having Aubree to avoid going to college, Likely to fail college, Likely to be jealous and bring other people down, Probably going to leave Aubree out of her "new" family. If there was any actual evidence for this besides "I know a person like her and they are really awful", complete speculation or one scene one time on TM2, it would probably be taken more seriously. Just on this page people have speculated that Cole might not actually like her and is just in it because he doesn't want to look bad! A couple of episodes ago Cole scratched his nose when she asked if he was excited and people were like "he's lying, he's not excited about the baby". She's been called mediocre and lazy for choosing to stay at home with her kids after getting her certificate. She's like millions of other women around the world who chose to do the same so I'm not sure why she gets so much flak for it. Not to mention she's bringing in six figures a year for doing so. I'm doing things differently in my life. I'm a couple of years younger than Chelsea but I've got a degree and am working. I don't think that makes me a better person! I haven't had to deal with an emotionally abusive relationship and then trying to fight to keep a alcoholic, drugged up criminal away from my kid. Chelsea had certainly had it good but most of us have never had to worry about our ex driving dangerously and crashing a car with the kid in the back not wearing a seatbelt. I'm not a superfan and I totally agree that Chelsea should be called out for her poor choices rather than being held up as a model for motherhood. She was hung up on Adam for too long, looking for a fairytale guy, slow to get an education and obsessed with whatever trend is going. She talks about Cole completing her rather than building self esteem and recognising her own worth. That should be and is called out. But maybe I'm missing something but I don't see half the things that she's been labelled as.
  13. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    @MyPeopleAreNordic summed it up perfectly. Going to court is expensive, emotionally draining and given the previous orders it's unlikely to change. At the moment Jenelle only has every other weekend so 4 nights with Jace. And while that's awful enough, the next step for the court would be to limit it to a visitation centre or cut her off totally, neither of which they are going to do. It needs to be an Adam type situation where there is evidence that they are actively endangering their kid (e.g. no seatbelt) or breaking the law (driving without a licence). Despite what we all know, neither David or Jenelle has been arrested recently and CPS has found that the kids aren't in danger even with all the facts about Ensley's birth and the allegations of Kaiser having bruises. According to Jenelle they are out there practically once a month and haven't seen fit yet to do anything about it. The kids appear well-fed with no clear bruises, there is a house which has electricity and Jenelle has a source of income. That is far far better then the kids who are on CPS's radar and while emotional and probably physical abuse they are inflicting on those kids is horrendous, it would be difficult to prove in court. Jenelle and David would pass it off as discipline and while that wouldn't fly here, the USA has a clear thinking that parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit including spanking and homeschool. Barb would have to prove that something has changed between the last court order and applying for a review. And one 911 call, getting a gun licence and being involved in a situation where no charges were laid (the road rage shitfest) wouldn't be enough to justify it. I think sometimes it's easy for us to say that Barb should be going to court and getting a review but the bar is high and the costs are huge. She doesn't have a smoking gun or the resources to fight endlessly, at some point a judge may consider repeated denied applications as being a waste of the court's time especially since there really isn't any new information. For now all she can really do is sit tight and pray.
  14. ChocolateAddict

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    IIRC Kail had this argument a couple of years back about how important it is for her boys to be together for Christmas because it is about family. Funnily enough the fact that Isaac and Lincoln might want to spend time with their father's family doesn't even register! It is always far more important for Kail to get her picture perfect Pinterest holiday rather than what is actually fair or in the best interests of the kids. In Kail's mind the only siblings that Isaac and Lincoln have are each other and the Sud. She might talk about how great she gets on with Jo and Vee but you just know that she doesn't consider Vivi to be Isaac's real sister. I 100% believe that she thinks the boys' world rotates around her. What their dads want is totally irrelevant unless it suits her. And it just grates that she uses them as pawns in her power plays like using Lincoln's birthday in her fight with Bri by pulling out of the booking, moving across the state to make it harder for Jo to see Isaac and threatening to move again to Dallas. She lords her super special cast member with best seeking books (*ahem*) over everyone and makes every situation about her. It's revolting.
  15. ChocolateAddict

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Kailyn was stupid enough as to say something vaguely critical about Kylie Jenner and now she's really copping it. I understand what's she's trying to say in that Kylie's life is so far removed from the average teenage parent so there is a danger in younger girls thinking that they can still party/work/look model hot after having a baby. But coming from someone who hasnt held a job in years because she's got wealthy off reality TV, it's a bit much to take. She's not exactly an example of the dangers of teen parenthood! If this was accurate for what *normal* teen parents face she probably wouldn't have got her degree, certainly wouldn't have the books/podcast/Pinterest home and would likely be working a minimum wage job. For all her "media degree training" she's really fucked this one up. https://www.buzzfeed.com/elliewoodward/teen-mom-kailyn-lowry-kylie-jenner-being-young-mom?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bffbbuzzfeed&ref=bffbbuzzfeed&utm_term=.prMMvQyK3#.bdLPrRqxz