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  1. angelamh66

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    Brian Moylan on Vulture said that he re-watched that episode and that footage of Camille confronting LVP was not in the episode. So the producers must have gone to the archives. Camille said everything I would want to about Dorit. She’s a huge phony. I know everyone is sick of LVP’s behind the scenes manipulation, but Dorit is not the hill I’d want to die on.
  2. angelamh66

    S33.E04: It's Complicated

    I hate to see CT go, but anything that bugs Paulie is ok in my book. I think Kyle is kinda garbage himself, but Paulie bugs me way more. Maybe it’s the lack of accent. I really like Georgia and Zahida so far. Good additions to the female cast. Competitive, funny, and not yapping chihuahuas like Amanda.
  3. angelamh66

    S23.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    Cassie’s family is just impossibly good looking. I really cannot take any more of this permission nonsense. So what... if you don’t get daddy’s permission do you not get the two cows you were promised as dowery. Is there really still a segment of the population that finds this charming?
  4. Letting priests get married or allowing women to become priests will not solve the church’s problems. Pedophiles are drawn to the priesthood because it gives them access and protection. Until the church stops protecting these criminals, it will continue.
  5. angelamh66

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    Well... it looks like this show has found a way to get me to watch the Hamlin girls... they have adorable French bulldog puppies. Damn you show!!
  6. angelamh66

    S33.E03: Casualties of War

    Cara warning whatsername about Kyle being a bad guy.... almost comically ironic given the garbage human she apparently still chooses to spend her time with. I am not sure I totally buy Bananas deciding Zach was a traitor. I feel like he was being his own producer and setting up a new potential rivalry for future challenges. But who knows... unless he had another money making opportunity lined up and needed an early exit, I can’t see why he wouldn’t have chosen someone easier to beat.
  7. angelamh66

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    Dorit continues to commit fashion crimes regularly. She is such a try-hard and the hair... my God... the hair. I’m no LVP fan but if her primary beef is with Dorit this season, count me in for teamLVP. Speaking of LVP, there is something off in the timeline here. On Vanderpump Rules, which is taped over the summer but now airing, she had just returned from the funeral in London and TomTom is not yet open. On RHBH, it is clear it’s fall, and tonight she discussed how well TomTom is doing, so it’s been open. And yet she still speaks of her grief in terms of a couple of weeks when her brother’s death would have been more remote in time. I’m not saying she wouldn’t still be grieving, but just be honest and say how long it’s been. There’s no shame in that.
  8. angelamh66

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    Ahh, there’s the Zach I know and hate. The gaslighting is real. And Jenna looks way too thin. Like problematically thin. Makes me think she is trying to control her weight and food intake because she has no control in her relationship. Granted that’s based on watching her on tv for a few years, so what do I know... Bye bye Chase and Ashley. I am overjoyed that Ashley is the first to go. And Chase, your poor judgment continues. From dating freaking Tomi Lahren, to picking Smashley as a partner, to going on Ex on the Beach at all.
  9. angelamh66

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    James’s mom really seems like she is trying to make herself “happen”. God forbid she end up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Lisa needs to add a sycophant to make up for the fact that the rest of the cast is done with her.
  10. Good lord I had forgotten how vile Ann Coulter is. Eat bees Ann. Perhaps we should all take heed of the former ambassador to Russia’s take on things. In short, we have every reason to be terrified. I’m sure New Rules was offensive to some, but damn, I thought it was hilarious.
  11. angelamh66

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    Ugh. Robbie effing Hayes. Dude is a gross famewhore. But then I guess so is Sheana and her manufactured love triangle story. Loved Stassi calling him a cheesy dbag. I think his presence on this show combined with Big Brother people showing up on The Challenge is proof that reality tv is eating itself.
  12. angelamh66

    S23.E02: Week 2

    For the last time... virginity is not a personality trait. The only possible significance it should have is as a possible indicator of one’s religious beliefs. There were so many conversations about it that I found myself yelling SHUT UP at the television. Is this a bigger deal than I think it is? In a dating scenario it just would not seem worth bringing up unless you were heading in a sexual direction. But as first date dinner conversation?? Wtf?
  13. angelamh66

    S07.E05: Ice Queens

    Lisa bugs me too. The scene with her beatifically caring for the damn wounded bird... ugh. So manufactured.
  14. angelamh66

    S13.E21: Reunion Part 3

    I think Tamra sucks but I understand what she means about not being able to address her issues with Shannon. I have a friend like that. Any time I would try to address an issue I was having with something she had done or said, she would get upset and say I was making her feel like a horrible person and somehow I ended up being the one comforting her. It was ridiculous.
  15. angelamh66

    S01.E03: Remember It Was Me

    She left the hospital and went home and packed her stuff and left. Also they flashed back to him threatening to kill his previous wife over the phone.