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  1. Ikki

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    When Eleanor was reacting to Chidi dressed as a mailman, all I could think of was Kristen Bell meeting a sloth. (For those who don't know: )
  2. Ikki

    S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    It wasn't even a plot point as much as a throwaway line to show Claire being in an irritable mood. We've definitely put more thought into it at this point than the writers did.
  3. Ikki

    S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    If you understand what the person is saying and you correct them like that? Yeah, that's rude. Claire was frustrated about other things, which makes it understandable but not excusable. I have a friend who comes to me with "how do you pronounce this" a lot because she'll hear someone else say it and realize she's been saying it differently, and I'll go over my pronunciation of it with her, but on a day to day? If I know what the person means? Who cares that much? If you really need to correct them, you can just repeat the word and move on with what you want to say. As for how he might have developed the pronunciation, he probably found the "wreef" pronunciation easier as his speech was developing and then it was close enough that it became a habit that didn't get corrected until now. So much debate over this when it wasn't even what I came here to talk about! I wanted to complain about some of the lines that felt really forced this episode-- namely, the elf saying, "Put a little something in my booty" when he meant money in his shoe and Mitch saying, "I can't believe a little Dylan's going pop out of you. What would that even look like?" <cut to Dylan coming out of the chimney>. They were both done for jokes, but they were not at all natural, and I spent more time thinking, "Who would say that?" than caring about the joke.
  4. Ikki

    S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    I get looking at the fact that Haley's 24-25 and thinking she should be old enough to have a baby without acting like this about it...but I also don't. Like, I know people who have intentionally had children at 24, but as someone who is currently 24, I know I am nowhere near ready to have a baby. Should I learn that I was going to, I would absolutely be freaked out about it. I've always liked kids, liked and been good at babysitting, and I'd at least like to imagine that I'm more mature than Haley is, but actually having a baby would be so, so much. Between that and the previously mentioned hormones, I don't see this as going too far at all. I would like to see her work on maturing before the baby is born, and I think she can both be really freaked out and overwhelmed now and also grow as she moves past that. What I think she needs to do right now is what she started doing at the end of the episode: let other people in and let them support her. Before, Dylan was the only person she had for support about this, and while I do like Dylan, I can see him not being the best at it.
  5. Ikki

    S03.E09: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

    That was my first thought too, but I think they might have meant John Balma, who played Barney on Parks and Rec, the guy from the accounting firm who kept trying to hire Ben and fangirled over him.
  6. Ikki

    S09.E06: Bobby Driver

    The first time my mom tried sushi, she did not like it. Then she decided to try another bite with wasabi, thinking it might help. It did not.
  7. I. Love. Arcades. Like, not even in the past tense, like "when I was a child." I am still way into them, so this was a good episode for me. I couldn't help but think that 10,000 tickets was way too low for a dune buggy, though. I guess if they were consistent with limiting the ticket pay out of the games, but it seems like they should have set it higher.
  8. Ikki

    The Mick

    I'm really bummed about this show being cancelled. I mean, I'm more upset about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but this sucks too.
  9. Ikki

    S01.E13: Drenching Dallas

    Those are some good compare/contrast points. I don't think this show is nearly as good as Community or The Good Place, but it's interesting thinking of characters from all of them in relation with each other. The main thing bringing down this show was the unrelated other teachers B-plots. I won't be terribly disappointed if the show isn't renewed, but I think it has elements with potential to be a good show.
  10. Ikki

    S07.E02: Tuesday Meeting

    Ruth is adorable. I didn't realize that she was played by twins until just now when I was trying to look up the age of the actress. It helps too that so far her dialogue seems fair for a three year old. A lot of the time the problem I have with child actors is that the writers give them lines that indicate they may have never met a child before in their lives.
  11. Continuing this here-- I found the article in question and it wasn't Mikey who said that-- he actually talks about begging his parents to let him try out. The kid who was recruited from a cooking camp was named Luca and didn't make the top 24 (there was also another kid who mentioned being recruited and didn't make the top 24). Luca says in the article that it ended up being pretty fun for him, but it still seems crappy for me for parents to be pushing their kid to do a reality TV show when the kid really doesn't want to.
  12. Ikki

    S01.E10: Durbin Crashes

    Heather has been catfishing him since one of Jack's early plots for the kids. How you work, "Hey, send me some of your hair?" into a catfish relationship I don't know. But apparently Heather does.
  13. Ikki

    S01.E08: We Don't Party

    I agree, this was a good episode. It helped that the side plots were tied into the main one. The party with the kids actually reminded me of something that happened during my senior year of high school; some kids in my social group had a party in one girl's basement, and there was alcohol, and it was a Big Deal 'cause we were nerds, y'all. I mean, my friends' and my format for a party throughout high school involved pinatas and silly string. So I found those parts funny and relatable.
  14. Ikki

    S01.E07: Selling Out

    Yeah, it makes sense that it was "supposed" to be good, looking at the episode as a whole. Just, when he was initially writing it, from the glimpses we got and how he was selling it, I was fully expecting it to be rejected-- not because publishers wanted happy stuff, but because his book was terrible. Then the show did that thing of just referencing the supposedly "best" parts of the work in a way that indicates they were there without fleshing out what they were. Basically it falls under showing vs telling, and going forward I hope they get better at showing, and showing quality. I feel like there's not a lot of overlap between viewers of this show and viewers of Degrassi Next Class, but I'm going to make this comparison anyway: in one season of the show, this character Miles produces a play. And in parts of that season and into the next season, other characters reference the play in a way that makes it clear that in-universe it was supposed to be well-received. Thing was, the play was awful. Like, it was painful to watch, and we as the audience were only subjected to bits of it. Honestly, that was a stronger case of what I'm concerned about than I can see happening here (I really hated that play, y'all). And it's possible they could have Jack espouse shitty philosophy that the kids take as mind blowing and play that as humorous, but I hope they don't.
  15. Ikki

    S08.E11: Sleeping With the Frenemy

    She was off standing in California, Hawaii, Canada and Chicago at the same time.