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  1. CrazyDog

    Media Ninjas: ANW in the Media

    Has anyone ever attended a show? For the first time, it's going to film in my state (WA), and it's soooo close to my home, and it's so tempting to try to get tickets. Though by now, I think I'd be so far at the end of the waitlist, that it wouldn't happen. I believe Lance will be there for sure, not sure who else.
  2. CrazyDog

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Well, this was a depressing thread to read through. I don't really follow the royals, but I've always liked both William and especially Harry, and I just love Meghan. I had heard about her dad, and her heinous "sister", but reading through the vitriol from she-who-I-will-not-name is just incredible. And then I made the mistake of reading (WHY) some of the comments on the Fox "News" article above. Ugh. The crap thrown at Meghan stems from racism, plain and simple. I feel for her, but she seems so strong and sure of herself, and I hope she's able to tune most of it out, and focus on the people who really care about her. She and Harry to seem to really enjoy their lives and the good that they can do. And since it sounds like it annoys people even more, I'm glad she has some powerful Hollywood allies, lol. Don't mess with Clooney or Beyonce.
  3. CrazyDog

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Yeah, who is that guy? Is he just some random fan? I am hopeful that none of these people will show up on BB again. The good thing about new seasons of BB is that they help to make the previous season's fame-whoring contestants old news. It can't come soon enough.
  4. CrazyDog

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    I think that tattoo just gave me trypophobia. In the competition of tacky, reality TV-based tattoos, I have to vote for Kaycee's. A failed Hive cruise? Sounds like some people got...stung. (thank you, I'll be here all week).
  5. CrazyDog

    The Passage

    True, and Brad too! Easy to forget that they both were shot. Though Lacey's was way more serious looking. More thoughts later, but I had to laugh at all of Richard's guys going in after Winston in full gear, and then there's poor Brad, in his totally super-protective plaid shirt. Someone give him a vest or something already!
  6. CrazyDog

    The Passage

    She's supposed to be only 10 on the show, isn't she? And yeah, she's had about 5 minutes worth of spy training since becoming strong, super fast, and psychic, so I don't blame her for not having a good understanding of her newfound abilities/curses just yet. I do wish the show gave an idea of time frames...how long has it been since she's been at Project Noah? Maybe a couple of weeks at most?
  7. CrazyDog


    As much as I like Gary Cole, I would watch this show more if it was just Clem and her amazing fiance and his parents. The sister is pretty terrible, even as they *try* to add some heart to the show with the growing bond between the sisters.
  8. CrazyDog

    The Passage

    Anyone have thoughts on the ratings so far? I don't think they are all that bad, but I've never been good at interpreting the numbers. https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/renewcancel/cancel-bear-vs-fox-week-18-2018-19/
  9. CrazyDog

    S05.E14: Cupid's Crossbow

    Trent is awesome. I really wish we got more of Eddie's friends. Eddie has become my favourite by far. And I miss Marvin. Is the actor doing other things right now? Still really don't like Jessica (competing against Louis over one shared bit of attention with Evan?) and frankly, Evan is annoying too. Loved the random flashback to Mitch and Nancy, lol. I liked them though, sad to see they're truly gone.
  10. CrazyDog

    S03.E12 Disconnected

    I loved seeing Cheyenne Jackson. What an awesome cameo. I thought the last scene with Oliver and Greg was pretty sweet. I don't mind Katie, but I am finding Taylor increasingly unlikable. Though that's not necessarily odd for a moody teenager. It makes sense that she fights with her mom a lot. I loved the dirty joke scene with Anna-Kat, lol. Greg and Katie's expressions were great, as was their enjoyment of it after the fact. Ha.
  11. CrazyDog

    The Titan Games

    Late response, but yes. I was hoping to see the guy with the underdeveloped hand do really well, and it was just his bad luck to be paired with that crazy fast guy. I think most competitors would have lost that one. And yes, Jordan totally came to mind. Last night's show was decent, I was rooting for the lady with the lung issue. That was pretty hardcore, and she didn't seem to have any issues with stamina. She killed it. The proposal was so cringe, but I loved the other lady coming over and giving her a big congratulations. And the guy's final challenge was so close! I felt bad for the guy who just barely lost out...but maybe he shouldn't have pointed out that he was Goliath, lol. "David" totally won. But they both did great. I'm enjoying the show. It's no ANW, but it's fun hour.
  12. CrazyDog

    Kindred Spirits

    Grant Wilson (who I still like even after that whole Halloween show mess on Ghost Hunters), is on tonight, so I'll probably check out the episode, then I'm out. The first two episodes were just ridiculous, with the effects, and the total reaches they were doing to make a story. I wonder if Amy and Adam are really happy with the direction the show is going. Such a bummer.
  13. So this abomination of a season finally ends tonight? If Tom doesn't win AFP, I hope Kandi or Orwell does. RIP Orwell. And may this finally be the last reality show that Lolo ever does. My kudos to all of you who slogged through this mess!
  14. CrazyDog

    The Passage

    Yeah, it's a weird plot that has been dropped. She's a recurring but minor character so far, but I assume if she gets a bigger role, or is reunited with Brad, that they'll address it then. But even a throwaway line to Lacey about leaving her fiance (who she apparently loved enough to marry and want kids with) and her important job at the hospital would have gone a long way. I wonder if some lines or a scene got cut somewhere.
  15. CrazyDog

    The Passage

    I really love how the characters on this show (surprisingly) have some layers. The show is moving right along, but as others have said, they've given a lot of the characters some real depth. I'd like to know more about Sykes and how she came to Project Noah, so hopefully she makes it out at some point and we get some more backstory on her. Poor Lear...for him to be reunited briefly with Elizabeth before she goes all ARRRR is seriously an evil twist. I love to hate Fanning, and the actor is really compelling on screen. Amy and Brad...I still just love them. Of course he's proving Babcock wrong, when she told Amy he would have a hard time with everything, He will be loyal to Amy no matter what. So someone kidnapped Lila? I kind of love that if they have to go that cliched route with the ex-wife/love interest, that it will probably be Lacey riding into save her, lol. Aww, Carter's mom and his memories. That was truly sad, and I am glad that they aren't just dropping Brad's role in everything, He has to be carrying some major guilt. Same with Dr. Sykes and Lear. They aren't innocent in all of this. I kind of had to roll my eyes when she was saying goodbye to Amy...yes, Amy is special all in her own right, because she's smart, and tough, and funny, but she's now EXTRA special and in danger because of the virus Sykes gave her, lol. Maybe a wee apology to Amy would have been nice. What's up with Richards? Is Babcock still actually controlling him a little, or is he just too stubborn and proud to admit to Sykes that Babcock got to him? I wonder if he'll swing to the dark side, but still end up getting redemption. I don't think he's all bad. The head bad guy was really cartoonish, but still creepy.