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  1. Ellee

    Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Have a soft spot for Eddie and Michelle so I won either way. Eddie’s personality doesn’t seem to lean towards stories and dishes and that’s fine. The fact that both stories for wife and mom were basically the same may be true in both cases. For him the ultimate success might have been changing their minds regarding seafood. See, mom and wife, I’m so good you like fish now I don’t know Also I was getting the feeling Eddie was ‘over it’. Not sure as I don’t know the man.
  2. Ellee

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    That’s my question too! Is it food or story? I watch for the food. So let me get this straight ... when I order food at a restaurant am I supposed to ask for the story behind the dish? PS I’m a ‘honey’ ‘dear’ person. I woke up one day and people’s names just disappeared. Lol, I’d get the deer-caught-in the headlights look when I’d see someone I knew. Now it’s probably more habit than necessity at times ... just saying so you know but I understand the Ugh feeling. Knowing that ... is it wrong of me not to like the ‘mama’ thing?
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/video/porch-pirate-steals-14-year-old-boys-rare-cancer-meds/vi-BBTvhzg One never knows .... one of us might recognize this guy .... And, maybe, just maybe, he will do the right thing and return the meds.
  4. Ellee

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    Justin wouldn’t have had enough time I don’t think.
  5. Ellee

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    Change is change, @LennieBriscoe. Not sure the site was up yet for the finale. Found the former teammates helping Mia and Ariel interesting. Memory is not so good but did it seem to anyone else that Ariel and Mia's choices were mostly the eliminated chefs that were not necessarily shown in the best light throughout the season? Congrats to Ariel and Mia. They both did well and personally I'm happy Ariel won.
  6. Ellee

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    giggling ... The responsibility or dealing with a life change that might include more negatives than positives. I think Motto has been looking more beat up in recent episodes. Tired beat up I mean. Hope the decision to do this was truly his and not one he made in a tired state. I like Motto and wish the best for him. I wonder what Kevin is up to too. There is probably one or two more but names are escaping me again today. Thank goodness people put up with me calling them honey or dear.
  7. I’ve had a hard time giggling lately but this did it. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/video/watch-clever-dad-finds-a-silly-way-to-clear-snow-off-the-car/vi-BBSZTIW The kid enjoyed the heck out of it. It’s followed by ‘Downhill Dog’. Got a kick out of it too.
  8. Ellee

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    Eyes twinkling, the silly smirk ... it could have been edited in but I took it as she knew all along what was happening. Guess it could have been a retake too. Lol, don’t know.
  9. Ellee

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    Lol ... did anyone else see Mia’s face during Motto’s ‘I’m putting myself up’ speech? I think I’m getting mad at myself for even watching this stuff ...
  10. Ellee

    S16.E09: Music City USA

    Ok ... so I’m now thinking Justin, Eric and Michele end up being the top three. Eddie absolutely had no energy this episode. Kind of lol’d with him sleeping through the car pulling over for Adrienne to get out. Still like him. Ok ... Adrienne ... she might be in that top three area too. Her overcoming the adversity of sickness may be her storyline I don’t know. Originally thought white glasses (can’t think of name at the moment) handed Michele the napkin to wipe her eyes but it was Padma. That all came out true and genuine. I hurt for Michele and also that Padma must have a big heart.
  11. Can I take a moment to say I appreciate all of you posting here. I can’t tell you how many smiles and giggles I get. To start your morning off like that it’s the greatest.
  12. There’s only a few nuts like me that are out around here. Most are heating repairmen from the looks of their vehicles. God bless them. Apparently the state police are only going to respond to major type accidents. It’s so wicked out there. Better days ahead
  13. Illinois. South of 80. I’m too old for this. Even have a face mask to get through this. SMH
  14. Oh I agree with you. Snow is coming down sideways right now. Roads are freezing up. It definitely is worse than the snow. My frustration this morning was that the snow plows cleaned the roads but blocked my driveway. 5 am this morning I’m outside waving cash in the air to get one of them to stop to clear it just enough for me to get out. This young man did stop and help me.
  15. Anyone that has a special in with the snow gods .... please ask them to give us a break. I’m begging. Please.