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    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    She said something like he couldn’t be bright because he used drugs (or was an addict). Which ignores that addiction is a disease, not a choice. It has nothing to do with intelligence.
  2. Thanks, that was fabulous. I liked aviva’s “never underestimate a girl born in NYC” (maybe because I was born in NYC?) Alex’s “to a certain group of people in NY, status is everything” said with her impersonation of a blue blood WASP, is funny and sad and delusional. sonja’s about being a legacy is delusional. Several of B’s relate to her branding (including a b strong reference). Didn’t realize Heather ended with Holla each year.
  3. Thanks for that tip, Funny, I made Ghiradelli brownies last night, to make myself feel better since I’m down with my second cold in 2 weeks. Did you know Costco sells the brownie mix? 6 smaller packets so you don’t have to make a ton at a time (one packet for a 9x9 pan). Package says triple chocolate but no liquid chocolate.
  4. No, you can use a power of attorney without any formal declaration of incompetence. It’s often used in advance for the possibility that someone may not be able to take care of themselves (think of the health care POAs). Not sure it’s legally valid if the person was so drunk they have no memory.......
  5. I don’t think the kids filing the suit caused the relapse either, and LU admitted she had started drinking again before that. The power of attorney thing was interesting. I suspect that they got LU to sign it while she was drunk, in a manic episode, whatever. Which is highly problematic if you want to use it long term, but it seems they used it to stop Lu from doing more financial damage to herself. She’s pretty lucky a friend with her best interests did this. Lu as bi-polar? Not totally convinced as we’ve never seen a real depression from her. I guess it could have happened when not filming..... but certainly there is more to the intervention and her behavior last summer than just drinking. Totally hypo territory here, but I wonder if Lu has been getting progressively worse, in her mental state, since the divorce. That she had a very secure financial situation that collapsed, and she was unwilling to adjust her financial situation after (which is totally on her and no sympathy needed for her). Add in the obvious pleasure she got from being a fake countess, I’d guess she started drinking more. But fundamentally, this isn’t about alcohol but her own mental state and refusal to deal with her life as it is. So she drinks more, gets delusional about her “perfect” second wedding, disaster second marriage, sees her dreams of more financial security fall apart (adding Jacques in here too, though earlier), etc. etc. etc. Lu needs to stop drinking, but she needs real, long term, therapy more. Unfortunately there’s no sign she’s getting it.
  6. Wow! So much to process. the tag lines are horrible, as is B’s dress in the opening. Yeah, we know you bought breasts, now put them away. Lu, getting arrested isn’t funny. at least we now know LU didn’t fake going to rehab, or the need to go, just to get out of the reunion. Sounds like she really went off the deep end, and I hope she’s really doing AA and that she found a good therapist and is seriously looking at what causes her to make such bad decisions. i didn’t like the comment about her kids and the suit, though separate from what she says, that they sued (with good reason!) may have been the final “thing” that pushed LU over the edge and ultimately back into rehab. While I’m not a B fan, major kudos to her for helping Lu. I’m surprised and impressed she didn’t respond to a request for $6M with “fuck off.” Her homes in the Hamptons are amazing, much more my style than her homes in NYC. I wonder if she adapts her style to the surroundings. For the rental, not sure it’s horrible that it’s on the highway. As to the economics of it, there are so many ways to finagle with real estate; she’s probably depreciating the property (though the value isn’t going down), and I hear if you live for a couple of years in the property, before selling, you get back some major tax benefits. I haven’t had close dealings with folks in AA, but if it’s typical that people newly in sobriety are over the top about themselves and others (not sure I’m expressing this well), shouldn’t everyone else be familiar with it? Can’t imagine the others don’t have friends in AA. So they should be more “typical first 60 day AA member” instead of “how dare she!” ramona is ridiculous as always. Did all these women stop developmentally at the “mean teen stage? Her ex-husband was a nationally ranked tennis player and I thought she played doubles with him (not competitively), so shouldn’t she be a better player? Dorinda can get over herself, her denial about her drinking problem is as bad as Lu. Did she break up with John? We haven’t seen or heard about him. Sonja and being a “businesswoman” - no words. Her extensions looked really terrible, especially from the back. Barbara doesn’t seem to fit in, though she seems like a nice person. The answer on the clambake was for Lu to not attend (she should be putting her sobriety above all other considerations, though yeah, this is how she earns her real money); don’t dis-invite people or set conditions for their attendance. And who has a “clam bake” without actually baking the clams! Dig a hole, add hot coals and some barrier for the clams to sit on, put in the clams and let them BAKE! Tinsley was a non-entity for me. The prop Bentley is annoying. During the episode I was trying to remember what college she attended, and how much her parents paid for her to get in. the mermaid stuff was just so they could show their breasts, still shocked Sonja’s clamshells didn’t fall off “by accident.”
  7. Not publicly. I was trying to make a split between IN the courtroom and in public. And, things she did 3 years ago but doesn’t do now (if that’s the case) shouldn’t be brought up to change custody NOW.
  8. Well, historically we have heard more of B’s side than Jason’s. So there may be much more we haven’t heard.
  9. Initial restraining orders (often ex parte) can be pretty easy to get, because the other party is t there for the first hearing and Courts are now reluctant to not grant the initial order. Whether it is continued is different. you are right that the standards for a criminal conviction and use in a custody case are different. But whether it’s abusive to B isn’t the standard for custody, it’s best interests of the child. And for me, admittedly not a B fan, I can’t help thinking he has a lot of abusive texts from her too. Fundamentally these 2 need to stop re-living their bad marriage and focus on their shared daughter.
  10. I thought the issue with Bryn’s texts is that she texted Dennis’ phone after he died.
  11. I read the obit and saw it completely differently. Re-reading, I guess I see the anger and hatred. But she was a kinda rich woman who did little with her life, who wouldn’t have had an obit in the Times if she hadn’t been the sister of a First Lady. Nor would she likely have had an “acting career”, or likely a “design business.” Typing this, I’m reminded of Sonja. Now there was no reason to be particularly mean, mentioning the stunningly bad reviews of her acting, or the stuff about Onassis. But I was reminded of the episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, where Mary has to stay up all. Ignite revising obits to have ready for when someone dies. She gets a bit giddy and tired, and does a particularly funny and odd obit for a well known clown, who is alive and well but promptly dies the next day. And the idiot newscaster reads it straight.
  12. I doubt the school knows anything about Jason’s family, but there are a lot of “exclusive” places in NYC that don’t want celebrities, probably especially reality tv stars, attached to their businesses, co-ops, schools. As someone else said, if private schools rejected kids due to bad divorces they would have a lot of vacancies. on the court date, B could have some ways to delay to near the premiere date, but there would be no guarantees. And wasn’t the March date set last year? Which would have been before any premiere was set. I know Andy loves B, but am not convinced he could have arranged the show to premiere around her hearing date. i haven’t recently read much about the case, but can’t imagine bringing up stuff from 3 or 4 years ago is going to be sufficient to change the custody arrangement today. And while we may think Jason shouldn’t have claimed their daughter was rejected from a school due to her mother (though he may have been right?), B replying with a lie(s?) about his family, which she then puts out there for public consumption, is worse IMO. and let’s remember that Jason wasn’t convicted of stalking B. While I can see how some think his apologizing for past behavior is proof of all her claims, it’s also possible that the Court will find it evidence of growth, and that he won’t repeat the behavior. And if all B has is the texts from 2015 or so (and I haven’t been following closely to know if she has more recent stuff), the Court may decide that he has changed, and there is no need to change the custody arrangement.
  13. I think she’s allergic to whatever fish she isn’t currently eating/pretending to eat. (They being Lu and B). B can’t maintain a decent relationship with anyone, from what we’ve been shown. Shoutout to the folks here who recognized the Hamptons “friends” as being a show producer and other business associates.
  14. This is a rental, no way there weren’t blinds installed by the building. Did she take them down? Loved how she talked about “her” very expensive shades in the townhome, which were bought by hubby. I expect she only had the towels over the top half so she could still give the neighbors a “view” of her ass. I noticed the salad dressing! If this was really a simple meal for friends, why not use the stuff out of the fridge? Or, let’s face it, she doesn’t eat her own products. i usually love Lu, but she can stop with the “the kids, the kids,”. You had an obligation to them that you weren’t fulfilling. i see Sonja did paint the apt, what a waste of money (or did the show pay?). I know long term renters in NY do a lot of work to their apts, but Sonja at least doesn’t “think” this is long term. Damn, my bedroom is larger than here. Nice to have some outdoor space though.
  15. Mrs peel

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    Yep, and so badly done. Because Jon’s daughter turned 16 within months of his death, meaning she was born in late 2002. Hmmm, so Jon met Delilah in, what, early 2002? And fell in love, got married and had sophie almost immediately, just after he complains that Barbara moved on too quickly. Listen, I find the “Barbara found a guy while pregnant (and a first responder to boot, do we need to be hit over the head repeatedly with references to 9/11?) ridiculous, but the show has this happening twice. also, since Delilah met Jon soon after 9/11, are we really to believe that NO ONE ever mentioned to her that her new guy should have been on Flight 11, but missed the flight? Not one friend, not a co-worker of Jon’s, not a family member (is Jon an orphan?). Don’t buy it at all. And, having met just after 9/11 (at an airport no less, why did he have the ticket?), just another reason that somewhere along the line they would have done their “where were you” thing. if they make Jon out to be PJ’s father I will scream, because, again, let’s have 2 story lines of guys shacking up with a good friend’s significant other and the woman getting pregnant. NO, sloppy and lazy writing. And of course then Jon shouldn’t feel betrayed by Delilah, if the show claims he did the same thing. But I agree with others that Mitch’s anger doesn’t make sense unless Jon is the dad. I can understand if they never told the son who his biological father was he wouldn’t want it to come out 16 years later. But again, WHY wouldn’t Barbara not have told the Dave’s family? Their family member just died tragically, wouldn’t they be enthusiastic that his son was being born?? More nonsense. and none of this really explains Jon’s death to me. Why have all the financial hardship if he killed himself over survivor guilt? I’m annoyed enough that PJ is Barbara’s kid AND the genius who gave Rome the pointers. Did we ever learn why hewas at the hospital? Maybe something for season 2. He better not have cancer. i agree with others on Rome and the baby conversation, wrong time and place. And yeah, how do these two have the money for a lease of a sports car? I also want to know how the writers know folks who can afford this stuff after quitting a job. i want Katherine and Eddie back together, but I’m not sure I’m sticking around for season 2 to find out.