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  1. Alilou

    S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    Let’s hope it was between his jeans and his limited edition supreme underwear!
  2. Alilou

    S03.E12: Where's Copenhagen?

    I think they flew on Scandinavian Airlines, I noticed the tags on the counter when one of them was checking in.
  3. I’m thinking Gina can’t go back to NY because of her kids. Would she need permission from her ex to move the kids?
  4. Alilou

    S03.E03: Shut Up And Dance

    I have just discovered Black Mirror and I am loving it! I did not see it coming that he was looking at kids but thinking back to everything you all pointed out about the child, the drawing I think he was. It also explains his reaction to his sister borrowing his computer, he sort of freaked out. I kind of liked they were hardest on the two worst offenders here. I went from feeling sorry for the awkward boy to being disgusted by him which is why I am loving this show.
  5. Alilou

    S05.E11: Second Thoughts

    I am really starting to believe the theory that the $$$ Chris is giving David Ninja Turtle Penguin Bahtman-ass is actually David’s own hidden money. Another reason could be back when David was visiting prostitutes Chris may have been right by his side and David has photos hidden away for blackmail.
  6. I feel so mean but Darcy totally reminds of that catwoman lady that has the weird face from surgery/fillers. I have major secondhand embarrassment for her (never heard this phrase before but I love it!)
  7. Alilou

    S05.E09: Live And Learn

    My favorite part of the episode was learning Kyle's daughter gets $1800 a month but Brandi only gets $1000. Hahahaha hey maybe Eddie could get a job working for Mauricio? Suck it Brandi.