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  1. Irlandesa

    S04.E15: I Need to Find My Frenemy

    I was happy for the girl time in Vegas although those suits looked anything but expensive. And Paula, while you might not need to spend thousands of dollars on suits, Dress Barn isn't going to cut it there either. I did love Valencia's reaction when she realized she could propose but I also wish she would have told Beth that she's not willing to buy property with someone she's not married or engaged to. I was rolling my eyes at Beth being ready to do that but not ready for marriage. Buying a house together is a pretty huge commitment that, in some ways, is harder to get out of than a marriage. My favorite moment of the episode, though, was White Josh's delighted reaction as soon as Josh came into the restaurant telling Greg to "stand down." He just knew it was going to get good.
  2. Irlandesa


    Undateable reunion! Brent Morin and Bridgit Mendler are going to play a couple again in Netflix's Merry Happy Whatever. It's funny. I had no interest in this show when it was first announced but I miss Undateable so much, I am there for this.
  3. Irlandesa

    You're The Worst

    I loved everything about that. It reminded me of movies from maybe the 60s where someone would be following someone and we'd get these camera angles where we get a close up on the person being followed and then the camera pulls way back and you see the person following in the distance. Or a movie structures itself where you follow one person, the camera pulls back and you see someone else in the background and then the movie follows them. I wish I could think of a good example but it gave it such a retro feel. But yes, this show is brutal. With Gretchen, Jimmy should always know there is more.
  4. Irlandesa

    The Other Two

    I was really impressed with how they did it. I didn't even see it happening that much considering his aspirations. It wasn't until the previous episode where we saw Cary through Jeremy's eyes that it became so obvious. I'm glad we finally learned what killed the dad.
  5. Overall, I like BB more than TC but TC really was nailing Stefan's growing attraction to Gabi. He did small things like look her up and down and was antagonistic in a way that showed him getting off on how much he could get under her skin. I was starting to feel that. Brandon's performance today brought terror and menace to his scenes. It was well done but it was a jarring change from the way Tyler was playing him. I no longer get the "these two are about to have hate sex" vibe. I hope they reestablish it before they actually go there. I liked JJ's scenes with Lani today. Claire was very reasonable in her argument with Tripp today. It's such a stupid idea. Of course, any reasonable ground she has she loses since she put this all in motion.
  6. I loved that whole "maybe I threw myself down the elevator" comment followed by the water being throw in his face. Yes it was brutal and cruel but it was also kind of funny and not political*. More importantly, it was 100% him and out of his frustration with her. In fact, this was one of the better Jack days in a long time because he did what he wanted to do. It wasn't what Eve wanted him to do. He set up the interview with Jennifer even though she didn't want him to go through with it. He conducted the interview without Eve hovering over his shoulder. *Soaps can do topical stories. Or they can do politics where people fight over fake things. But having a political story about a real political issue with real political rhetoric doesn't work on soaps. The soap writers of today don't have the skill or the research money to make that work. And we get plenty of this in either our real lives, on social media or on the news. It'd be nice to have an escape from it on TV. It's especially egregious here because they're using a 2019 issue (although it has been the subject of debate forever, probably) but using 1980s solutions. You can't recreate the plot to Green Card here. Not only that, but he just glossed over the fact that Jack was sitting in his restaurant even though he had supposedly been with Eve a short time ago. He got there that fast because he wasn't with Eve!
  7. Irlandesa

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    I agree and that's why her mother was out of line. He, Michael and Athena have created a dynamic where they seem to get along and are supportive of one another and each other's place in the new family. That's pretty rare. Athena felt it was time for the kids to get used to Bobby as a stepfather. I didn't even think he was harsh. He was firm but he wasn't sarcastic, yelling or violent. It wasn't her mother's place to override her daughter and establish boundaries that are not hers to establish. She did it to try and flat out undermine Bobby.
  8. Today was okay. I am happy they went with more humor over melodrama, although I did not appreciate the possession flashbacks. I quit DOOL for a long time during that time. But I was relieved when the silly fight spoiler pictures from the magazines were actually meant to look silly. So instead of the awkward I was expecting, it was funny. I also liked crazy Claire in the handcuffs. Finally, was it wrong of me to find Will and wet Leo hot? Cuz I did. Y'all can judge me now but, if you've watched soaps long enough, you've probably liked something equally as weird.
  9. Irlandesa

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    I still think this crazy show is a lot of fun. But they need to stop trying to kill Chimney.
  10. Irlandesa

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I didn't say it's a new trend in general. But it is relatively new to Netflix.
  11. Irlandesa

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    They did at first but then they went on about how underrepresented stories matter which felt, to me, like they were trying to have it both ways. It was a business decision but also trying to score points with people who appreciated the different voices these shows represented. I think Netflix also opens itself up to criticism because of how secretive they are about viewership data. We don't know how many people actually watched the shows. All we know is that Netflix has gone on a spree canceling shows it doesn't outright own.
  12. Irlandesa

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    In the Small Talk thread, we're talking a little bit more the case since it's a little more up-to-date than this episode. Not really a spoiler since this is true crime but for those who might want to listen to the podcast---
  13. Irlandesa

    The Kitchen

    I'm glad the show is back to one hour and it was a topic I don't think they've covered before. I even bought some sumo mandarins today at the grocery store to try.
  14. Irlandesa

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I think they have a pretty strong case against Charlie but they would have a stronger case if they could get Katie to talk. I think that's part of the reason they haven't arrested him. If They really only get one shot. I am a little surprised that his parents haven't looked into a lawsuit for wrongful death.
  15. Irlandesa

    Small Talk: How Not To Get Caught Dead With Dirty Underwear

    Wendi's smart so I think, at this point, she knows her brother and mother (maybe father) were involved but I am less convinced she was actively involved in the conspiracy before hand. In all the tapes the podcast released, we heard Charlie vaguely implicate Katie and his mother and his mother briefly mentioned discussing this with her husband (Wendi's father) but I don't remember anyone talking about Wendi as if she knew. And the undercover cop tried to rattle Charlie and his mother but they never tried to pull a similar sting on Wendi. Maybe they Mirandized her when they first brought her in and couldn't pull the same sting but it was pretty telling. I guess I just wouldn't expect her to say that her family was Dan's biggest enemy and that she hoped no one did this for her--basically pointing at her family--if she knew they did it.