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  1. purplemouth

    S05. E15. Between the Seats.

    The show plot had more dire consequences, but this did happen in real life last summer: https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/twitter-airplane-love-story-viral
  2. purplemouth

    BlacKkKlansman (2018)

    The ending is unbelievably powerful. I left the theater twenty minutes ago and I’m still shaking.
  3. purplemouth

    S09.E04: Sex, Lies and Kickball

    I’ve been indifferent to Joe thus far, but his reaction when Gloria said it would be nice to have someone fun in the house again made me laugh so hard and won me over!
  4. This millennial can't wait to vote FOR Hillary, not against Trump (a fringe benefit).
  5. purplemouth

    Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

    I loved this movie! Of course Meryl was great, but Hugh Grant! Such a great performance. Simon Helberg was really good too. The first time Cosme hears Florence sing, I laughed until I cried.
  6. purplemouth

    S12.E08: Week 7

    Come ON! I feel like such a sucker watching this show.
  7. purplemouth

    Ghostbusters (2016)

    I saw it this afternoon and really enjoyed it. Of course, I didn't go into it expecting to get all butthurt about everything, 'cause it's a movie, not life or death. Great chemistry among the cast and it made me laugh. I'm not really into cool guns or weapons in movies, but some of their gadgets were awesome.
  8. purplemouth

    Purge: Election Year (2016)

    I liked this one. Had some sufficiently gory scenes, but best of all, we got some story on the government behind the Purge. Man, they crazy. I love Elizabeth Mitchell and thought her character was fine, although a few times she had to be "scary movie dumb" which was annoying. The candy bar girl cemented my hatred of youths. She was the worst.
  9. purplemouth

    To Tell The Truth

    I feel like this show along with the Match Game reboot is ABC's way of driving @Tara Ariano crazy with all the Betty White-ness. I think Betty White is a national treasure, but her jokes are so scripted and one-note these days. Please Betty, go home, put your feet up, and play with your dog. You've earned it. Love Tracee Ellis Ross and for some reason I can't really fathom: NeNe Leakes.
  10. purplemouth

    EHG 119: Tackling O.J.: Made In America

    I've read so many complaints about Veep this season while I am loving it, so I was glad to hear Tara agree! I think some people just decided it would go down on quality with Iannucci leaving and they're sticking to that opinion no matter what. I rewatched the whole series before starting this season and as soon as I caught up, I wanted to start from the beginning again. One of my favorite shows ever.
  11. purplemouth

    Me Before You (2016)

    Saw this today without having read the book and enjoyed it. I thought I would have appreciated some of the early scenes more had I read the book, but I didn't feel like I was missing anything. Like The Fault in Our Stars, I wish I had waited to watch this at home so I could really sob. Very strange to see Tywin interacting with Daenerys. I initially thought he was either going to hit on her or hate her. I'm glad I was wrong!
  12. purplemouth

    Money Monster (2016)

    Agree! I wasn't sure about it going in, but I really liked it. It probably helped that I had low expectations, but I was entertained and that's all I'm looking for in a movie.
  13. purplemouth

    S01.E03: Funner House

    I really actually loved this episode! Maks and Val dancing in the background had me laughing. I thought the first episode was really terrible, but it has settled in well.
  14. purplemouth

    Room (2015)

    I do not get claustrophobic, but during the scene where they were exercising and Jack was running from one wall to another, I got a little panicky! They did a great job of conveying how small their living space was. I read the book years ago, but when he was trying to wriggle out of that rug in the back of the truck I was on the edge of my seat. And when he got free it really hit me - that was the first time he ever felt fresh air. And what it felt like to ride in a car. These are things we just take for granted. Great movie.
  15. purplemouth

    Sisters (2015)

    Saw this over the weekend and have been waiting impatiently for it since it started filming. I'm a huge Tina fan, slightly less huge Amy fan and love Paula Pell who wrote it, so I was going to love it no matter what, but it was even funnier than I was expecting. It's pretty raunchy, but smart raunchy. I thought Tina was great at playing the "bad" sister. She was indeed brassy!