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  1. From one school: Quaker faith and practice and built upon long-held standards of exceptional Friends schools. Embracing the Quaker belief in the unique worth of each individual, we seek students from From another: Friends School is committed to practicing the values of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), especially those of peace, community, social justice, nonviolent conflict resolution, and tolerance and respect for all people. There is no direct religious instruction at the school; rather, it is a place of lived values. So the Quaker values are absolutely part of the education. These values are not religious in themselves but some people have issues with the Quaker religion being the basis for the education. The school my friends kids attend have actually sent down students who violated the values but fighting, swearing, hate speech etc. I don’t think these are bad values. And the values themselves aren’t religious. But Friends schools are very proud of their Quaker roots and the Quaker faith. I went to a Catholic School and something like 25% of the students were not Catholic. But it was a very good school and people wanted that education. So Friends are Quaker Schools founded on Quaker values.
  2. Because people can get opioids. And Ramona is so clueless about this epidemic. It didn’t start on the street, it started in the suburbs with nice people with prescriptions and insurance. I saw a recent report that on the east coast it is now hitting the streets as a street drug.
  3. No, there have been efforts made but you have as much chance of not paying $20K for the new post partum drug as seeing big pharma giving up this big money maker. There are some strides made at the state level but without Federal regulation of doctors, suppliers and pharmacies the local stat laws don’t have much teeth. Just like the gun laws.
  4. This is a little Jason plant from about a million years ago. Notice the reference to nursery school. At the time there were some pap photos of both B and J but the judge admonished Jason about custodial interference and then this gem popped up. So ROL is just recirculating an old post for clickbait. None of which actually gets to the question of the Friends School admission. However, I do know people that are active/devote religious who have an issue with their child/grandchild being taught the Quaker values. If you don’/t go with their program you won’t get accepted.
  5. That was a jaw dropping moment. It might be exactly why her children sued her. They were trying to stop this manic thing. I love that she got mad at Bethenny because she wouldn't give her $6 million dollars. If I was her friend she would be mad at me all the time cuz I wouldn't give her $6.
  6. QuinnM

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Me too. Plus if you don't have the builder install it then later on they need to punch a hole in the ceiling to make sure it has the right kind of support. If the builder does it then the cross braces are installed during the build. So it seems like a lot but it saves in the long run. High ceilings need a fan or you just end up heating the ceiling all winter.
  7. She has it up for rent again this summer. It hit the listings this morning. So excellent product placement there. The pictures from last year show this house set back from the highway with significant landscaping between the house and the road. The house also has a round about for a drive so you would never be backing into traffic. I would be fine with it and as a summer rental I'm sure there are folks that like it close to amenities. Very surprised no one has mentioned how lovely dear Sonja looked at breakfast. All fashion in her lounge wear, make up on, hair combed. I miss the old mess but good for her. It appears that she is wearing her own clothes. Oh and she kept the weight off. So good on you Sonja.
  8. If you are referring to the one she handed Kevin on RHONYC that is not from her. That was from the emergency with Cookie. It was in her insta stories from months before airing, same pillow, etc. The edit monkeys just let you think that but if you follow her on social media you knew and after the episode aired someone asked and she said yes from Cookie. And that Cookie’s medication was adjusted so she was doing much better.
  9. The blood stained pillow was from Cookie’s emergency. Not sure where it became Bethenny’s. Cookie had a blood condition for most of her little life and took medication. She had a really close call and they bundled her out of the apt. Kevin was there for it.
  10. She’s had about 3 in the 5 years since splitting. So at most it’s 3. She dated a bit during the Dennis on and off but at least on insta you didn’t see them during Brynns time. Around that time there was more Adam/Carol. Last summer when she started dating the current guy most Brynn in the Hamptons was with school friends and an activity camp. So pretty standard for a single parent.
  11. I figured it would be a good location when she pointed out Columbus Circle. I don’t see the view from the townhouse but maybe I’m missing something. The pastels are an interesting choice. I get that she’s renting but maybe that peel and stick wallpaper. Meh, I don’t have to live there. So the townhouse is renting for how much and the rent on this place is how much? If she were a better money manager I would see this as a nice way to make money.
  12. I just stumbled across this. Fun read. Nice job writing. https://themuse.jezebel.com/did-the-real-housewives-of-new-york-premiere-prove-its-1833118165
  13. Shellfish not finned fish. So crab and oysters are fine.
  14. Dorinda said that she initially didn’t really want anyone. That the immediate thing is for your very close support and then she’ll reach out when she’s ready. The people at Bethenny’s house are the friends that live in the hamptons (seen all the time on insta) who immediately went to her house. I noticed that Bethenny gave the explanation of Barbara/Lu. That they both live in the Hamptons and that’s were you get a lot of your friends.
  15. The recorded phone calls is something that wasn’t mentioned previously. And obviously NY is a single party law (one party can record a phone call without the other parties knowledge or consent). So things like this are perfectly normal? This shouldn’t mess up Brynn at all.