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  1. Bichon

    S30.E08: Krusty the Clown

  2. Bichon

    S30.E06: From Russia Without Love

    Woo hoo! Another great episode! I was just about ready to throw out my MILITARY ANTIQUE SHOP w/HERMAN "Simpsons Talking Interactive Environment" - now he's going back into the collection! Here you go, Galileo908!
  3. Bichon

    S30.E03: My Way or the Highway to Heaven

    This episode was written by Dan Castellaneta, his wife, Deb Lacusta (has written for a total of 9 episodes previously dating back to 2000) and Vince Waldron, whose 4 writing credits include winning a Daytime Emmy for being a part of the writing team for an episode of "Win Ben Stein's Money."
  4. Bichon

    Dance Moms in the Media

    18-49 Increase From Live + 3 DVR Viewing for Cable TV Shows June 15-21, 2015: DANCE MOMS LIFETIME: " Maddie vs Mackenzie" from .03 original rating to .06 - an increase of 83% 2nd highest program on Lifetime for the week Devious Maids was highest at .09
  5. Bichon

    S02.E01: Girl Meets Gravity

    I watched this with my daughter tonight. I've taught 8th grade for 10 years. This is exactly how 8th grade girls act. They exist in a self-centered, entitled, members-only universe where frequent storms of drama and unpredictable mood changes occur as often as the moon revolves around the earth. Occasional bursts of insight and compassion can occur, similar to how Riley comforted Augie during the memorial in the bakery. I have hope for both girls.
  6. Bichon

    S05.E14: Hollywood, Round Two

    I believe that Lifetime is pleased with how Dance Moms is performing during Season 5. It has followed a natural decline in viewership, however, the numbers have settled into a steady pattern this season. Of the hundreds of cable programs on Tuesday night this week, Dance Moms was #11 (Adults 18-49) out of all new cable original programs available for viewing. It was the only program on Lifetime that was listed in the top 100. In comparison: A rerun of "Family Guy" had the highest rating for the night at 1.0 Only 1 program had a .09 rating - "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" 3 programs rated a .07 (4 - if you include Women's Basketball Finals) 7 programs (including "Dance Moms") earned a .06 rating. (Including, "If Loving You is Wrong," "Being Mary Jane," "Deadliest Catch, and "Real Housewives of NYC") I don't think Dance Moms would go all the way to Australia for filming unless production costs were shared by the sponsoring network in that country. They will also benefit from premiering new episodes that for the first time, are filmed in their country as well.
  7. Bichon

    Dance Moms in the Media

    Tucson teen chosen for "Dance Moms" http://www.jrn.com/kgun9/news/Tucson-teen-chosen-for-Dance-Moms-296172461.html