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  1. akr

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I would think it's more that Valentine's Day & the like bring into high focus everything that is wrong in the relationship.
  2. akr


    I know, but that is what he was referring to - it's the only stuff they sent to the lab. He may have simplified things, but in any event, apparently no foreign matter or pathological tissue findings and essentially just blood.
  3. akr

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    I won't spoil you on who won LCK, but just FYI, they did announce the winner. I was surprised they didn't hold off! I was having trouble seeing how they were going to work a dinner around boxing matches, but I thought it went well, and I agree it was nice to see them working well together.
  4. akr


    Coagulated blood.
  5. akr

    Worst Cooks In America

    I've seen recipes for tomato tarte tatin before (for example: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017616-caramelized-tomato-tarte-tatin), so that's what I thought of, but I agree, the idea of a regular double-crusted pie filled with tomatoes sounds really unappealing. I love rhubarb pie - I asked for it every year as a child for my birthday - but I've have never understood why people add strawberries to it - I don't really care for the taste of cooked strawberries. All rhubarb needs is some sugar and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.) & a little thickener of some kind (I use tapioca).
  6. akr

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    The ones I know mostly worked with pacemakers and such. They would sometimes be there for procedures. I wasn't really clear on the nature of their involvement. Here's a link that describes "a typical day for a medical device sales rep": https://www.advancerecruitment.net/a-day-in-the-life-working-in-medical-sales which confirms there can be a good deal of back and forth with device reps during procedures.
  7. akr

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    Device reps often do.
  8. akr

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Seems like they could get a good story line out of a confrontation on this issue. Javi & Lauren, if you want to take a stand on something for the sake of airtime (& to protect Eli) maybe this is a good choice. (I was thinking it's a possible PSA type subject for MTV, too, but maybe they fear it'd do more harm than good, by letting Kail air her point of view at all.)
  9. akr

    Past Seasons Talk: The Stew Room

    I rewatched recently, too, and didn't mind Richard or Dale (although yes, he was hot-tempered), but detested the various bro brothers - Spike, the guy from NZ, at al. Lisa didn't get that frustrating to me until later - she just lasted longer than the other unpleasant people.
  10. akr

    Media Talk: The Parenting Guides

    Well, shoot. Lexi was the one I liked most. Did MTV find her life insufficiently fucked up for television? I don't care about any of the others enough to want to watch, so I suppose I'm out.
  11. akr

    S09.E02: Reconnect

    An uncle of mine paid for his brother's plane ticket to come visit him for a long weekend; it was only in talking with the younger uncle that I realized that, although he was grateful for the ticket, he was also extremely stressed about the income he was forgoing by taking the trip - he's a musician and earns most of his money on weekends. So, I wondered if that might have been a factor for Louis as well, and that he was simply trying to make up for foregone income. Still, he said he wouldn't do any DJ'ing while he was there, and it doesn't seem like he's been much help.
  12. akr

    S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    Cynthia Hiyashi, the woman from Brazil, I believe. I really wish they still had photo galleries of the runways for each week! It was a great way to remember who had done what, and to have a closer look at it. I recall liking that one, although the shape of the dress was a little uninspired, Jasper's, the hoodie, and Anya's (I usually like Anya's stuff, although I can see that sometimes it isn't the hardest to put together); and flat out disliking Seth Aaron's & Irina's (and expecting that one to be in the bottom), and not thinking much of the sunglasses display at the mall ensemble. Michelle's was pretty & shiny but just gluing stuff onto such a basic muslin shift didn't seem hard enough. At this point I can't really remember what anyone else did. Oh - I thought the Australian woman's was ok but deservedly in the bottom; I'm glad she's not gone yet, and I wondered whether she'd ever had to do an unconventional materials challenge before and whether that might have thrown her off; and I remember that it was the Dutch guy who made the mini skirt of mylar peanut bags, with a top that I thought worked well with it, although I can't remember what it looked like. So, I guess I remember more than I thought, but I still really wish I had a gallery to look at whenever anybody comments on one of these looks.
  13. akr

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    Good for you, @Maharincess! And it sounds like your family is picking some great destinations. I'm glad you're still doing well.
  14. akr

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    Auburn, Florida, & Boise State, too.
  15. akr

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    The guy from the Netherlands. I don't remember his name yet.