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  1. ParadoxLost

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I think I watched that special but I don't really recall much about it. I'm not sure what Candy Spelling deal is with having a 75000 house and "collecting" but I'm not sure I'd call that hoarding.. There was something going on with them that they built a house that size. To a degree, the next problem becomes how are you going to fill it. I looked it up and there are something like 125 rooms. At some point that just becomes, I wrap stuff sometime room and I might as well collect this room. Plus back then collecting was a big mainstream trend. The thing that points more to hoarding for me is the downsizing but keeping everything in a warehouse or storage lockers, unless an auction soon follows.
  2. Huh. He went for a movie that lost money and was nominated for two razzies? What am I missing? He wanted to make a mafia reference and that is the only gangster movie Fox ever made?
  3. ParadoxLost

    Buddy vs. Duff

    This doesn't change how I feel about him and this show. There are two kind of competitive shows. The cutthroat Survivor type and the more artistic type where there are usually more people that will helping someone out by loaning materials or labor if they finish early and the other is struggling. Lets say Buddy is the nicest guy in the world outside of filming a competitive reality show. But in a show his personality type the win at all costs no matter what and if boorish behavior unnerve the competitor so much the better. The issue with this is that this a two person competition and Duff is definitely not that type. And Duff appears to be suffering in the environment to the point that its horrible to watch and there is no way Buddy is missing that if he is very nice in person. Its not like there is a group competing to ballast it. So how many off air interactions and competitions does it take before a nice person cuts that shit out before they aren't nice? And Buddy's customer/fan interactions don't hold a bunch of weight for me because I think that could just be that he likes having fans/fame. The long and the short of it for me is.. I think Duff is the better television personality. Buddy has more hustle and is by far more successful in their actual business of bakeries. I do not doubt that Buddy probably legitimately trounces Duff in taste in every competition. But that is 20% of the score in the first round. There is no way that Buddy tied/beat Duff on stuff like creativity, execution, difficulty, and presentation. with the carnival food He didn't even try. The taste has to be pulling down or raising other scores. So they should just call it a taste challenge and be done with it. I actually think that Buddy has an edge in the decorating challenges too. Because with a time limit, big and flashy has a better shot over small and meticulously detailed. I see no reason that Buddy wouldn't have won for the car in the first episode. I take issue with him storming off to talk to producers mid filming (that is a Real Housewives thing). But its really inconsistent to me that in winning the car challenge, Duff would lose Bollywood. Again they seem to pick and choose what, out of the five elements, actually matters episode to episode. And that is something both Buddy and Duff are reacting to on the show. I just dislike Buddy's manner of dealing with it a lot more than Duff's.
  4. ParadoxLost

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I did an actual double take when Lisa reacted in shock that Lala had made a scene at SUR like that was unfathomable. Not that it excuses Lala's behavior, but making that scene with James/Lisa appear like James ran out of Billie's brunch to tattle on Lala made me think that James and Lala cooked up a plan for Lala to overhear or find out that Raquel was talking about Lala's father/behavior at work so Lala would lose it and Jame's could demonstrate that he's in control of himself.
  5. ParadoxLost

    Buddy vs. Duff

    This episode they changed it to 2 voting judges and one adviser. We saw them scoring individually on paper. 48% of score combinations would be odd numbers and fractional when averaged. There is no way that all results were whole numbers. Unless they did something like give one judge 2 points to assign and the other 3 points. The whole thing is a farce. I think that the new/second judge is because of Buddy's hissy fit. They basically went back and grabbed the judge from the cake competition shows that Duff and Buddy both used to appear on as contestants. Its still the first challenge that bugs me most Duff gets 2 points knocked off for Taste and Execution. Taste we can't quibble about. But what was wrong with execution? Buddy gets 1 point knocked off for creativity, difficulty, and presentation. So how was Duffs execution a point worse than making a donut three ways when two of those ways were no filling and nutella for creativity and difficulty? Actually why are there so many categories to score on and on a scale? Its overly complicated and kind of redundant. It would be easier if the judge only got to assign a winner to each category they score.
  6. ParadoxLost

    S01.E08: Barely Breathing

    I don't feel bad for him. If you ignore the books and RoswellOG, Max's feelings for Liz probably aren't "real". He had a teenage crush. He took a shot at telling his crush how he felt. That wasn't a strong enough bond for him not to cover up his crush's sister's murder.. He wallowed in guilt and what would have been if that never happened and is basically stunted emotionally.
  7. ParadoxLost

    Buddy vs. Duff

    In comparison to the first two competitions, this episode didn't make sense in terms of winners. It would have been much easier to believe that Buddy won the Car decorating challenge than the Bollywood decorating challenge. So one thing on scoring. They have two judges now. How is everything coming to whole numbers? Are they reaching a consensus on the score? Rounding up?
  8. ParadoxLost

    Buddy vs. Duff

    Hate watching isn't working for me primarily because I can feel the level of misery Duff is having with filming this show coming off him in waves. I spent a lot of the first part of this episode trying to figure out if they were playing that up or playing it down. They certainly didn't skimp on Buddy's poor loser, if I don't win then I'm not going to put in any effort bullshit. But I thought they were weirdly light on Duff talking heads, but did spend a lot of shots on Duff looking at Buddy's lazy ass with irritation. That shot of Keegan holding Duff's neck as he left the pier was weirdly edited. Like they either didn't catch the whole thing or thought better of airing it last minute. They also were suspiciously abrupt in the length of time Duff's carnival food was discussed. Last episode was all technique, technique, technique. This episode it felt like the they were trying to pacify the star with Diva tendencies at the expense of of the person who is reasonable and not as likely to become a fucking nightmare to deal with. I'm not confident enough that Duff will win to be able to even hate watch it. The level of toxicity is making me wonder if the winner will be determined by whoever the network thinks has less blowback risk of a lose impacting profits. For me, the only winning scenario is that Buddy alienates viewers and FN execs/talent to the point that they kick him off the network. If I were Amazon, I'd be thinking about whether I could poach Duff from FN and maybe do something reality food competition based that that has some synergies with whatever they have planned for Heidi Klum/Tim Gunn now that they are signed to them instead of Project Runway.
  9. ParadoxLost

    Buddy vs. Duff

    So I guess Buddy's temper tantrum last week caused them to add a judge so there would be a consensus to offset his future bullshit. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to watch this again. I loathe Buddy. Loathe him. I think he is toxic waste as a human being. But what is bothering me most is that that this is clearly not scripted. Duff can't hide how horrible this working environment is for him. I don't think I can watch it. Cooking shows aren't supposed to make you feel this bad.
  10. I didn't know that either. An you are right, it does. Just rewound the show to double check.
  11. ParadoxLost

    Buddy vs. Duff

    My initial reaction to hearing that this show existed was to wonder if Cake Boss (because I had no recall of his actual name) had gotten over his inferiority complex that his show was created in reaction to the popularity of Ace of Cakes and a network wanting to capitalize that. I no longer remember if that was a rivalry that really existed back when both shows were airing. But I do recall checking out his show back then and finding it unwatchable and his cakes big, flashy, and poorly designed and executed and comparing it in my head to Ace of Cakes and everything coming out lacking for Cake Boss. I was expecting Duff to be a class act. I was expecting Buddy to talk crap constantly and be a poor competitor and loser. But he really did manage to sink lower than I expected, the unprofessional egomaniac.
  12. ParadoxLost

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Denise is an actress who married Charlie Sheen. I tend to think that a crude statement is not something that is all that out of character. Its more likely that her reality TV performances involve a good bit of scripting / acting. I'm not saying I think she's a terrible person or anything. But a crass statement doesn't surprise me. She was with Charlie Sheen long enough to have two kids.
  13. ParadoxLost

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    So I don't believe kids can blame their parents for everything forever. Kids can become adults that are decent, hard working, and honest people in spite of their upbringing. But, they didn't necessarily have every advantage. They had entitled and elitist parents who were willing to bribe and cheat to get their kids something they didn't earn. And its likely not the first time the parents pulled these kind of stunts. There is every possibility that these kids are the way they are in large part because of how their parents are and how they raised them. I seriously wonder how many of these parents did this because they wanted their kids to have a better college education than they had earned versus how many were just trying to maintain their own reputation among their peers and followers. Huffman has some kind of "Mom" community / store that she mentions in every other tweet she makes.
  14. ParadoxLost

    S14.E15: Peace of Mind

    It was the first time I saw even a glimpse of the Supernatural I used to love in ages. I really miss the whacked out nonsense episodes. Cas' "very tall guy" and "hair" descriptions were approaching meta. I miss meta episodes too. Everything about Cas' reactions to 50's land was wonderfully funny. The problem was that they didn't play with the concept and develop that story enough. Once Sam got the Stepford treatment it was basically story over lets wrap this up. Frankly, at the mid point they should have had Cas at wits end and call in Dean for reinforcements and really play around in the environment and deal with Stepford Sam. I haven't been more amused by the possibilities of exploding heads since BrainDead.. I was crossing my fingers for space bugs. So I was disappointed that some random psychic was responsible. The problem of having Jack as a cast member is that they seem to feel like they need to split the episodes into two story lines and then they short shrift both. And I have a loathing for angels vs demons and anything Lucifer related that way predates Jack because its gone on way too long. And whoever is saddled with Jack gets saddled with that for an episode. I wish they would go back to one story per episode with Dean and Sam both in that story line.
  15. ParadoxLost

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Just my interpretation, but it sounded like they thought the younger daughter would take the test and then if results weren't good enough would do more SAT prep and try again for a better score, but the older daughter they felt they could only persuade to take the test again but not do anything to be more ready for it.